Top 20 Best Weapons in Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 is one of the best FPS games around.

Even more than 10 years after its release it still has a large active player base. One of the best things about the incredibly popular Orange Box game has always been the wide choice of unique and interesting weapons available for each class.

Whether it’s the bow and arrow for the sniper, or flamethrower and rainbow blower, the game doesn’t hold back and arguably has some of the most entertaining weapons in the entire FPS category.

Let’s take a look at 20 of the best weapons that TF2 has to offer.

20. Solemn Vow

Solemn Vow TF2 weapon

A handy bust, the solemn vow is a melee weapon that can deal a deadly blow to the opposition while enhancing the medic’s ability to shin.

Gifting the medic class the ability to see the health of the enemy, you will be able to provide crucial information about the status of the opposition team to your allies and give key insights into how the tide of the battle is turning.

The downside of this hefty bust is the debuff on firing speed, making you a less effective killer. But then again, the medic was never the best at taking out the enemy in the first place.


19. Rainblower

Rainblower TF2

Sometimes you can get burnt out throwing flames all over the place as the pyro. Maybe you need something a little more colorful to get back into the spirit of things.

Showing off the pyro’s secret fun side and love of all things bright and beautiful, the rainblower is a weapon made up of several brass horns and pipes.

Producing perfectly peaceful wind chime sounds as the bubbles fly forth from the brass, the rainblower cannot be seen by most players so will take them by surprise.

The main benefit of switching fire for flair is the taunt ability which sends a shockwave causing damage to anyone in the immediate vicinity.


18. Jarate

Jarate TF2

An entertaining thrown weapon, the sniper’s jarate is great fun to use and comes with some handy abilities.

Aside from the obvious humor of throwing your warm pee at the opposition, the jarate sets the enemy up for mini-crits, meaning they’ll be much easier to finish off with the kukri or sniper rifle.

Great for keeping the enemy at distance or dealing with them when they get within a certain distance, the jarate should be used liberally to offset the vulnerability of the sniper class when not taking out the enemy with the rifle.

What’s more, the jarate can extinguish fires which is a useful ability to help out your allies on the receiving end of a pyro rush.


17. Shahanshah

Shahanshah TF2

Here’s a difficult one to pronounce.

The shahanshah is another handy weapon for the sniper class which will keep the enemy at bay when it comes to close-quarters combat, and make you much less vulnerable when your camping position has been compromised.

Doubling in damage when the sniper is at 50% health, the shahanshah is a weapon that gets stronger as you get weaker.

The advantage of this is that if you find yourself being approached by a scout who gets the first shot on you for example, you can immediately take out your sword and take 75% of their health in one hit.

Which means you don’t have to resign to being killed when the enemy is closing in.


16. Enforcer

Enforcer TF2

The enforcer is an improved – depending on how you look at it – version of the spy’s pistol.

While unfortunately decreasing the fire speed and eliminating the chance of random critical hits, the enforcer makes up for this with improved damage when fired in stealth mode.

An effective way to ramp up the damage you can do to enemies after you sneak up on them, the enforcer is a good choice for when you notice an enemy running away from the battle seeking medical assistance… and you can finish them off with certainty from your concealed position.


15. Flare Gun

Flare Gun TF2

Here’s a ranged alternative to the limited scope of the flamethrower. The flare gun is an enjoyable weapon to use as the pyro to set your opponents alight from a safe distance.

Great for taking a sniper out of his comfort zone and out of cover, the flare gun is a highly useful weapon for spreading panic among the enemy in the middle of a fight.

Also good for exposing disguised spies and putting them on fire for everyone else to light them up, the flare gun is a good tool to have at your disposal and will also give you a critical hit every time your foe is already on fire.


14. Air Strike

Air Strike TF2

The first weapon to feature on this list for the soldier class, the air strike is useful for attacking from above. Which is one of the soldier’s specialties given his ability to rocket jump around the map.

With a couple of debuffs to the primary rocket launcher weapons that will make you think it isn’t worth using, like reduced clip size and damage, the air strike is actually very powerful when used in the right way.

Gaining clip size for every kill, and with 65% additional fire rate while in the air, the air strike is for those players who love their soldier air time and deal most of their damage while airborne.


13. Crusader’s Crossbow

Crusader’s Crossbow TF2

The crusader’s crossbow not only looks the part, it also has some unique capabilities that can affect the course of the game.

Firstly the weapon doesn’t allow headshots which is a shame. And has a low capacity for ammo. But this is more than compensated for by its abilities.

The crusader’s crossbow fires bolts of healing or destruction, depending on the target.

Reloading automatically when not active, the crossbow is a useful weapon to mix up the medic’s healing ability.

A great way to help your teammates at a safe distance – perhaps protected by a heavy or turret too. The crossbow is a good choice for the class.


12. Stickybomb Launcher

Stickybomb Launcher TF2

A weapon belonging to arguably one of the best classes in the game, the stickybomb launcher is a powerful starting weapon that lends itself wonderfully to collateral damage and trap-setting destruction.

A devastating weapon in the demoman’s arsenal, the stickybomb launcher can easily take care of a group of enemies and with some well-placed shots can prove game-changing.

Fantastic for close-quarters, providing you anticipate their arrival. And good for longer distance to draw out a sniper from his position.

The stickybomb launcher should not be underestimated.


