Top 15 Most Thirsty Anime Characters (Male + Female)

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Perversion and anime go together like America and oil – it’s an unbeatable match!

Therefore, every other show has to have that one character whose entire personality revolves around their lust. Be it physic-defying movements, panty shots, or beach episodes – anime can be very thirsty.

So we’re going to look at some of the thirstiest characters that anime has to offer. Things are about to get weird.


15. Ristarte – Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Ristarte in Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious anime screenshot

It’s really difficult not to feel a bit bad for Ristarte. My girl has an unquenchable thirst for hunks, but the beverage of her choice is the most aloof dude in the world.

But that won’t stop her from fantasizing about the MC every chance she gets – always thinking that today is the day he falls for her womanly charms.

But we all know that Mister Brood isn’t even going to notice her advancements and will probably just do sit-ups instead.

Plus, I want to start things off somewhat mild before we get into the absolute depravity that awaits later on in this list.


14. Asta – Black Clover

Asta in Black Clover anime screenshot

Okay, 99% of the time, Asta seems like the most wholesome dude in the world. He doesn’t eyeball any of the female characters and generally seems more interested in bicep curls.

But let’s not forget Asta’s long-term goal. That’s right, to become Wizard King and wed a nun.

My dude is prepared to devote his entire life to obtaining the highest position there is just so that he can marry a nun and have it not be weird. Now that’s some dedication!

And even though said nun has refused his advancements countless times (usually via a water punch to the face), Asta remains persistent.

Ah, the irony of being pelted by water on a daily basis and still being this thirsty!


13. Reita Toritsuka – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Reita Toritsuka in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. anime screenshot

Now we’re getting into the more traditional “perv” characters.

And to start things off, we have Toritsuka.

The only thing on this man’s mind at any given moment is how to get a girlfriend. It’s his number one goal in life and he really doesn’t care how he achieves it.

He’s perfectly okay with allowing ghosts to take over his body if it means being popular and he constantly tries to bribe ghosts to spy on girls in his stead.

Even when he’s not actively pursuing some poor lass, he’s at home trying to decide which dirty magazine is the best. And this is quite the scene considering his home is a literal temple.


12. Subaru Natsuki – Re: Zero

Subaru Natsuki in Re: Zero anime screenshot

I know some people will try to call Subaru a romantic, but my dude is just severely dehydrated. It took him a whole 10 minutes to decide that he’ll dedicate his entire life to Emilia.

And that’s rather significant as staying with Emilia usually comes with the caveat of experiencing death twice a day.

Any normal person would just call it a day after getting disemboweled for the second time, but Subaru just kept running after Emilia. And to me, that’s just way beyond thirsty.

One could make the argument that Rem is in the same boat, but at least she had her reservations for a while before falling in love – while Subaru just went all out immediately.


11. Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

Master Roshi in Dragon Ball anime screenshot

The “pervy grandpa” archetype has been around for ages, and Master Roshi is probably its most famous character.

The dude spends entire days just looking at naughty magazines. And he pops a nosebleed every time he just so much as smells heightened estrogen in the air.

The dude lusts for every woman that comes anywhere near his house, and flashing him is a surefire way to take him out of any battle.

He did get toned down in later seasons (as the stakes were much higher then) but the original Roshi went goblin mode every chance he got. It’s almost poetic that he lives on a tiny island, surrounded by water.


10. Zenitsu Agatsuma – Demon Slayer

Zenitsu Agatsuma in Demon Slayer anime screenshot

The female gender is probably the only thing that’s keeping Zenitsu from running into the woods and giving up demon slaying altogether.

The dude has the courage of a rabbit and would like to avoid combat whenever possible.

You could say that he’s a lover, not a fighter, but that’s not exactly true either. On the one hand, he does try to be a lover every day, but it’s never reciprocated.

And on the other hand, while he doesn’t want to fight, he ends up kicking some serious butt. This is the duality of Zenitsu.

And him chasing Nezuko around with a goofy smile on his face has been playing in my head on a loop for the past 3 years.


9. Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hisoka Morow in Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime screenshot

With Hisoka we move away from the “ha ha nosebleed perv” archetype and go straight into therapy territory. After all, nothing about this pervy clown is all that funny.

Hisoka “enjoys” himself quite a bit during battle, regardless of the enemy. Which has led to a few very popular pictures of him looking absolutely ecstatic.

And let’s not sugarcoat it – he’s very much a groomer. He watched Gon’s every move and slowly pushed him into becoming a fighter worthy of his attention.

So, yeah.

This beloved groomer killer clown is quite the thirsty fellow. Talk about a brand new sentence.


8. Tomoko Kuroki – WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!

Tomoko Kuroki in WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! anime screenshot

Tomoko is another example of when being pervy isn’t done for comedic relief – at least not entirely.

