Top 10 Best Wasteland 2 Mods Worth Trying

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The Fallout series is all about first-person immersive adventurers. But things weren’t always this way.

The first two entries in the series are very different games. And those who enjoyed this style have no choice but to turn to the Wasteland series.

Describing it as a classic Fallout substitute would not be enough, considering how Wasteland can stand on its own with its own flavor of post-apocalyptic dark humor. And a tactical battle system that sets it apart from most isometric role-playing games.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to revisit this classic, well modding is always a treat.

It still won’t save you from the dangers brought forth by the nuclear holocaust. But at least you’ll have more fun getting devoured!


10. Portraits Collection

Portraits Collection Wasteland 2 mod

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Wasteland 2 lets you create your own squad of Desert Rangers.

But the limited portrait options create a disconnect that’s easy to notice.

The Portraits Collection pack introduces a lot of new and diverse portrait options that’ll make it far easier to find a style that matches your character. Certainly more than the vanilla ones offer.

Improved immersion, here we come.


9. Chance of Random Encounters

Chance of Random Encounters mod for Wasteland 2

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Random encounters are a great way to get more XP for your squad, and some juicy loot.

But random encounters can also be a bad way to die.

Chance of Random Encounters lets you decide if you want to make these encounters a lot less random.

Basically it gives you the option to reduce or increase the chances of getting your travels interrupted by shady individuals, and all sorts of post-apocalyptic monsters who didn’t get the message yet: the Desert Rangers are not to be messed with.


8. Improved Camera

Improved Camera Wasteland 2 mod screenshot

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Rotating the camera without having it move past the edges of your current view can be an irritating thing to achieve in Wasteland 2.

Unless you get the Improved Camera mod.

This completely disables edge scrolling while rotating the camera, letting you adjust the view to your liking.

You can even change the default mouse sensitivity for more accurate readjusting. No more excuses for missing those sneaky combat approaches.


7. Improved Skill Check Odds

Improved Skill Check Odds Wasteland 2 mod

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Fun fact: I’m extremely unlucky with my rolls in role-playing games.

Not-so-fun fact: I almost hate Wasteland 2 because of this.

Wasteland 2 employs a skill check system which may make your character fail at disabling alarms and traps, lockpicking chests, and so on. Which can get extremely annoying over time.

This mod reduces the chances of critical failure, so you can be sure that you won’t blow your squad up by trying to disarm a mine.


6. New Better Markers

New Better Markers Wasteland 2 mod

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Mirror mirror on the wall, which markers are the fairest of them all?

The ones included in the New Better Markers mod, of course!

These come with a new shape and color style that doesn’t just make them look better, but also makes it much easier to keep track of your characters: both in battle and during exploration.

Visual changes aren’t just for the sake of it, sometimes.


5. Cheat Menu

Cheat Menu Wasteland 2 mod screenshot

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Cheating is bad, you say?

Not in a world ravaged by a nuclear holocaust. You need all the help you can get there.

Cheat Menu is a handy mod that lets you tweak a bunch of different options for your party members and inventory. Basically this lets you alter stats and obtain items with a simple click.

And you can even enable stuff like infinite HP, AP, ammo, and instakill for enemies currently engaged in combat. God mode, activate!


4. Max Weight and Run Speed

Max Weight and Run Speed Wasteland 2 game mod

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No matter what we do, it’s simply not possible to create a tanky character that can move swiftly.

Unless you mod the game and cheat the whole system, that is.

Max Weight and Run Speed allows you to change how the maximum tolerable character weight and runSpeed parameters are calculated. You’ll definitely break the game this way, but anything goes to create the ultimate Arizona Ranger.


3. Weapons Overhaul Mod

Weapons Overhaul Mod Wasteland 2 mod

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Wasteland 2 has some frankly weird weapon balancing that renders a few types pretty much useless.

And the Weapons Overhaul mod goes a long way to make the game way more balanced and enjoyable, as it tweaks pretty much every weapon type’s AP cost, damage, critical rate, and so on.

This effectively forces you to find new strategies to win battles. Perfect for a second playthrough, and perfect to keep you coming back for more.


2. Graphic Mod (SweetFx)

Graphic Mod SweetFx for Wasteland 2

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Sharp. That’s how I like my textures.

And so should you.

This Wasteland 2 Graphic Mod improves the vanilla’s textures by increasing their sharpness, a tweak that makes them look great at any resolution.

Additional improvements include new graphics effects and slightly improved lighting that will make you wonder how it’s possible that a post-apocalyptic world looks so beautiful. Well, virtually at least.


1. Save and Character Editor

Save and Character Editor Wasteland 2 mod

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I really don’t have to explain what a save and character editor does, right?

While the main goal of this editor is to make it possible to do things that are not usually allowed(like changing character quirks and duplicating items) this mod can be used to access a feature that should be essential in any role-playing game: respec.

No more quitting playthroughs just because you made an unbalanced character!

I’d say this is probably the one with the most replayability, but combine this with other mods and you’ll really be cookin’.

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