25 Best Total War: Warhammer Mods To Download

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Warhammer might’ve been outpaced by Warhammer II after its release, but there’s just something about this game that keeps me coming back every once in a while.

It might be the fact that I felt closer to the first installment’s factions than to WII clans. Or it might be the fact that I keep getting my ass kicked in Warhammer II’s online mode.

In any case, coming back to TW: Warhammer wouldn’t be fun without mods, right? Many of us have finished endless campaigns in the first installment of the game, and maybe want a fresh start.

And we all know that the Total War community is filled with people who adore modding. And considering how Warhammer fans are some of the most die-hard out there, it comes as no surprise to see so many fantastic mods for this game.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest options so you can get them installed and raring to go!


25. Improved Loading Screen Artwork

Improved Loading Screen Artwork Total War: Warhammer mod

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I’m not too much of an “original” Warhammer fan. But I know that those who are will truly appreciate the scale of this mod.

It allows you to get your hands on a bunch of new loading screens and exclusive content to freshen up the feel of the game like never before.

From epic battles to new artistic figures, this mod will make you feel more connected to the virtual world.


24. Better Campaign Map

Better Campaign Map mod for Total War: Warhammer

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If you’ve ever read the Warhammer lore, then you probably know how dark and grim the story seems to be.

Killings, death, blood, rituals – it’s all there.

If you’re a fan of Warhammer 40k, then you should be even more knowledgeable about the dark history of the world.

Better Campaign Map makes the map much darker, which gives you a more eerie feeling and takes you deeper into the game’s lore.

The change also makes the map look way cooler, so there’s that too. A win/win if you ask me.


23. Building Progression Icons

Building Progression Icons Total War: Warhammer mod

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If you played Warhammer II as well as Warhammer I, you know that the building progression icons leave a lot to be desired.

This mod changes them to fit better with the game.

The vanilla version of the game simply repeats the same building icons regardless of the chain they belong to.

Yet with this mod, you’ll be able to properly see the building icons as they should be in the game. Every icon now represents a progress stage and looks different depending on its chain. Neat!


22. No Great Power

No Great Power Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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You know that Great Power Penalty that’s basically a death sentence for anyone who likes to conquer stuff?

Yeah, it’s annoying as all hells. But this mod will get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Just install the mod and forget about having to deal with one of the worst modifiers in Total War history.

The Great Power modifier might be, useful if it actually meant that you could also use it to your advantage… but nope.

If you’re powerful, you’re hated. The same blind hate that college students have for the rich in America. Makes no sense in the game, so you’ll be better off without it!


21. GCCM Main

GCCM Main mod for Total War: Warhammer

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Now this mod adds a selection of fantastic maps to the game, all of which are compatible with the game’s Grand Campaign.

Lots to dig into here so it’s really just a treasure trove.

Give it a try if you want to play in different battle scenarios –definitely worth your time.


20. Crynsos’ Faction Unlocker+

Crynsos’ Faction Unlocker+ Total War: Warhammer mod

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Get ready for action: this unlocks all of the factions that come with the game, and it also adds a handful of new factions that should’ve made it in, yet didn’t.

As such, true Warhammer fans should see this mod as a must-have.

The mod’s “plus” sign at the end means that it comes with more than just faction unlocks.

For example, it also adds changes to the campaign that makes the game feel even more immersive, putting it close to the end product that was Warhammer II.


19. Immersive Battle Banners

Immersive Battle Banners mod for Total War: Warhammer

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The creator of this mod changed the way vanilla banners look, to make them feel much closer to what the universe of Warhammer feels like.

A truly fantastic change, albeit subtle, that seems to put the game in a better aesthetic level. It might be a minor change, but one to truly appreciate in battle.


18. Varied Generals

Varied Generals Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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Now this mod is ideal for those who have played the game enough that they’ve gotten to a point where they recognize which generals are clones.

You know, there’s a limited number of models in the game. So it’s almost inevitable to see clones from time to time.

With this mod installed, you’ll be getting a handful of new head models to the game. All of which enable you to take a better look at your units, plus makes the game feel more unique.

Even after replaying the same campaigns dozens of times.


