FandomSpot Ads

I don’t like ads. You probably don’t either.

But if you’re reading this it means you’re open to the idea of whitelisting us, or maybe you’re just reading for shits & giggles.

Either way, I’ll keep it brief!

Here’s what I can promise you will never see from ads on this website:

1. We will never have random ads that make the page jump as it loads. That just straight-up sucks, and we’re adamant about avoiding that.

2. We will never run those annoying floaty video players that follow you as you scroll. Really, just none of that. Ever.

3. We will never have any auto-playing anything. No audio from ads whatsoever. If you ever get ads playing audio on the site, please contact us immediately so we can ban that advertiser from our inventory.

Why Whitelist?

It’s fair to assume you already know the benefits we get from having readers whitelist us. But what benefits do you get? What’s in it for you?

Ultimately ads are never a real benefit. But annoying ads are egregiously terrible.

Our goal is to be not terrible at all. Visiting this website(with or without ads) should be enjoyable.

If more people allow ads from us, we’re able to publish more content, which is great!

But no matter what, whether you whitelist us or not, we will never just cram in more ads to make up for adblock. Our ad experience will always stay bearable no matter what: no video ads, no jumpy layouts, none of that, ever.

If you’d like to whitelist then of course we’d appreciate it.

If not, I at least hope our content is valuable to you!

And if you ever want to reach out to offer suggestions about our ad setup, please feel free to send us a message with comments, critiques, or anything else that you feel could help us run ads in a less annoying way.