Her hormones are all over the place and getting a boyfriend is her number-one priority in life. However, whenever a boy actually talks to her, she freezes up and barely gets a few words out.

Well, either that or she just imagines some very non-PG scenarios playing out.

Either way, Tomoko is definitely lacking some hydration.

And she’s unfortunately one of the more realistic examples of what it looks like when you’re horny on main.


7. Minoru Mineta – My Hero Academia

Minoru Mineta in My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Mineta is the type of perv that the anime community hates with a burning passion. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who actually likes this diaper-wearing dude.

And that’s because perversion is his only character trait.

Whenever he’s on screen, it’s so that he can ogle one of the female characters or comment on their appearance. The latter of which is always quite ironic considering his getup.

A literal child has shown a stronger moral backbone than Mineta, and he’s your typical peeping Tom that also occasionally gropes people.

So yeah. I don’t think I have to explain further why this dude is a) one of the thirstiest characters out there, or b) universally hated.


6. Jiraiya – Naruto: Shippuden

Jiraiya in Naruto anime screenshot

Jiraiya is like the modern Master Roshi.

He’s that one old dude that just can’t help but peep on every woman in his vicinity.

In fact, if he spent half the time he dedicates to peeping to training, he probably wouldn’t have so many sad AMVs on YouTube.

Jokes aside, everyone loves Jiraiya – regardless of how objectively creepy his antics are. Because at the end of the day, even though he spends most of his time thinking about women, he still steps up to the plate when his help is needed.

In other words, he’s just as pervy as Mineta (maybe even more so given his age) but he’s actually a good dude and we all love him.


5. Darkness – KonoSuba

Darkness in KonoSuba anime screenshot

I was originally going to put Kazuma on here, because of his underwear-stealing antics – but Darkness is a much better choice.

After all, she takes sadism to a whole different level. She literally got a kick out of being cursed. And I’m not talking about some half-baked, “bad breath for 10 years” curse either, but rather a literal death sentence.

That’s because Darkness will find pleasure in any type of pain that comes her way.

It’s so severe that her enemies will literally get freaked out while in battle with her – as perviness makes for the best offence.

And while she does get more wholesome moments here and there, her mind is definitely deep in the gutter & has been there for years.


4. Albedo – Overlord

Albedo in Overlord anime screenshot

I honestly can’t even flame Albedo for being so thirsty, as she was literally programmed that way. And man does she take her programming seriously.

At any given moment, Albedo is prepared to jump Momonga’s bones (pun intended) regardless of who happens to be watching. In fact, him high-fiving her would probably give her an emotional high that would last for years.

And while everyone looks up to Momonga as a god, Albedo is definitely the most upfront about making it sexual. My girl is thirsty and needs some bone marrow now.

So you can understand why Albedo GIFs are probably the easiest way to explain otherworldly horniness and thirst.


3. Brock – Pokémon

Brock in Pokémon anime screenshot

Brock was the original simp, and he paved the way for tier-three subs decades later.

To this day I’m not sure Brock has ever interacted with a female without hitting on her to some extent. My dude took the expression “there are plenty of fish in the sea” very literally and is casting his hook every chance he gets.

And while he doesn’t come off as creepy (unlike a few characters that we’ve already talked about) his thirst is undeniable. In fact, it’s one of the cornerstones of his entire character.

At least you can’t say that he’s just chasing them for their looks, as my boy hasn’t opened his eyes since 1997. Ergo, he’s searching for the real thing! Or he just has low standards, I don’t know.


2. Anna Nishikinomiya – SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Anna Nishikinomiya in SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist anime screenshot

You’d really think that the people labelled “sex terrorists” would be the perviest people in the show. But no, that title actually goes to the student president.

Just like Albedo, searching up Anna reaction GIFs is bound to put you in horny jail (and maybe a few watch lists) – as she’s fully unhinged.

In fact, she’s so unhinged that I literally can’t even talk about 99% of the things she has done in the series. And you can imagine how bad it is when I had more liberty with Hisoka.

So without a doubt, Anna is one of the thirstiest characters anime has ever seen.


1. The entire cast – Prison School

The cast of Prison School anime screenshot

This show is far from the raunchiest thing anime has seen – after all, Redo of Healer exists.

However, every single character in this show is so unapologetically thirsty that it’s honestly just impressive.

And let’s be honest: you as the audience member are also probably very thirsty while watching this.

The animators were also very thirsty, and so were the writers, and even the entire J.C. Staff studio. It’s all just thirst!

So let’s all collectively just go drink a cup of water.

And if you somehow haven’t watched this show already and plan on giving it a shot – always keep at least five gallons by your side.

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