Best Watch Dogs 2 Mods For All Players

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I’m going to be completely honest: I thought the first Watch Dogs was utter crap.

I played it for less than 5 hours combined, and it was just super boring to me.

When the second one came out my expectations weren’t particularly elevated. However Watch Dogs 2 truly redeemed the franchise and made me rediscover the game like I never had before.

Watch Dogs 2 is real fun. But there are still some things that can be added to the game which will improve it even further.

Additions ranging from a first-person mode in Watch Dogs to small QOL improvements such as the removal of the annoying intro sequence can be found on my list.

If you love Watch Dogs 2 and you wish to replay it, then give it a go using some of the mods that I’ve included on this list.

Note: the first-person mod is a must-have here, and I’d recommend you try it first.

8. Combined

Combined mod WatchDogs2

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The “Combined” mod simply combines three of Watch Dogs most popular car mods into one, allowing you to load them much quicker and not having to worry about either of them crashing with one another.

You’ll be able to get all of the mods installed pretty quickly and have them work together with no issues at all.

Combine all the mods in one and enjoy a revolutionary driving experience with the Free roam mod!


7. No-Intro

Watch Dogs 2 No-Intro

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“I don’t know if anyone still plays this. I just got annoyed of watching the game intro movies”

This has to be by far one of the best mod descriptions that I’ve read.

The creator of the mod knew what he was going to do from the start, and the simplicity of the mod itself allowed him to create one of the best mods that don’t mess with gameplay at all in Watch Dogs 2.

This simply removes the intro movie when you first boot the game, allowing you to dive straight into the action.


6. Boundary Removal

Boundary Removal in WatchDogs2

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The map of Watch Dogs 2 actually comes with much more territory than what you’re led to believe.

The map is locked and has its boundaries set in a way that you won’t be allowed to explore a lot of terrain that was actually included in the map, and it isn’t just a bunch of random textures that won’t load.

This mod unlocks that part of the map to let you explore it.

You won’t be getting any new content in terms of missions or anything like that.

But you will have the chance to explore a bunch of terrain that the vanilla game excludes you from visiting.

Will you find something interesting there? Or will it just waste your time? Finding out is half the fun!


5. Watch Dogs 2 Autowalker

Watch Dogs 2 Autowalker mod

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Those of us who play Watch Dogs 2 on PC know the struggle of constantly having to keep the W key pressed if we want our character to move forward.

The main issue with this, is that we spend most of the time playing the game with that button down for extended periods of time.

If you want to avoid long-term damage to your hands but you still want to play Watch Dogs 2, it would make sense to use an autoworker.

I don’t understand why this wasn’t implemented in the game by default, as it’s extremely useful when playing any open-world title.

In any case, this modder added it and I’m forever grateful.


4. Less Intrusive GPS

Less Intrusive GPS mod

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Why are the GPS arrows so damn massive?

I mean sure, I don’t want to get lost.

But I don’t want my entire damn road covered with a massive arrow!

I’m not blind, and I’m pretty sure neither are you.

This mod changes the size of the guiding arrows that show up in the roads when you’re driving to location in your GPS.

This might be a minor change, but it truly makes the game much better to me.

Enjoy driving like you do in GTA(albeit without the cool driving mechanics) without watching out for those damn gigantic arrows in the road.


3. Natural San Francisco

Natural San Francisco mod

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I feel like San Francisco deserves to look better in this game, and so did the creator of this mod when he made it.

There are new effects, new sights, and many new additions made that turn the game map into a much better version of the city that it’s supposed to represent.

Enjoy the natural views of San Francisco like they were meant to be enjoyed back when Watch Dogs 2 released.


2. Rebalanced Police Mod

Rebalanced Police Mod

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One of the main pieces of criticism Watch Dogs 2 seemed to get when it first released was the crappy police mechanics that the game had.

Cops didn’t feel natural at all.

Whenever you were being chased, it just felt like a bunch of cops randomly spawned until you were either caught our you lost your heat level.

Thankfully a mod like this exists.

It fine-tunes all of the aspects of the police in the game and makes them far more realistic.

No more cops spawning randomly. No more heat level gained too quickly. Women are now in patrols to promote equality.

What’s not to love about this mod?


1. First Person Camera

First Person Camera in WatchDogs2

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This is by far the best mod that I came across for Watch Dogs 2.

I must admit that I loved playing GTA V in first person when the option was made possible after the current-gen released.

But it’s now time to see how cool Watch Dogs 2 can be when you play in first person view.

Now the inside of the cars doesn’t look as good. But other than that, you’ll fall in love with this mod if you like that first-person camera in your gaming sessions.

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