What is a ‘Banner’ in Gacha Games?

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Banners are basically where most of the gacha happens. A banner contains a pool or collection of items that you can get by pulling/rolling/summoning with in-game currency. Things you can get from banners can include characters, equipment, skins, familiars, and almost any in-game item.

These items vary in rarity and rates – lower rarity items are generally easier to get.

Some also feature a mix of different item types. For instance, Genshin Impact’s standard banner features both characters and weapons. But the items featured in banners differ per game.

They also don’t put every in-game item in there. Some items are obtainable outside of banners – usually through progression, events, shops, or real money.


Permanent vs. Limited Banners

Tower of Fantasy’s permanent banner / Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy’s permanent banner

Gacha banners also vary on how long they’re available in-game.

Permanent banners or standard banners stay in-game for a very long time – usually permanently – and they typically feature older items. But some newer items can be added in later game updates.

Limited banners or event banners are only available for a limited amount of time. These usually feature limited items that are only obtainable in that banner. But they often come back in the form of rerun banners.

There’s no limit to how many banners a game can have.

And multiple permanent/limited/rerun banners can coexist at the same time.

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