15 Weakest Anime Villains That Never Stood A Chance

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Heroes and villains go together like YouTubers and mobile app sponsorships.

And we’ve seen both sides being incredibly complex, interesting, and strong.

But for this ranking we’re going to look at some of the worse anime villains, and try to pick out a bunch that were just way below the bar compared to every other evil-doer from their respective show.

If you’re looking for some truly weak antagonists that you could probably take out by yourself, we’ve got you covered.


15. Revchi Salik

Revchi Salik in Black Clover anime

Anime: Black Clover

This dude honesty seemed very promising, as he basically looked like an Orochimaru/Kurapika mix.

But as it usually goes in shounen, he was the first villain, and therefore the weakest.

He had some cool chain magic. But even Asta without his powers managed to stand up to him after a pep talk.

And the second he did get his sword (which he didn’t even know how to use at that point), Revchi just got obliterated.

It’s hard to compare that level of power with later villains who could individually at least level a small town.


14. Spinner

Spinner My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Anime: My Hero Academia

When Spinner initially strolled onto the scene with his jumbo megasword, I was certain that his Quirk had something to do with weapons.

But nope.

The dude just looks like a lizard and can climb walls like a gecko.

You could make a case that his battle capabilities make up for his lack of power. But I think that realistically, anyone in the League of Villains would own him – low to mid difficulty.

He would be better off selling used cars.


13. Momo Nishimiya

Momo Nishimiya from Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Although I doubt Momo will turn out to be a proper villain, with only the first season out for now, she does count.

Especially since she is for Itadori’s murder and all.

The thing with Momo is that she just felt underwhelming.

The other casters showcased so much raw fighting power and technique, that her ability to control her broom just fell short.

Sure, it gives her excellent utility. And she can get some good intel.

But in a battle, she’s ridiculously below the likes of Itadori, Toudou, and Mechamaru.


12. Daidara

Daidara in Akame ga Kill!

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Even if you’ve watched the show, odds are you don’t remember this guy.

He was part of a three man trope set out to kill best boy Bulat and Tatsumi.

And while the other two proved to be very difficult to deal with, Daidara was just pathetic.

His entire thing was just throwing an axe and having it fly back to him.

Sure, he managed to press early game Tatsumi a bit.

But the second Bulat came in, my dude just took an L without even having an opportunity to strike back. He was basically cannon fodder.


11. You Uei

You Uei in Dr. Stone anime

Anime: Dr. Stone

Now this dude was hyped up so much that I really thought he would be the next huge threat.

He was one of the few elites that had actual combat experience, and that was very eager to kill when given the opportunity.

But in the end, he just fell flat.

Chrome managed to outsmart him multiple times, and then just socked him once in the groin to claim victory.

I’m not saying that he’s the weakest physically, definitely not. And I honestly hope my boy is going to see some buffs later down the road, because right now he’s D-tier at best.


10. Kyogai

Kyogai from Demon Slayer anime

Anime: Demon Slayer

It should go without saying that I don’t really count the lesser demons here, as that would be no fun.
Of the main demons, Kyogai was by far the weakest.

This is because the guy basically needs optimal circumstances to win.

Not only does he have to end the fight quickly so that his opponent doesn’t just memorize which drum does which attack… but to use his power at all, his opponents have to come to his mansion.

And even in that scenario, he can still be dealt with if you’re fast enough.


9. Tsunekichi Hatadaira

Tsunekichi Hatadaira in Talentless Nana

Anime: Talentless Nana

On paper this dude should be busted, being that he can see the future and all that.

However, when you actually think about it, he’s fodder compared to the rest of his classmates.

He tells the future through a set number of photos while he’s asleep.

This means that you can easily just substitute the pictures he gets with fake ones, then destroy them. Or at the very least see what’s on them yourself.

And since they’re pictures, it’s basically only good for blackmail, as it gives you such minimal information.