17. Dwarven Shields – Gold and Silver

Dwarven Shields Total War: Warhammer mod

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This might seem like a minor change for the uneducated player, but cultured Warhammer fans probably appreciate this more than us average folks.

This mod changes the look of the shields of all Dwarves, making them gold, silver, and metallic, instead of green and blue as they come in the vanilla version of the game.

The creator of the mod based the idea of the dwarves figurines of Warhammer, so it’s truly as lore-friendly as can be.


16. Ultimate Chaos

Ultimate Chaos Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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I was completely taken aback after seeing the number of features this mod seems to have.

Ultimate Chaos is basically more complete than some of the DLC that comes with the game, as it shakes the foundations of Warhammer by introducing better champions and heroes, as well as adding a ton of new units and extra-detailed creatures to the game.

Safe to say, it’s all as lore-friendly as possible. That’s according to the creator of the mod, at least.

But I’d say it’s definitely safe to give it a go and see what you think.


15. Karaz-a-Karak

Karaz-a-Karak mod for Total War: Warhammer

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Arguably the best battle map that I came across while looking for Warhammer mods (both I and II!), this amazing mod adds the entire map of Everpeak to the game.

You’ll find yourself strategizing which side of the building to storm, and which units could be put to better use depending on the foes that lay ahead.

If you love epic battles, you’ll love fighting in Karaz-a-Karak.


14. Better Trade

Better Trade Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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It has never made any sense that the amount of goods you can trade is not connected to the number of provinces that you own.

And this mod changes that for the better.

The number of trade routes will directly depend on the number of regions that you and your trade partner own.

The trading system of Warhammer leaves a few things to be desired, but this one is arguably the most important feature that’s missing.

With it fixed, the game’s campaign feels much better.


13. The Empire of Sigmar

The Empire of Sigmar Total War: Warhammer mod

Check Out This Mod

An awesome mod that adds a handful of lore-friendly units to the game.

I will never exclude a new unit mod from one of my lists, and the Empire of Sigmar is just the first one developed by a guy who also created one of my favorite Warhammer mods: War of the Old World.

Check that one out if you love new units as much as I do (and it’s on this list, so keep reading to find out what it’s about!)

You might want to check out the mod at the DB link above, but it can be downloaded from the Steam page too.


12. Tier 4 Minor Settlements

Tier 4 Minor Settlements mod for Total War: Warhammer

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You know how you often end up building a bunch of specialized stuff in your capital?

Well, this mod saves you the trouble and space that comes with doing so.

Tier 4 Minor Settlements allows you to build much more advanced buildings in settlements that aren’t originally supposed to do it.

Which gives you the ability to better distribute your buildings and create more balanced settlements.


11. Ultimate Minor Settlement Pack

Ultimate Minor Settlement Pack for Total War: Warhammer

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This majestic mod adds 42 new maps to the game to fight in, plus much more detailed settlements, allowing you to get an even better feeling of immersion in Warhammer’s smaller battles.

The mod is also fully compatible with the campaign map, so you can truly experience authentic battles regardless of which territory you’re looking to control.

Shout out to creator AnonymousCheese, this one’s pretty dope.


10. Legendary Lord Unique Start Position

Legendary Lord Unique Start Position Total War: Warhammer mod

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This mod basically allows you to play co-op with other factions, as it places legendary lords into the territory of others.

The change is minor and, to be fair, I know that some players will not like it.

However, if you’re looking for a legendary campaign with large-scale battles, this mod will help unite the armies of various factions and create large-scale conflicts like never before.


9. Home Region Movement Bonus

Home Region Movement Bonus mod for Total War: Warhammer

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Albeit not too big of a change at first glance, this add-on will make you rethink your strategies out of battle.

It allows you to move 10% faster whenever you’re on “home ground”.

But beware: your enemies will also be able to move 10% faster on their own territory.

It’s a similar bonus to what you get in most Total War games whenever you’re traveling through roads, but it works on all-terrain as long as it’s located within a region that you (or your enemies) control.

Think ahead, and don’t get ambushed by armies that are now closer than you think.


