20 Best Transport Fever 2 Mods (All Free To Download)

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Exploring the rich history of the world’s transport systems has never been easier with Transport Fever 2.

If you’ve already sunk hours into this game, you know why it’s awesome.

And yet, vanilla might leave you wanting a bit more.

Well here are some of the best mods to try out for a bit of extra flavor.


20. Achievements w/ Mods

Achievements w mods in TransportFever2

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Before you even get started with new mods, you’re going to want to get Saber Kitsune’s Achievements w/ Mods first.

The last thing we’d want is to invest hours into a game and not have anything to show for it in the end.

Mods usually prevent you from earning game achievements, but you won’t have to worry about that with this one installed.


19. More Line Colors by LINX

More Line Colors Mod

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This next one might not seem like much right now.

But as you progress through the game, you’re inevitably going to reach a point where you’re going to want to have it available.

Starting off with just a few train lines, things might still be quite simple to manage.

Once you’ve grown your business exponentially and have multiple lines sprawling across most of the map, that’s where things get a bit more challenging.

Keeping track of what goes where can be quite confusing, and More Line Colors by LINX is a great way to make things just a bit easier.

This mod gives you a whole new set of colors to assign to your train lines.


18. Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity

Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity mod

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Another big challenge you’ll bump into is cargo space for your stations.

Transporting goods is your biggest source of income. And putting two and two together – you’re going to want to get the most possible amount of anything with each trip.

Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity aims to simplify this, making it possible to store cargo on all consecutive platforms in your station.


17. Train Sound Mod

Train Sound Mod for Transport Fever 2

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There’s nothing more satisfying in Transport Fever 2 than seeing the railway systems you built from the ground-up running smoothly.

Well what if I told you there was a way to take that sense of achievement up a notch?

Jay_Emanuel’s Train Sound Mod can help with that, swapping out the base game’s default train sounds with much more distinct and realistic samples – making for a much more immersive experience overall.

Watching your trains travel across the map just wouldn’t be as glorious if they didn’t sound this good.


16. Urban Bus Stops

Urban Bus Stops Mod

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The game also offers a sandbox mode where you’re pretty much free to do anything you want. And for many – this is where the real fun starts.

There are tons of custom assets you can get online to make your building much more interesting. And here’s just the first example.

If you’re looking for some European city accessories, check out this set of Urban Bus Stops. They’ll be available in the game from year 2000 onwards.


15. Marc’s Street and Trampack

Marc's Street and Trampack Mod

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As with any city-building sim, it’s really all about the details.

You’re going to want your cities to feel as alive as possible. And Marc’s Street and Trampack is another way to help you get there.

The pack contains many different street styles, including modern streets (with the option to have or remove red bus/priority lanes), along with some older styles to give you some additional options to play around with.


14. Cable Car

Cable Car Mod for Transport Fever 2

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In case you’re looking to maximize the verticality within your cities, tram lines might not always work…

You might want to give this cable car set a try instead.

That’s right: you can now have your very own cable car system in Transport Fever 2 thanks to modder marc345.

Based on the comments, another user has used these to recreate the Docklands Light Railway in London. So it’s detailed.


13. Modular Station Roof (Modern)

Modular Station Roof Mod

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Let’s not forget about the train stations, as you’ll likely be more focused on these than anything else in the game.

You can give your stations a makeover as well with this Modular Station Roof set from oppiescc.

This particular variant of his mod will give your station a more open and modern vibe with its high glass ceiling.


12. NL Modular Station

NL Modular Station for Transport Fever 2

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Now that you have a shiny new roof, why not renovate the entire station while you’re at it?

With another mod from oppiescc, the NL Modular Station pack gives you a whole new set of station assets to build and design with.

The pack comes with adaptive platforms that adjust their appearance depending on whether you place them next to train tracks.

Included as well are signages for station names and platform numbers, overpasses and underpasses for the commuters to walk across, and ticket machines of course.


11. Animals Asset

Animals Asset Mod for Transport Fever 2

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The structures and city assets aren’t the only things that can make your world feel lived-in.

