Best Playable Factions in Total War Saga: Troy

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Troy is here, and it’s already one of the best Total War games out there. Even though it’s just a Saga game, the design and gameplay make it more worthy than Thrones of being one of the top titles of the series (biggest let down in TW history, for me).

In any case, now that the first DLC was released and that we’ve all become much more accustomed to the game’s factions, I thought it would be a good idea to rank and review them.

Be warned, though: even though I’ve taken some community feedback to create this list, it’s been tailored to look exactly like I envisioned according to my own experience with the game. Hoping to avoid too many haters here.

But that’s the beauty of the Internet – we can all agree to disagree. Actually, we’ll argue about this stuff until the end of time… but hey, if you’re new to the game then this list will fit you like a glove.


10. Ithaca

Ithaca Total War Saga: Troy Faction

I’ll be completely honest: Ithaca gets the last spot on my list, even though I like Odysseus. So why rank it here?

For the sheer fact that it’s too difficult to play them. The faction is made to be different than the rest, but holy hell: battles are very difficult to manage, the territories that you control in the campaign serve you almost no purpose at all other than expanding your empire, and your starting position is not a good one at all.

Still, if you’re looking for a challenge, I’d put Ithaca up top.

If you’re just starting out… yeah, you might want to go for Lycia instead.


9. Mycenae

Mycenae Faction in Total War Saga: Troy

Mycenae, the faction of Agamemnon himself, is where things start getting good for the average Total War player.

This is your typical “raid them and plunder them” faction that thrives under the constant siege of battle and the constant sacking of enemy towns.

If you choose to go with Mycenae you’ll get quite a good starting position, with the option to plunder many of your immediate neighbors before you decide to actually go for the main storyline missions.

In any case, if you played Atilla and you loved the playstyle of the Huns, you’re going to feel at home with Agamemnon’s faithful soldiers.


8. Penthesilea’s Amazons

Penthesilea’s Amazons in Total War Saga: Troy

If you love to raid and Mycenae seemed like a good option, wait until you see what these Amazons are all about.

Arguably the most unique faction in the game, introduced in the latest DLC, Penthesilea’s Amazons pack a punch with just how many warriors they can field. As well as to how unique the gameplay of these warriors seems to be.

Just keep in mind: you’ll rarely have a town to settle into if you choose to go with this faction.

You’ll find yourself raiding and pillaging almost every single turn where you’re not letting your troops rest.

So make the best of these soldiers and conquer anything in your path – and who knows? You might end up fighting Achilles himself before mid-game hits!


7. Phthia

Phthia Total War Saga: Troy Faction

Ah, Phthia. The faction of Achilles.

Choosing this faction means that you’ll be on the constant dependence of Achilles not having one of his mood swings, which could cause your strategies to go out of the window… and which will require you to adapt as quickly as you can.

Achilles might be the strongest hero in the game, but his heel is not the only weak spot.

You’ll struggle with the guy’s mood, as it changes with almost any action that you take.

Are you letting him rest in one of your towns? Mood swing.

Are you attacking one of his rivals? Bam, another mood swing.

Are you not attacking his enemies? There you go buddy, another mood swing.


6. Hippolyta’s Amazons

Hippolyta’s Amazons in Total War Saga: Troy

Choose Hippolyta if you want to play as the Amazons, but you don’t really feel like playing as a horde.

If you love the Amazon characters then this is fantastic. But let’s say raiding towns is just not what you’re looking for… then for sure, pick up this faction instead of Penthesilea’s!

Or at least give it a try in your next playthrough.


5. Hector’s Trojans

Hector’s Trojans Total War Saga: Troy Faction

Hector is arguably the main character in the game. And the one character that you’ll want to use, alongside Achilles, if you want to truly feel akin to history.

His troops are loyal, he’s a true hero, and you’ll be able to straighten out the mistakes of his brother… and (hopefully) take his wife back!


4. Sparta

Sparta Faction in Total War Saga: Troy

Do I really need to go into detail about the absolute best faction for those of you that love to fight?

It’s Sparta.

You’ll be producing new warriors and conquering anything in your path thanks to the crazy morale of this rage-fueled traditional faction.

Watch 300 play out again in your next Troy session – it’ll be a no-brainer why you’ll enjoy them so much.


3. Dardania

Dardania Total War Saga: Troy Faction

Led by Aeneas, Dardania is a powerful faction with a demigod as a leader.

And I mean, if you’re looking to get as close to Greek mythology as possible, you’ll hardly find a better faction than Dardania.

Especially with how crazy Aeneas is (for the sake of awesome gameplay).

The guy can talk to the dead and even summon divine inspiration from them while in battle. Which makes him one of the most unique heroes out there. Not to mention that Aeneas can interpret the will of the Gods and use it in his favor to boost troop morale!

If that’s not a beast move then I’m not sure what is.


2. Paris’ Trojans

Paris’ Trojans Total War Saga: Troy Faction

I think that the true reason why I loved to play with Paris is that, in real life, he was quite a coward.

In the game, you can change the outcome of the Iliad and make him quite a useful warrior, challenging anything that comes in his path instead of running away from it.

A really fun time if you like to play with history a bit.


1. Lycia

Lycia Total War Saga: Troy Faction

Lycia, led by Sarpedon, is the easiest faction to play with.

And the best one to choose if you’re just getting started with the game.

Hell, I’d even recommend this faction if this is your first Total War game ever! Although I would say that you’re insane if you’re actually starting with Troy and not with Medieval II, but I digress.

Lycia is hands-down a faction that everyone would have fun playing with. And there’s a lot of guides on how to play through with Sarpedon. Give this a try if you haven’t already.

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