15 Best Trials of Mana Mods To Check Out

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Trials of Mana has a lot to offer. But when you’ve already run through the game, why not turn it up a bit with some mods?

This list offers some of the best ones you can add. Some will help improve the gameplay experience by tweaking many of the vanilla features, but I’ve also added some retexture mods that I look pretty cool too.

And before you ask – yes, there are plenty of NSFW mods for Trials of Mana. In fact, out of all of the games I’ve ever written about, this is probably the one that has the thirstiest mods list. But this list is aimed to be SFW and totally kid-friendly.

I mean, isn’t Trials of Mana also kinda aimed at kids? I have no idea how old you are reading this, but suffice it to say this list is fun for all ages.


15. She Has Grown

Charlotte Trials of Mana - redesign mod

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She Has Grown is a mod meant to tweak the way Charlotte looks.

The creator doesn’t speak much English, but from what I can tell, the main modifications that this mod brings to the table are the outline of the character’s face being redesigned.

The creator of the mod made sure to add some custom movements, too.

Although I have to be honest with you, I thought this mod would make more changes to the game. But I’m adding it to my list because the creator clearly loved the outcome and it really does look pretty good.

Subtle, maybe not for everyone, basically just a lot of changes to her positioning. But a nice mod to kick things off.


14. HUD Removal Mods

HUD mod for Trials of Mana

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Have you ever felt like the Trials of Mana HUD is a bit too overpacked?

I mean, I hadn’t really given much thought to it. But some of the features seem to be too crowded. We could do with some good old renovating here.

Well this mod does that.

It’s not that big of a change, but it will allow you to clear the lower-right part of your screen and keep it free of the LB and RB functionalities.


13. Black Armor

Black Armor for Duran mod

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Duran’s armor looks darn cool. But the colors have always seemed a bit off to me.

Well if you’re open to change have a peek at this restyled armor design.

This mod seems to be tailor-made for people who want something new, as it completely revamps Duran’s Class armor to make it all black and purple.

This turns it into something that looks like a Warcraft villain’s armor, and I absolutely love it.


12. Legacy Class Change Hair

Legacy Class Change Hair mod

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Even though this mod is one for the older players, I think every fan is going to love it. E

ven if you didn’t play the original version of the game.

Back when the SNES was around and Trials of Mana first released, you had the option to choose hair colors for most characters in the game.

However, something possessed the developers and convinced them it would be a good idea to remove this feature from the re-release.

It’s safe to say that it would’ve been nice to keep this.

I mean, we all love customization, and even more so when it comes to Japanese waifus, right? Right.

So this mod brings back the hair color changes that we all loved from the original game. Easy to install and easy to get going.



NINJYA mod for Trials of Mana

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Now this mod changes the NINJYA armor to make him look more… well, like a ninja.

The changes are not too big compared to the original character, but it does make the heavy armor look way more badass while keeping the original feel of the set intact.

One of the main changes here is the addition of a small piece of cloth, which closes up the set and makes him look stealthier (and cooler, if I may use that word here).

One often associates ninjas with faces that are completely concealed. Well this mod sticks to those principles.

The redesigned set looks awesome. Fresh is always worth trying.


10. No Blue SP Crystal Sound Pickups

No Blue SP Crystal Sound mod

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Blue SP Crystals are a fundamental part of the game. You can’t go through the story without collecting them.

However, the sound they make when you pick them up is arguably one of the worst things you’ll hear in a game – even if you have tinnitus. It just sounds awkward, and it gets even worse when you continuously collect these crystals.

However with this mod, you’ll be able to completely remove the sound effect from the game.

The creator of this mod added a file that corrupts that specific sound file to make it unplayable, which ends up making the sound disappear. Neat and easy.

But don’t thank me, thank our creator CyrilAlexei. Your ears will thank you in return.


9. Camera FOVs and Tweaks

Camera FOVs and Tweaks mod

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I had never really thought that Trials of Mana needed changes to the field of view, or to the camera in general.

But this mod definitely makes me think otherwise.

It tweaks the altitude of the camera to make it look more natural, which in turn keeps the gameplay much smoother.

This mod also makes some small changes to the game’s basic first-person camera to make the movements flow better, and the camera itself seems to just fit easier as you’re moving around.

Small changes that add up as you play – those are definitely my favorite features to mod.


8. No Texture Pop In

No Texture Pop In mod

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The No Texture Pop In mod changes something you might’ve not noticed before, but it’s a huge change it makes the visuals of the game look even better than they do.

There’s an issue which makes certain textures “pop out” of place and obstruct other textures from appearing in the game.

This mod prevents that from happening.

Again, simple and easy to implement, with minor but noticeable changes.


7. Classic Trials Reshade

Classic Trials Reshade mod

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This reshade completely overhauls the game’s visuals by removing the tint that often plagues the screen (yes, it plagues it – it’s awful) and turns visuals into something much more pleasing.

A mod that I fully recommend you check out – it doesn’t require anything other than a quick install to make it work.


6. Movement Tweaker

Movement Tweaker mod

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This mod is, technically, not cheating.

It allows you to change the value of movement speed in the game, which by default can be a bit too slow for some players.

You can set custom values of your own too, so this really gives you a lot of control about how fast you can blow through areas. Absolutely a mod worth checking out.


5. No Map Quest Markers

No Map Quest Markers mod

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This difficulty-enhancing mod removes all of the quest map markers from the game, making it much more difficult to find your objectives!

Pretty straightforward right?

I definitely don’t recommend this to newcomers unless you really want a challenge.


4. UE4 Very High Settings

UE4 Very High Settings - Graphics Mod for Trials of Mana

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Better textures, better audio, smoother gameplay.

If there’s any overhaul mod I would recommend for Trials of Mana, this is it.

Give it a go and see what you think. Most PCs should be able to hange the changes, although maybe give it a trial run first.


3. Unlock All Class Costumes

Unlock All Class Costumes - Trials of Mana cheat mod

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Tired of unlocking stuff on your own?

Get this mod installed and unlock all class customs in the game by default.

This is a cheat, but it’s extremely useful. Especially if you’ve already played the game a few times and want something new.


2. No Attack Indicators

No Attack Indicators mod for Trials of Mana

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The No Attack Indicators mod takes this spot by completely revamping the gameplay with a simple change: it removes the orange indicator that pops up when an enemy attacks, which makes it significantly more difficult for you to predict where the attack will land.

I only recommend this mod if you’ve mastered the game already.

Trust me, it gets much harder than it should be.

I’m not saying this takes the game to Dark Souls levels, but it does mean you’ll need to focus on enemy movements and keep a few more potions handy.


1. A Difficulty Rebalance Mod

Difficulty Rebalance Mod for Trials of Mana

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This mod doesn’t affect gameplay directly, but it does make the game much harder by adding more stats to every enemy in the game.

This, in turn, makes all of the enemies much more difficult to take down.

Looking for even more of a challenge? Well this Difficulty Rebalance Mod is the place to start.

The reason I’m adding this mod in first place is exactly because I feel you might relish with a higher difficulty level. I mean, it keeps the game interesting right?

Give it a go and see what you think!

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