He was also a scumbag with no friends, so even if he knows what’s going to happen, he doesn’t have any firepower to back it up.


8. Twigo

Twigo in The Seven Deadly Sins

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

If you’re a Nux Taku fan, you’re probably foaming at the mouth because I disrespected lord Jesus Twigon senpai sama in this fashion.

But memeing aside, the dude was a fodder character and nothing more than that.

Sure, he cut down some trees with a single swipe of his sword. But this show has literal gods and demons, so he isn’t doing much.

Bonus points for trying to become a demon and just dying because your body can’t handle it.


7. Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi from Naruto anime

Anime: Naruto

This is another one of those instances where I hate that I have to put my boy on blast like this. But it’s the only way.

Being that he was the first major villain in the entire Naruto multiverse, the dude fell of like crazy very quickly.

While his most impressive moves were to summon some mist and to create a water dragon after only 50 hand signs, Madara is dropping meteors on the earth with just an irritated gaze.

It’s a shame, because he was one of the coolest characters in the show.

But he realistically never stood a chance.


6. Kirara Mizutani

Kirara Mizutani in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Honestly, the entire Kingdom of Falmuth could have made this list. And if you’ve finished the second season you’ll know why.

Kirara came as especially underwhelming, simply because of how much she was built up.

She was stated to be powerful enough to make everyone in the room commit suicide with a single word thanks to her brainwashing-esque ability.

But in reality, her power just boils down to being slightly persuasive.

She didn’t even get to fight the monsters, she was that weak.


5. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro Tokyo Ghoul anime screenshot

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

This is something I will never let go.

Rize was hailed as one of the strongest ghouls to have ever lived, and it was through her power that Kaneki became such a powerhouse.

And yet all you had to do to kill her was to drop some steel beams on her head.

Later in the series, we see people blitzing the speed of light and causing damage to entire cities, and you mean to tell me the strongest ghoul couldn’t handle a concussion?

I don’t care what you say, Rize was the weakest named ghoul introduced in the entire show.


4. Motojirou Kajii

Motojirou Kajii from Bungo Stray Dogs

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

This dude just has the most random and underwhelming power ever.

His entire schtick is that he cannot be harmed by bombs.

To be more precise, he cannot be harmed by lemon bombs that he has to create beforehand.

If you haven’t watched the show then that might not sound too bad, as he definitely has some destructive power. But other villains just outscale him completely.

In Bungo Stray Dogs we have villains that can create pocket dimensions and bend gravity, and my dude over here is just immune to his own damage source.


3. King Cold

King Cold in Dragon Ball Z anime

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

I think that we can all agree that Frieza was a legendary villain.

His battle with Goku will go down in anime history, and the protagonists really had to give it their all to beat him.

So one would think that with the return of such an epic villain accompanied by his father (a literal king) that all hell would break loose. But no.

They both just get wiped instantly without much effort.

Even the Ginyu force put up more of a fight than this.

But especially looking at King Cold, he was just pathetic.


2. Pakunoda

Pakunoda in Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

This is another case where a villain was very useful and offered a lot to the group, but just sucked at fighting.

To be more precise, her Nen was non-offensive.

She had the ability to draw out people’s memories and/or make them divulge important information, but that was about it.

Compared to the other members of the Troupe who could on average blow up a building or two, her utility just came off as extremely lacking.

It’s the sad truth, but sometimes, information doesn’t save you from a killer clown maniac.


1. Toya Setsuno

Toya Setsuno from My Hero Academia anime

Anime: My Hero Academia

The villains in My Hero Academia are usually either gods or hilariously weak. Which is why I had some difficulties with keeping the entries down to just two.

Toya’s Quirk can be strong, but it is so ridiculously situational.

It just allows him to relocate something from your hand (if he can see it) and move that item to his own hand.

In other words, he can take out cops who point a gun at him.

Any other Quirk user could instantly take him out if he was by himself.

And because it’s so situational, I can’t even say that it offers all that much utility.

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