8. Cataph’s The Southern Realms

Cataph’s The Southern Realms Total War: Warhammer mod

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Now this mod feels like a complete overhaul to the game – and I’m loving every feature that comes with it.

This Southern Realms mod basically expands the roster of all Southern Realms to make them much more complex, allowing veteran players to get a new feel of the game without having to buy a new one altogether.

New units, lords, and a much more detailed advancements thanks to new tech trees, all make this mod one of the best out there.


7. Better Camera Mod

Better Camera Mod Total War: Warhammer screenshot

Check Out This Mod

I think every single Total War mod list needs a Better Camera Mod.

Mo one will ever be happy with the limitations that come with the vanilla camera movements.

This is even more true for players like me who love to take screenshots of battles to capture the epic feel of each game, and then use them as PC backgrounds and such.

Better Camera Mod for Warhammer allows you to zoom in and out much faster, and control the camera better.

It’s a simple mod, sure. But if you’re looking to create a proper cinematic capture, this is the one to download.


6. Total Unit Resize

Total Unit Resize mod for Total War: Warhammer

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I know you probably think that this mod changes the number of units in the game, but nope. It literally works by resizing the actual height of each unit in the game, keeping it much closer to the game’s lore.

The mod was clearly made by someone very keen to have the game as close to the fantasy world of Warhammer as possible.

And it’s safe to say they did a fantastic job at doing so.

Get a close-up on a battle after installing this mod and see how the changes make everything feel even more epic than before.


5. War for the Old World

War for the Old World Total War: Warhammer mod

Check Out This Mod

I already talked about The Empire of Sigmar mod, so it’s a no-brainer for me to tell you about this one.

The War for the Old World is a sequel to the Sigmar mod. And it’s safe to say that it’s even better than the first.

New units, new damage modifiers, better projectiles, and more: this mod truly makes the game feel more unique than ever, all thanks to improving everything that came with the Empire of Sigmar + the new tweaks introduced by its creator.


4. Unique Empire States

Unique Empire States Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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This is one of those mods that will probably make the game’s devs go: “Dude, how the hell didn’t we think of that?!”

It basically gives every State of the Empire a completely unique feel.

It allows you to see different Empire soldiers depending on the region you’re battling with. And it gives you that feeling of authenticity that seemed to be lacking from the vanilla game, so it truly makes you want to play with the Empire much more often.

Reclaim the land for the armies of men and get rid of the undead with a proper sense of fashion: install the Unique Empire States.


3. Regiments of Renown

Regiments of Renown mod for Total War: Warhammer

Check Out This Mod

That RoR DLC was something else. But let’s face it: when it comes to new units, we can never have enough of them.

I think the Regiments of Renown mod has turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. And I want you to try it out, too.

It adds new regiments for almost every faction in the game, all of which are fully custom-made and with stats that are representative of the game’s vanilla balance.

You’ll be getting a bunch of new units that are not OP by any means – and you won’t have to spend the big bucks to get them.


2. All Tabletop Lords

All Tabletop Lords Total War: Warhammer mod screenshot

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Even though this is a mod that will probably please tabletop players more than regular gamers, it’s still one to serve a purpose for all TW fans.

Mostly thanks to the incorporation of dozens of new generals into the game.

Basically, the creator of this mod used all his nerdy knowledge of the franchise and created many new generals, all of which can be found in the actual Warhammer universe.

If you’ve played the game’s tabletop version before (or even if you’ve only read a handful of books), you’ll be able to find some very familiar names among the ranks of your armies – provided that you properly install this mod, that is.


1. Conquer Anywhere – Regional Occupation Removal

Conquer Anywhere – Regional Occupation Removal mod

Check Out This Mod

Alright, I know what you’re thinking – there’s a canonical reason why it makes no sense for certain factions to take over some regions of the map.

However, some Total War players (like me) are completely obsessed with conquering the entire map.

Don’t get me wrong – I do love me some Warhammer lore.

But I won’t bat an eye when it comes to installing a mod that will help me take over the entire map in a game.

And this is it.

Conquer Anywhere will let you conquer all of the regions and provinces in Warhammer I, regardless of which faction you’re playing with.

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