This Animals Asset mod pack can make a huge difference, especially for the more rural areas of your map.

This mod adds completely original animal textures to the game, giving you more options for adding wildlife to the surroundings.

There isn’t a list of what exactly is included. But it looks like there are cows, horses, and sheep in the pack to start with – and at a glance, I’d guess there’s a few surprises along the way.


10. Asset Mega Pack

Asset Mega Pack for Transport Fever 2

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If you’re still not satisfied with your world’s level of detail, you can’t go wrong with Quice99’s Asset Mega Pack.

While the pack doesn’t include any original textures, Quice99 makes building so much more convenient by making all of the game’s default textures available to use however you want.

The mod takes over 1100 of the in-game assets and makes them usable in the builder, and even sorts them into different categories.


9. Underground Station

Underground Station Mod - Transport Fever 2

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This next one gives you the ability to build subway stations, essentially.

Simple but oh so valuable.

Now it;s possible to build interconnected railways underground! Why wasn’t this in vanilla?


8. Modular Elevated Station For Passengers

Modular Elevated Station Mod

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Some of you might prefer to build up rather than down… and for that, lollus’ Modular Elevated Station for Passengers should be exactly what you need.

The pack includes platforms and tracks along with other assets you’ll need to build elevated railways.

This is a sleek mod if you’re looking to give your cities a more modern look and feel, and can be combined with street-level lines as well for more dynamic railways.


7. Sloped Train Station

Sloped Train Station Mod

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If you’re looking to build yourself something more unique, xmnovotny’s Sloped Train Station pack just might do the trick.

As the name suggests, the mod gives you all the tools you need to build a sloped station, including buildings which can either be sloped as well or have their own elevated levels.

And this mod has been tested to work with other mods like the Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity and even the NL Modular Station pack.


6. Natural Town Growth

Natural Town Growth Modded Preview

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There are other ways to make the game more interesting as well.

And tweaking some mechanics to make things more realistic can go a long way.

Natural Town Growth is one of the most popular gameplay mods for Transport Fever 2, giving you more control over how towns in the game expand.

Town growth in the base game is much more random. But with this mod installed, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors will grow independently based on your decisions.


5. Industry Expanded

Industry Expanded Mod - Transport Fever 2

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Much of your business will be coming from the industrial sector.

And that can be greatly expanded as well.

The Industry Expanded mod gives you 13 new cargo types to go along with the many new industries included, making for a much more complex industry system.

With this mod installed you’ll be given access to coffee, fish, alcohol, paper, and even meat.

Lots to keep you busy.


4. Shinkansen E2

Shinkansen E2 Mod - Transport Fever 2

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You didn’t think I forgot about the trains, right?

Trains are the highlight of the game for many players. And thanks to some of these modders, new trains can be added to the game as well.

Specifically, this mod is designed around the popular bullet trains from Japan: the Shinkansen E2.

These trains are as fast as they come, running at a top speed of 275km/h, and will surely make a great addition to your next playthrough.


3. Ludmilla DR BR130,131,132,142

Ludmilla DR Mod

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Now if you’re looking to go back in time and see some of the popular trains in history, you might want to check out the Ludmilla pack by Skyjoe and Maverick2002.

The pack includes 4 variants under the Ludmilla line, giving you additional diesel locomotive options for the earlier in-game years.

The trains are mainly used for freight and are available starting from the 70’s as they were in real life.


2. DB Doppelstockwagen

DB Doppelstockwagen Mod

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For this next set we’re taking from one of the largest transport companies in the world – Germany’s Deutsche Bahn.

The pack gives you access to a total of 10 new train models, including DB’s popular double-deck models.

Have your commuters travel in style as these are some of the most luxurious trains you can get for Transport Fever 2.


1. Siemens Avenio T Munich

Siemens Avenio T Munich Mod - Transport Fever 2

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Top of the list here we have another popular train model in European countries, but this time from a company less known in the transport industry.

The Siemens Avenio is still being used in certain European countries, and will soon make its way to the middle east as well.

29 Avenio’s are set to be used in the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail set to open in 2025 as well, so this is a great mod set with a very futuristic look.

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