10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Characters

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There are so many amazing characters in the VK series, but who is the best of the bunch?

When trying to drill down to a “best” character it’ll depend on which missions you’re attempting to polish off.

The important thing to bear in mind is to choose a roster that you’ll enjoy using. I mean that’s what the game is all about!

With that in mind I’ve put together a list of what I feel is the absolute best 10 characters to use within the Valkyria Chronicles series, along with a little more about them and the benefits of each.

10. Lynn

Lynn from Valkyria Chronicles

Starting off the list we’ve got Lynn who popped up in the first Valkyria Chronicles, but is better known for the second game.

She is a member of Quad 7 and is best used in the Shocktrooper class. She comes into battle with a default HP of 192, while her AP comes in at 350.

Unfortunately her Child of Nature personal potential will see her defense quite a bit lower when she enters paved areas due to discomfort.

On the other hand, her Firing Stance battle potential will ensure accurate fire which is heightened while in a crouched position.


9. Imca

Imca Valkyria Chronicles

Beautiful Imca made her first debut in Valkyria Chronicles 3 as a heavy weapons master.

Imca is best used as a Fencer unit class with a starting HP of 412 and an AP of 350, this is using the Fencer Elite class.

Her Malnutrition trait lowers her ability to dodge attacks, but only after her AP drops less than half. This is probably her worst trait but also has a few great ones like Aloof(increased defense) and Country Bred(loves earthy terrains).


8. Riela Marcellis

Riela Marcellis Valkyria Chronicles

One of several Valkyria Chronicles 3 entries on our list is Riela Marcellis.

She has deep roots in the series and belongs to Squad 422. She’s got a great design and plays best within the Engineer class.

Now if you want to snag her she is playable after completing the four missions contained in the Valkyrian Treachery DLC and has Engineer Elite HP of 348 with an AP of 450.

When her HP falls to half or lower the Valkyria personal potential kicks in to increase all combat stats. This is a great ability for pretty much anyone, but especially for an Engineer!


7. Cedric Drake

Cedric Drake Valkyria

Cedric Drake is a name you should know if you’ve played through these games. He’s from Valkyria Chronicles 3 and it must be said he’s probably one of the biggest game-changers you’ll see among all characters.

By game-changer I mean he is one of the most notorious villains who does a 360 turn into a hero. Quite a trope, but a lovable one for sure.

He has two classes that he absolutely owns: Shocktrooper and Gunner. But I like him best as a Gunner class. Ada(mention below) is constantly on his tail, and due to his crimes you can see why.

As a Gunner Elite Cedric boasts a 454 HP and an AP of 300.

His Lucky potential means that he may also get random boosts in his defense, a pretty neat skill to include. And even though Ada may be somewhat of a problem for him, the Inseparable potential means he gets another stat boost whenever he’s with Ada in battle.


6. Aliasse

Aliasse Valkyrica Chronicles

Stealing our number 6 spot is Aliasse first making an appearance in Valkyria Chronicles 2.

She didn’t join Class G until the latter part of the game when she became a scout.

Her spear shaped like a whip combined with a nifty shield means she comes to battle with a game face on. Max stats as a Scout Elite will see her owning 285HP and 650 AP.

She isn’t playable in VC 3 but makes a cameo appearance(but I wish she was playable!)

Mysterious Body is a cool personal potential as she regains health at various times. Among her great battle potentials are Sniper abilities and Scout abilities.


5. Ada Ansorge

Ada Ansorge VK artwork

Ada Ansorge, an ex-police detective, is one gal with a minor Cedric obsession from the third Valkyria Chronicles installment.

Using Ada with the elite sniper class ensures an HP of 288 with an AP of 250.

If you’re looking to boost her defense then using the City Kid potential will help if you’re battling on stone streets. She also gets the Former Elite boost if there are 3 or more enemies nearby.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 saw all the unit classes and characters sharing the same Battle Potentials which is pretty interesting.


4. Eileen Blackwell

Eileen Blackwell character

Eileen Blackwell makes her way onto this list as her playable character offered something a little different to the others; she’d only join Squad E if Curtis Blackwell (her brother) was unable to fight.

Being a part of the Joint Ops Unit of Valkyria Chronicles 4 has seen Eileen being a real socialite with high regard for her brother.

She joins with a starting statbase of 143 HP and an AP of 700. Checking out her max stats she can own up to 250 HP and an AP of 800. Pretty good stuff!

Now everyone also has downsides and one of her personal potential weaknesses is the Distracted issue that lowers her defense if she can’t see her brother.

On the flip side, her Cautious Crouch battle potential could counteract the above as it’ll increase her evasion significantly. I may not go out of my way to add her unless she were to really fit into my strategy.


3. Laurent McCloud

Laurent McCloud from VK4

Laurent McCloud, really just Laurent, comes out of Valkyria Chronicles 4 within the Lancer unit class.

When you first start the game you’ll be able to play as this handsome man with a starting statbase of 254 HP and 400 AP. Not too shabby for someone you can pick up early on.

I love this guy’s Awkward with Girls personal potential since it just seems so honest. It isn’t so great in battle though since it lowers evasion whenever he is near a woman… yeah not the best trait.

But one of the better potentials is the Training feature which lets Laurent recover HP after some successful attacks. It’s not much, but it’s enough to place him a bit higher up on this list.


2. Raz

Raz from Valkyria Chronicles

My runner-up choice for this list comes from the fourth game in the Valkyria Chronicles series. Raz belongs to the Infantry class and Squad E respectively.

Okay, he may not have a last name, that’s fine, but he certainly makes up for it being a certified Division Officer.

You’ll unlock Raz when you first start the game and he’ll have starting stats of 240 HP and 500 AP, with a max of 459 HP and 600 AP. That max HP amount is pretty darn juicy.

Competitive Spirit is one of his most useful personal potentials offering an increased firing accuracy once new enemies hit the battlefield. His absolute best battle potential is the Undodgeable Shot which will make it almost impossible for enemies to evade attacks.

This is one marksman you’re going to want on your side.


1. Minerva Victor

Minerva Victor best Valkyrica Chronicles character

I certainly feel like I’ve saved the best for last here. Some may disagree, but I believe Minerva Victor from the Valkyria 4 Scout class is the top runner among the best characters across the franchise.

She may wear glasses, but behind those specs is a complete badass waiting to pounce. I mean she is the Squad F Commanding Officer, but she also has a position of authority which the other commanders won’t mess with.

Have a look at her stats too: a starting HP of 220 and AP of 800, then a promising increase up to 395 HP and 900 AP. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

One of her best personal potentials you’ll find with Minerva is the Noble Commander, which gives an overall stat boost after orders are given to her fellow allies. In terms of her battle potential, her level 14 Double Movement potential grants an increased chance of moving twice in a row which is massively valuable in this series.

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