The Weirdest Minecraft Skins Out There (All Free)

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The world of custom Minecraft skins has more creative ideas than one can shake a stick at.

From cutesy characters to edgy monsters, the only limit is your imagination (and your ability to use most skin-making programs).

But what happens when imaginative minds go over the limit into the realm of uncanny and strangeness?

You get some really weird skins. And I’ve tracked down some of the weirdest ones out there for you to (reluctantly) try out for yourself.


1. Mini-Steve

Mini-Steve Character / Minecraft Skin

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This skin features Steve in a not-so-typical fashion, as the iconic vanilla male skin has some… obvious shortcomings.

Why anyone would want to make Steve shorter is beyond me.

But it’s the fact that his arms are the same proportion that throws many for a loop, including myself.

Cute diamond block head or not, the proportions easily make this a contender for weird skins – but only at this spot in my ranking.

They get weirder from here.


2. Chocolate Man (Literally!)

Chocolate Bar Man / Minecraft Skin

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Chocolate: We all love it, and we all indulge in it occasionally.

But you must love it a lot to be willing to wear this skin.

Anthropomorphized chocolate would never have crossed my mind as a possible skin to make for Minecraft. But it seemed to cross someone else’s mind, that’s for sure.

This skin is a partly unwrapped chocolate bar man wearing some shades, and the most derpy of smiles.

Cute, but still a skin that would raise a few “WTF”s in a typical skin search.

That said, if you’re the type to like this kind of skin – it’s all yours!


3. Obama Face

Obama Face Character / Minecraft Skin

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Presidents usually make a good skin to run around in.

But among the most memeable presidents, I think Barack Obama falls near the top (for many reasons).

But just because one is memeable, does that make their face a plausible flex for a meme skin?

Evidently, someone thought so.

Instead of a normal Obama MC outfit, some Minecrafter went through the effort to depict Obama’s entire face onto the front of this skin – with eerie accuracy.

There are some ideas that should just stay in one’s fever dreams. And it feels like tthis is one of them…

But if you want to freak out your friends by walking into their homes looking like this, hey, you do you.


4. Stone Man

Weird Stone Man / Minecraft Skin

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There have been many a skin depicting Steve or Alex using the textures of different blocks.

But someone decided to go one step further.

And they did this by plastering the stone block texture onto a Steve model, as is, and essentially making a stone man.

I suppose if one has an immense passion for stone blocks and their vanilla texture, this would be the skin to try.

Fair warning though: dirt will always be superior to stone. Sorry Sundee.



5. Homer SquarePants

Homer SquarePants / Minecraft Skin

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This skin, I’m assuming, is the product of a several days binge of The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants.

And maybe the main character started blending into one creature because of their similar colors?

I can only hope that makes sense.

But whether anyone proves me right or wrong in this claim, it will never change how creepy and odd this skin is.

Humanizing SpongeBob is one thing.

But going about it in this manner with this face is something I’ve only seen while on medical-grade painkillers.

If you wish to creep your friends out with this skin, hats off to you – but don’t blame them for banning this skin afterwards.

Maybe look into some semi-normal Simpsons-themed skins instead.


6. All-Seeing Eye

All-Seeing Eye Character / Minecraft Skin

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Do you have a friend who rants and rambles about power structures and all that?

Or do you just really like that symbol on the one dollar bill?

I mean, maybe you also just really like money…

Either way, we’ve got a skin here for anyone with an open mind. It’s the literal “all-seeing eye”, so be prepared to get called an agent with this one.

But putting aside the obvious assumptions, this skin is just odd because of the ever-staring pixelated eye plastered on the front. No other face to be found.


7. DJ McChicken

DJ McChicken / Minecraft Skin

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Never in my days have I imagined a chicken and a rapper coming together to create an oddly funny but also concerning skin.

I’ve seen skins featuring chickens and skins featuring rappers.

But never a combination of the two in such a… fitting form.

From the gold medallion and racer stripe sweatpants, to the offset derpy eyes and replication of the vanilla chicken design in the head. It’s all here.

This is one of those skins that had a lot of passion and time put into it…

But maybe a bit too much, considering what it turned out to be.


8. Pink Mannequin

Pink Mannequin Character / Minecraft Skin

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After finding this skin myself, I now understand poor Markiplier’s repulsion to the things!

This skin is an odd one, from the weirdly textured torso and arms, to the half black-half white head and legs.

