Top 10 Ugliest Minecraft Skins Worth Playing With

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many hours scrolling through skins and alternate looks in a valiant effort to find the best ones around.

Most of the time that title is granted to skins that have the cutest looks or the coolest details.

But sometimes, you find a skin that just looks too weird to pass up.

Weird doesn’t necessarily need to mean ugly.

But ugly skins stand out.

And standing out, in my book, is a good thing.

Every time I scroll by a particularly rank-looking skin, I have to stop and admire it for just a second. You have to appreciate the bold confidence of these skins to lean into whatever weird, ugly, or abnormal looks they want.

Not convinced yet?

Then maybe our collection below will change your mind.


1. The Ugly Viking

The Ugly Viking Skin For Minecraft

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This Viking made by creator Speedy started my love for all things ugly in the Minecraft skin world.

I think one look at this can pretty much explain why.

The Ugly Viking is by all means a good skin.

It has incredibly creative design details that make it look 3-dimensional. Plus it has a thematic background which gives the character a depth, like it has some backstory you need to learn about.

It just so happens to be really ugly. And I love it.

It’s hilarious. It’s different.

It’s going to be a mainstay in my next realm without a doubt.


2. What Happened, Steve?

Weird Ugly Steve Minecraft Skin

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Ugly skins are measured less by the creator’s skill level at drafting intricate and impressive detailing and more by sheer creativity.

Creator nebik’s Steve skin shines because of that very creativity.

They didn’t go for altering Steve’s looks and designing new, weird textures for him.

They simply took each piece of Steve’s body and moved it to a different part of the body.

His head is on his chest.

One of his arms is on his leg.

This skin is disorienting and confusing.

It also happens to be utterly hilarious. So this one gets two thumbs up from me.


3. Blobfish

Pink Ugly Blobfish Skin For Minecraft

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When it comes to ugly in nature, I don’t know if anything gets uglier than the blobfish.

Maybe at the incredibly high pressures that they live in deep underwater, the blobfish looks less nightmarish, but we can only see it at its surface-level, blobby appearance.

I really can’t even begin to comprehend how creator Zitzabis managed to make this Blobfish skin.

Just the fleshy pink color of this skin is unsettling, but the blobfish itself is so ugly it’s almost hard to look at.

It’s great!


4. Proportions (Male)

Weird Proportions (Male) Minecraft Skin

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Ugliness doesn’t need to come from wacky design or from the incredibly high pressures found 20,000 feet beneath sea level.

Sometimes, ugliness can come from a simple change in proportions.

Creator Y90 released this skin tagged only with “hottie”.

And I am, for some reason, totally enamored with it.

I think the confusing proportions that make this skin seem round and chunky, combined with the outfit remind me of either Shrek or Thanos. I think?

Regardless, I just can’t seem to pull my eyes away from it.


5. Doctor Quack

Ugly Duckling Doctor Quack Skin For Minecraft

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I love Minecraft skin contests – if for no other reason than the community always manages to pull the most creative ideas out of their hats.

Creator Purrfectionist made this OC, quaintly named “Doctor Quack”, that pretty much perfectly fits my ugly bill.

This skin catches the eye immediately with its bright colors and distorted face.

It exudes fun energy, but at the same time, it’s clearly malformed in some way. I simply adore it.


6. Mr. Burns

Ugly Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) Minecraft Skin

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The fact that this skin was under an “ugly” tag really tickles me.

I don’t think anyone was putting Mr. Burns from the Simpsons under the “cute” tag… but I also think that calling him explicitly ugly might be a little mean.

But it’s much funnier than it is mean, so I’ll let this Minecraft roast slide.

Especially since this is a genuinely impressive Mr. Burns design.


7. Babies are Cute

Ugly Adult Baby Skin For Minecraft

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Oh gosh, the first look at this skin is almost an assault on the eyes.

The derp face on this baby is massive and aggressive.

Honestly, the skin is such an affront that it makes me mildly uncomfortable.

So of course it had to make this list.


8. Ugly French Maid

Ugly French Maid Minecraft Skin

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I don’t even want to begin speculating on what caused the character in this skin to wind up looking like this.

The oversized, creepy, malicious smile really makes for the perfect hospitable vibe that you’d want out of a maid.

Just ignore the fact that they might murder you between vacuuming and dusting.


9. Meg Griffin

Ugly Meg Griffin (Family Guy) Skin For Minecraft

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Poor Meg.

All she ever wanted to do was feel pretty, but she was a constant punching bag for ugly jokes on Family Guy.

And now she’s been immortalized in Minecraft with this hilarious skin by creator Dutch_Emperor – and it is ugly in all the best ways.


10. Hot Villager in Bikini

Ugly Villager in Bikini / Minecraft Skin

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This is another one of those skins where I don’t even want to think about where the idea came from.

That being said, we can appreciate a villager feeling confident rocking it in a bikini.

Even if the Minecraft villager happens to be hilariously ugly…

Because that’s what this list is all about: having fun and being confident. And butt ugly.

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