11. Atomizer

Atomizer TF2

Essentially just a baseball bat for the scout class, the atomizer is surprisingly effective when it comes to getting close and personal with the enemy.

For one, the atomizer enhances the double jump ability of the scout by granting a triple jump, which is highly useful for getting behind enemy lines without them realizing what’s hit them.

While flying through the air towards them you will also have the added bonus of minicrits if you manage to land a home run while airborne with the atomizer.

While dealing less damage isn’t great, the atomizer more than makes up for it with its game-changing abilities.


10. Brass Beast

Brass Beast TF2

It’s time for a weapon fit for the ever-reliable heavy class: the brass beast.

While a slower mini gun than the original, the brass beast is useful for its abilities which mean you’ll be able to dish out more damage than usual and take less.

Exactly the kind of weapon you’ll want for that Arnold Swarzenegger-esque last stand in the middle of the map. The brass beast will increase your chances of coming out on top.

Especially considering the heavy has little opportunity of escaping a firefight, it makes more sense to go into battle with more firepower.


9. Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon TF2

A spin on the demoman’s primary weapon of the already great grenade launcher, the loose cannon is a complicated weapon to master. But will be worth the time invested.

Firing cannon balls instead of grenades, the loose cannon will knock opponents back on impact which helps the demoman cover up his greatest vulnerability of being in close-quarters combat.

Combine with the stickybomb launcher after impact and you could have a very effective way of dispatching those pesky scouts who get too close with their baseball bats and shotguns.


8. Warrior’s Spirit

Warrior’s Spirit TF2

Here’s a fun melee weapon for the heavy. The warrior’s spirit is a pair of heavily-spiked and incredibly deadly gloves.

Dealing more damage than ordinary boxing gloves, the warrior’s spirit gloves will not only look intimidating, they will also grant you 50 health upon killing an enemy.

A fantastic way to stay in the battle is to invite the enemy in and then pulverize them with these spiked gloves to restore some health.


7. The Black Box

The Black Box TF2

A simple upgrade on the soldier’s rocket launcher, the black box has a reduced clip size but grants you up to 20 health back with every hit.

The very nature of the soldier in TF2 means you will be bouncing around firing rockets every which way hoping to make contact with the opposition and cause some damage to their ranks.

Having the ability to regain health while doing so is a huge positive and means you will be able to continue in the fight indefinitely if you play your cards right.


6. Ubersaw

Ubersaw from tf2

There are various ways of building up the fantastic Uber charge ability of the medic class.

And one of those is with the trust Ubersaw.

Granting 25% of the ubercharge bar with each successful hit, the Ubersaw is not only a capable melee weapon but will also help you reach that powerful ability in no time.

The ubercharge grants invulnerability for a period of time meaning you will be able to march your heavy into battle (hopefully equipped with the brass beast) and dish out some serious damage.


5. Huntsman

Huntsman weapon tf2

An alternative to the long-ranged sniper rifle, the huntsman is a bow and arrow for the sniper class which will make you effective at all distances while still dealing significant damage.

A better option for the mobile sniper who enjoys feeling like they are a part of the action instead of camping in one spot the whole game.

The huntsman is a satisfying weapon to get to grips with and has the added visual bonus of being able to pin characters to the wall.

Versatility is king with this weapon which doesn’t compromise the sniper’s main contribution to the battle and is arguably cooler to use.


4. Scattergun

Scattergun TF2

Ah, the staple primary weapon of the scout class.

The scattergun is essentially a fast-firing shotgun.

While perhaps not the most glamorous weapon available, the scattergun is great at what it does.

You will be really grateful for the speed at which you dispense shells as you fly through the air towards your enemy and penetrate their ranks.

Capable of dispatching anyone(aside from maybe the heavy) with a couple of shots in rapid succession, once you fully get to grips with the scattergun you will be a force to be reckoned with.


3. Rescue Ranger

Rescue Ranger TF2

The first and only weapon on this list specifically for the engineer class, the rescue ranger is an interesting utility weapon to help maintain your structures in the heat of battle.

Given that the engineer’s primary purpose is the building of turrets and teleporters to aid his teammates, it makes sense that he is equipped with a weapon capable of repairing them at distance and providing extra cover for his comrades when necessary.

Meaning you won’t necessarily have to get in the line of fire to repair your structures.

The rescue ranger really enhances the engineer’s ability to impact the battle.


2. Spy-cicle

Spy-cicle weapon in TF2

Turn your spy’s lethal backstabbing knife into an icicle with the spy-cicle weapon and murder your enemies in cold blood.

Apart from being highly entertaining marauding around with a measly icicle in your hands, the spy-cicle is incredibly powerful when used correctly.

Sneak up to your enemy and backstab them with this weapon to completely freeze them in place.

In addition you will receive some immunity to fire which helps you to not get exposed by pyros and their pesky flare guns.


1. Golden Frying Pan

Golden Frying Pan tf2 weapon

This is an extremely rare weapon that is usable by all classes in the game.

The golden frying pan has to be considered one of the best weapons in the game, if not for pure entertainment value alone.

As well as having a hugely gratifying frying pan sound effect, the golden frying pan will turn enemies into golden statues upon the fatal blow.

This will make you feel like a slightly more upmarket Medusa. The golden frying pan cannot be overlooked for its ability to make you and your teammates smile as you charge into battle ready to deal out some culinary beat downs.

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