15 Most Underrated Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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We all know that Golden Experience Requiem is busted and that Star Platinum can ora ora for twenty pages. But what about the other Stands from the JoJo universe?

I honestly feel like a lot of them go severely underrated just because of how they were presented in the show (or from how stupid their users are).

So we’re going to dive into some of the most underrated Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, sharing what the Stands do and why they could be more powerful than you think.


15. Tohth

Tohth Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Boingo

The ability to tell the future is usually extremely busted – and yet it’s an absolute joke in JoJo’s.

And I think the blame lies exclusively within the user. If he had the most basic understanding of his own Stand and just a touch of intelligence, he could have been one powerful adversary.

Because you can’t change the future! So if a target is depicted as dying, literally just go away and grab a snack. Don’t stand there and try to meddle.

And for the love of all that is holy, realize that panels can be interpreted in multiple ways!

Sure, the ability isn’t god-tier in terms of power. But it was severely underrated because Boingo has no idea what he’s doing.


14. Harvest

Harvest Stand / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Shigekiyo Yangu

This Stand would have been extremely powerful if Shigechi just had some creativity.

Instead of picking up change, he could rob a bank – or even steal classified documents. Those little suckers can get in anywhere!

And don’t even get me started on their offensive capabilities. Just steal some needles and poke people to death.

Dip the needles in some poison and eradicate an entire town.

Get some explosives and make this Stand become a country-level threat.

Hell, just crawl into people’s mouths at night and suffocate them. There are hundreds of uses for these little dudes – and you would be a fool to call them weak just because Shigechi didn’t know how to use them.


13. Enigma

Enigma Stand / JJBA Anime

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Terunosuke Miyamoto

For once, this user is actually competent with their Stand’s ability – and yet people still sleep on it because it looks a bit silly.

Enigma’s ability allows you to enclose anything into a piece of paper, with the only catch being that in order to trap a person, you have to know their “tell” for fear.

But I feel like in the real world, most of us have the same tell. It’s yelling out profanities.

Plus, the ability is powerful enough even without trapping people.

Just enclose a car, mail it to your enemies, and watch the explosion from a safe distance.

You could also entrap an airplane into a paper airplane, and then just confuse and murder a whole bunch of people.


12. The Lock

The Lock Stand (Screenshot) in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Tamami Kobayashi

The Lock is extremely overpowered when placed in the right hands – and when facing the right opponent.

It’s activated by guilt towards the user, and it not only gives your anxiety steroids, but it also physically weighs you down.

Just bump into someone, drop your phone and start crying. Boom, they’re now affected.

From that point on just stay close enough to constantly remind them of their “wrongdoing” but never allow them to properly apologize.

Basically if you’re fighting a somewhat decent person, they’re screwed.


11. Geb

Geb Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: N’Doul

This is a long-range water Stand that can survive everything besides fire, and has the strength to decapitate you.

And yet it came off as somewhat weak because the user was miles away and relied on sound to attack people.

Literally just get a scope, and then only rely on hearing when you have to.

Also, go in for the kill immediately and if it fails, back away.

This is an insanely good assassination Stand that allows you to take as many chances as you want – because almost no other fighter will be equipped to make water evaporate.


10. Soft Machine

Soft Machine Stand Preview Screenshot / JJBA Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Mario Zucchero

This Stand was just not used right. It was one of those moments where the bad guy could easily win, but instead of just killing everyone, he keeps taking hostages.

With this Stand’s ability, you basically one shot everyone you stab, as there’s no way to fight back once you have been deflated.

So just kill them while they’re like that!

Mario ended up dealing no real damage to the squad – but that was only because he was so hostage greedy.

Keep that in mind as a takeaway to avoid the next time you’re doing crime, and then this Stand becomes insanely powerful!


9. Talking Head

Talking Head in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Tiziano

Information is more expensive than gold when it comes to large-scale conflict. And this Stand allows you to take advantage of that.

If this attaches to your tongue, the user can just make you lie whenever they feel like it. This could be used to trick anyone from their team to walk into traps or get false leads.

That’s already pretty brutal when used perfectly. But there’s another thing that you can do here.

Maybe this is just me being morbid, but the Stand does allow you to control the enemy’s tongue to a certain degree, so you could just make them swallow it.

Nobody would suspect foul play – and you can take out just about anyone. The perfect crime if you ask me.


8. Bastet

Bastet Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Mariah

Bastet’s ability would be an absolute powerhouse in the modern world. It basically shocks anyone who touches the outlet, and then turns them into a magnet.