If I saw this standing in the corner of my home in Minecraft, or in a cave while spelunking, I’d quit and never play again.

It’s both weird and horrifying in a way.

Awesome skin to freak out friends not expecting it… but not one I’d wear without questioning my choices up to that point.


9. Wood Man

Wood Man Character / Minecraft Skin

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We had a skin of entirely stone earlier in this list.

But at least that can allow you to blend in with caves and such.

This skin, however, raises several questions in my own books of “why?”

It’s the full vanilla texture of an oak log on a skin template.

What purpose can it serve?

You can’t hide against a tree to fool anyone without them noticing, and you can’t pretend to be a tree yourself.

I suppose this is for all those oak log enthusiasts out there?

So if you’re one of them, here’s a skin for you. Go free and play, but just leaf me alone!


10. Macho (Villager) Man

Muscley Villager Character / Minecraft Skin

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“Macho, macho man! I gotta be a macho man!” or I guess a macho Villager man?

I can see the appeal of this skin, in a way, because of how the muscles and abs of this skin look.

But why a Villager of all things?

They could’ve applied this to Steve, or made it some other generic guy.

To see that Villager head and nose on it makes it look wrong somehow.

It’s a well-designed and detailed skin, sure. But it’s just the idea of having it be a Villager makes it all so weird.

If a friend of yours has a fascination (or fetish) for Villagers, this could help – or make it worse. The gamble is yours to take!


11. Palettes

Color Palette Character / Minecraft Skin

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I love palettes!

I use them in all my art, drawings, and designs. But to have a Minecraft skin made of purely palettes?

It’s a new one in my book.

And the fact someone went through the trouble to make sure each swatch was a different color/hue from the rest… yeah, that just speaks volumes.

It’s skins like this that make me wonder how people have so much time to dedicate to making Minecraft skins online.

It’s interesting and new. But it just adds its own zing of weird due to the fact it exists, and that someone spent time making it.

Maybe we don’t need to answer “why?” for this one.

Maybe it’s just something to appreciate and enjoy.


12. Zombie?

Zombie (or not) Character / Minecraft Skin

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At first glance, one could assume this is a typical zombie skin of Steve…

But at a second glance you’d probably see that’s a wrong assumption.

This skin, in fact, has the color palette of a zombie. But it’s missing bits, some parts are inverted, the colors are off, or just don’t exist.

It’s one of those skins that looks like someone accidently published a rough draft of a skin idea and just left it for us to find and use.

Not to mention the one bit of block missing on the back of its pants looks like a butt cheek is likely hanging out in the open.



13. Upside Down Steve

Upside Down Steve Character / Minecraft Skin

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We’ve seen a short Steve with oddly portioned arms.

But how about an entirely upside-down Steve?

It exists. And it’s a horrifying view.

The “head” are the legs that bulge from the knee down on both sides like growths.

The “legs” are the head split in two, cleaning as the player walks around.

The arms are flipped around so the sleeves are the “arms” and the “shoulders” are actually the hands.

It’s a disturbing view to see in motion.

And it’s one of those skins that you might look at someone and ponder “why?” aloud.


14. Cotton Candy E-Girl

Weird Pink & Blue E-Girl Character / Minecraft Skin

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I love E-Girls. And I love cotton candy.

This is neither of those things.

While the hair looks amazing (if not a bit bright) it’s the fact that the “E-girl hair” is placed on a red-skinned alien creature wearing a suit with no gloves or shoes…

It’s an odd contrast of a cool idea plastered onto an odd model, and an attempt to make it work.

Any attempt to logically make sense of this skin pushed me to take a day or so off between writing this list, just to decompress from the stress of the logic loop I fell into.

Use it because it looks nice, but don’t try to question it.


15. Jebus Madness

Jebus Madness Character / Minecraft Skin

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Anyone that’s been on the Internet for more than a decade recognizes this character.

They’ll know exactly why this is a weird skin to go with, but here’s a rundown for those unfamiliar with this guy:

Jebus is a character from an internet animation series called “Madness”, where the premise is sheerly for the sake of violence and gore.

This guy is one of the main antagonists. And yes, it is the original creator’s depiction of Jesus Christ in a twisted malevolent form.

If you wish to learn more, Newgrounds and YouTube await you.

For the rest of us, we know why it’s on here.

Slap in and enjoy your Minecraft game – and all the violent sprees you’ll be going on in the process!

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