Funny & Weird Stardew Valley Mods To Try Out

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I think we can mostly agree that Stardew is a pretty zany game to begin with.

Abigail munches on quartz, Lewis’ shorts can be fed to the town via stew, and there’s a gremlin living in the sewers.

That said, if all of that isn’t zany enough for you, here’s a list of mods to make things even crazier, wackier, and up the ante into looneyville.


10. Horse Cat Mount

Horse Cat Mount Stardew Valley mod

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Some people really like their pets, and that’s great!

Animals are nifty companions.

Cats, uh, aren’t mounts though, bud.

This creator made a mod that transforms your horse mount into your feline friend, so that you can ride around on a giant housecat.

This is definitely a weird one, but hey! You do you, boo.


9. People Seeds

People Seeds Mod for Stardew Valley

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This is… honestly a little unsettling, but it’s definitely weird. So it belongs on this list.

People Seeds is a mod that allows you to turn the villagers into seeds, plant them, and grow them into plants that look like mashed up versions of their avatars.

Oh, it gets worse too.

There’s a whole rigmarole involved with the altar of Yoba that you have to go and make offerings to, and steps, and it’s just totally odd and out there.

I won’t spoil it here – just go have a peek.


8. Mermaid Farmer

Mermaid Farmer in Stardew Valley

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This mod does exactly what it sounds like:

It turns the farmer sprite into a mermaid.

Sorry lads, it’s for the female sprites only.

I’m not exactly sure of what kind of gameplay suits this…

But if it’s your kind of playthrough, go wild and enjoy!

Maybe you’re just really into the Mermaid Show at the Night Market. Who am I to judge?

The tail seems to be customizable in the same way pants are, so you can have whatever color scales your little heart desires.


7. Durarara Horse and Motorcycle

Durarara Horse and Motorcycle Stardew Valley mod

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Here’s another horse changer mod – but rather than a giant cat, now you can ride the black bike and headless horse from the anime Durarara.

Let’s be honest: if you romanced either Abigail or Sebastian, they would be all over this.

Sebastian because of the motorcycle for obvious reasons, but they’re both clearly enormous weebs (which we love and respect, of course!)

If cruising around Pelican Town on a headless horse isn’t a little wacky, I don’t know what to tell you.


6. Corona Comes to Stardew Valley

Corona Comes to Stardew Valley Mod for Stardew Valley

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I get it: we’re all sick of the pandemic.

But the dialogue in this mod is funny.

“Oh my gosh, Emily sneezed today. Ugh, I’m going to die today,” is one of Haley’s lines, and Linus makes you promise to check on him to double check he hasn’t keeled over dead.

The mod is pretty spot on too.

You can buy face masks, craft hand sanitizer, and Lewis apparently enforces a quarantine.

I, for one, would rather quarantine on my big farm than do it in my IRL dinky apartment, so bring it on.


5. Linus is a Yeti

Linus is a Yeti Stardew Valley mod

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Do you need a justification as to why Linus (who is the best boy, don’t @ me) is ostracized the way he is?

I mean, the poor guy lives in a tent year-round for crying out loud.

And Gus is the only one nice enough to even consider giving him something to eat.

Well now you can make him even more of an outcast by making him a literal yeti.

If that’s what you want, fill your boots. I still stand firmly on team Linus is a Good Boy.


4. Mayor’s Lucky Purple Shorts Hats

Mayor’s Lucky Purple Shorts Hats Mod for Stardew Valley

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Linus’ Lucky Purple Shorts ending up getting lost in Marnie’s bedroom is one of the biggest memes in this game.

You can put them in your grange display for all of Pelican Town to see at the Fall festival, or feed them to the Governor in the soup at the Luau.

You can also… wear them on your head?

This is prime goofy comedy.

This mod makes a Purple Shorts hat for your player. And yes, the horse can wear them too.

Go ahead and mock Lewis eternally – it’s what he gets for being such a goober.


3. Secret DeVito

Secret DeVito Stardew Valley mod

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The Internet really attaches itself to the strangest things sometimes. And the obsession with Danny DeVito is an example of this.

The guy’s a great actor and a great person, and apparently that’s all you need to become a meme these days.

So how does this connect with Stardew?

Well this mod puts him in the game.

Where? That’s a secret. So you’ll have to download the mod for yourself and find him.

Time to go DeVito hunting!


2. Strawdew Valley

Strawdew Valley Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod is something else.

It turns all of the NPCs into drinking straws. Yes, really.

George-straw is still found in his wheelchair, Pam-straw mans (womans?) the bus station, and Harvey-straw keeps his bangin’ stache.

Hey, you clicked on an article promising weird and funny mods, dear reader. What were you expecting? Normalcy?

I mean, there’s cute little smiley faces on them at least – but that probably doesn’t help.


1. Morris of JoJo Mart

Morris of JoJo Mart Stardew Valley mod

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Cue the Golden Wind and break out your best Gang Torture Dance for Morris of JoJo Mart.

This mod makes JojaMart into JoJo Mart, with Morris as the newest JoJo of the bunch.

As a stickler, I do wish they’d changed his name to “Jorris” so he could truly be a JoJo. But this mod creator gets a pass for the silly hat and silly concept here.

If you’re trying to meme your game, you know what you gotta do.

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