Outlets are just about everywhere. And most of us crave them more than the air we breathe.

Plus, metal is in abundance wherever you go.

And in the anime, I don’t think this ability was used to its highest potential.

For starters, don’t throw weapons that are only sharp on one end. Instead throw spikey balls, like those at the end of a flail – that way you can secure damage.

Or lure your target near a busy street, and then count on the idea that they’ll get stuck to a car. Seems pretty likely.

Hell, even just throw mines at them!

The options are truly endless here.


7. Little Feet

Little Feet Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Formaggio

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a Stand that’s really good at finding enemies, you’re probably going to die when facing this dude.

The tactic is so simple!

It’s really just a matter of shrinking stuff super small.

Just shrink down, poke the enemy’s skin just hard enough to activate your ability, hide in their pocket/bag while the ability takes effect… and then simply squash them.

If Formaggio had faced anyone else, or if he had just done the job stealthily, he would have emerged victorious.


6. Purple Haze

Purple Haze Stand in JJBA Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Pannacotta Fugo

This Stand is like the king of underrated Stands in JoJo – as it is literally part of the main cast, and yet barely had any time to shine.

The excuse of “the poison would have killed the user and his comrades” just seems stupid, as there were ways to avoid that.

If you know it’s coming, just stay upwind from the Stand and you’ll be safe. Or wear protective outfits if you know a big battle is coming.

This Stand has the ability to destroy entire towns, and yet it’s so heavily underrated just because the main cast had too many morals and not enough prep time.


5. Kraft Work

Kraft Work in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Golden Wind
User: Sale

Kraft Work’s ability to manipulate movement & energy is just insanely versatile.

If you want to talk about raw destruction, just freeze a random car on a busy highway and then get to safety with some locked stones thrown in the air.

The fact that the Stand itself is actually incredibly fast, and can easily deflect bullets and such, is also an important factor here. Since you can react to just about anything.

Whenever someone tries to attack you, just freeze them in place before the attack can even land.

Also, the storing of kinetic energy could arguably be used in more offensive ways. We see Sale tapping a frozen bullet to add kinetic energy, but what about punching a frozen enemy? I would bet that’d send them flying miles away & probably never seen again.


4. Ebony Devil

Ebony Devil Stand from JoJo Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Devo the Cursed

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again:

Just become a YouTube prankster and this Stand will make you a god.

It feeds off of people’s hatred for you, and the enemy has to damage you in order to activate the curse.

So just steal someone’s phone or be a jerk, drop a baby or something, and then watch as a possessed doll starts stabbing your victim to death.

Sure, if they could kill the doll it would kill you as well.

But if you know how to be a proper douchebag, the doll will be way too powerful for that to happen.

Especially if this fight is taking place in the modern era where you can subtweet the entire time.


3. Aqua Necklace

Aqua Necklace Stand / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Anjuro Katagiri

This is yet another one of those Stands that only appears weak because it likes taking hostages.

Realistically, you can kill anyone with this Stand.

Because everyone needs water, alcohol, and coffee to survive. So it should be easy to plop this bad boy into someone’s drink and then kill them from the inside once they take a sip.

Actually it seems both easy to pull off and very effective.

Hell, you could even just go to the pool and have yourself a massacre.

This Stand is extremely powerful if the user is patient enough. And it’s definitely one of the more underrated Stands in JJBA.


2. Sethan

Sethan in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Alessi

Sethan was basically just used as a gag, but his abilities are nothing short of broken.

Standing in this dude’s shadow for a split second is enough for you to be aged backwards twenty years.

So if you have even the slightest ability to cover up your presence, you can just walk past someone and have them turn into a baby without them even seeing you.

And since this ability ages their mind as well, taking people on 1 vs. 1 is basically a guaranteed victory.


1. Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick Stand / JJBA Anime Screenshot

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Masazo Kinoto

Okay, I can’t really talk about the user here since you have to die in order to activate this thing…

However, once you unleash it onto the world, death is inevitable.

It literally took a spirit realm in order to safely defeat this thing, since it can just force you to be its user.

And then once it’s on your back, all it has to do is shout some insults into a crowd to get someone to look at your back, thus killing you.

If you kill it, you die. If you try to remove it, you die.

If you try to spend your whole life in a way where no one sees your back, then you’re being unrealistic and would probably live a sad sheltered life… and you would still die eventually.

There’s a reason they had to deus ex machina this thing.

Without a doubt, Cheap Trick is the most underrated Stand in the entire series.

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