15 Best OST Songs From The Wild Arms Franchise

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Wild Arms has seen ups and downs ever since it was first released in 1996.

At first it was tough competition from bigger games. Then failed attempts at reinventing the franchise and questionable storylines. But if there’s one thing that Wild Arms has always done well, it’s the music.

Michiko Naruke’s wonderful compositions have been cited as the best part of the games by several outlets and reviewers throughout the years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re often the perfect blend of classic JRPG styles and the American Wild West influence of the games.

For the most recent releases, Media Vision has brought in composers Masato Kouda, Noriyasu Agematsu, and several others, but Naruke’s pieces remain the base upon which the rest of the franchise’s soundtrack has been built.

To celebrate such a brilliant set of talent and reminisce about many memorable moments in the series, I’ve put together the best songs from the main games that’ll have you whistling like a lone ranger in no time.

15. Battle vs. Toka and Ge – Wild Arms 2

This high-paced battle theme plays when you go up against the pair of Lizardians, Liz and Ard (called Toka and Ge in the Japanese version).

These guys were supposed to be joke characters. But let your guard down around them and they could turn the tides on you.

The track has a timeless Wild West duel feel to it, but also a lot of ninja-like Koto sounds that perfectly exemplify the marriage of Japanese and Old West motifs achieved by the game.

14. Puzzle – Alter Code: F

Wild Arms Alter Code: F featured several updated versions of the original Wild Arms BGM thanks to the PS2’s much more powerful hardware.

Since most people prefer the old ones due to their nostalgia value, I’d rather highlight one of the newly composed songs for the game.

This wonderfully upbeat tune will play when you tackle the multiple Puzzle Boxes scattered around Filgaia, so you can jam to this as you work your brain to reach new heights.

13. At The Frozen Depths of Heart – Wild Arms 5

The battle theme for Ice Queen Avril has a classic snow-level feel to it right at the start… before becoming an epic anthem that develops throughout the fight.

It carries you through the battle, motivating you to fly over the challenge at times. At other times it becomes slower and sinister, highlighting the dire situation you’re in.

It’s a very worthy song to accompany a moment as meaningful as fighting the game’s last boss. Who was also (spoilers?) your companion for most of the story.

12. Port Town’s Theme – Wild Arms

Music doesn’t have to be epic or grandiose to be good. Like this humble, lighthearted BGM for Port Timney on the original Wild Arms. The perfect RPG-style town theme if I’ve heard one(with a Wild Arms twist, of course).

It brings to mind the image of working settlers building up a booming town where life goes on despite your heroic journey.

It’s a song about the people you’re trying to protect when risking life and limb to save the world, and it offers you the chance to relax a bit from your adventure.

11. When the Heart Ignites – Wild Arms 5

When listening to this amazing complex song for the first time, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s the battle theme for your normal run of the mill enemy encounters in Wild Arms 5!

It’s very satisfying when composers put in the effort for the songs you’ll probably be stuck hearing most of the time, instead of focusing only on big boss battles and dramatic story beats.

The result is a song I’m glad to hear over and over again.

It doesn’t get old, and I feel it captures the spirit of a random encounter perfectly. The heart ignites when you suddenly jump into action.

10. On the Day The Shovel Was Named Invincible – Wild Arms 5

Also from Wild Arms 5 comes the song with the weirdest name in the list. It serves as the theme for protagonist Dean Stark.

This one evokes a feeling of setting off on a sunny day to start an adventure that’ll take you all around the world.

Whistling takes the place of vocals while bells in the background reminiscent of a rattlesnake give the whole thing more of a Wild West feel.

The track was composed by Noriyasu Agematsu and it’s one of the best songs in the games not composed by Michiko Naruke.

9. At the End of the Wilderness ver. Detonator – Wild Arms 4

Despite Wild Arms 4 leaving aside many of the main Wild West elements that made the franchise great, it didn’t completely disown its heritage. Including this wonderful rearrangement of the original’s main theme.

Since I was having trouble finding a version with a high-enough quality to share here, I went for the one released in the Wild Arms Music the Best – Rocking Heart – album, in which composer Ryo Yonemitsu infuses many iconic themes with the power of rock.

Both versions are fantastic though and if you played WA4 you’ll absolutely remember this.

8. Fate Breaker – Wild Arms 3

If The Lone Ranger and Goku fused, this would most likely be their theme song.

It’s the perfect Wild West RPG battle music, if such a thing exists. It’s exciting, fast-paced, and intense like few others in the Wild Arms 3 soundtrack.

And it’s funny to think it’s actually the theme song for one of the earlier dungeons in the game. I guess they wanted to make sure people were hooked early on.

7. Lord Blazer Battle Theme – Wild Arms 2

Nothing says “Final Boss” like a remix of an RPG’s main theme.

The last battle for Wild Arms 2 is an insanely epic scene taking place on the Moon. It’s here where the protagonist manages to defeat Lord Blazer with the power of friendship and everyone’s will to live.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been half as exciting without this intense track to make the mood.

6. I Look Up At The Sky Because You Are There – Wild Arms 4

Despite many fans not taking a big liking to WA4’s game mechanics, nobody questions how good the opening theme is.

I’d actually argue WA4 had some of the best music in the entire franchise.

Franki Love’s powerful vocals and the classic, old-school anime feeling makes this song a total bop to jam to. Even if you’d never played the game before I think you’ll like this one.

5. You’ll Never Be Alone – Wild Arms 2

The opening theme for the franchise’s second installment is probably the one leaning the most towards the Wild West side of things in the list.

It accompanies an incredibly detailed animation depicting many characters, locations, and motifs of the game.

It’s sure to get you hyped to play at first, and nostalgic about it after many years of playing it over & over again.

While the American version is purely instrumental, the original Japanese release included one with lyrics in Japanese.

4. Justice To Believe – Wild Arms 5

Despite the rest of the game having reconnected the franchise with its Wild West origins, they chose what’s essentially an anime opening for the game’s opening sequence… and it works!

It’s hot-blooded, exciting, and will get you in the mood to kick some ass without fail.

It’s sung by Nana Mizuki, a Japanese singer and voice actress you’ve most likely heard more than once if you like anime. Among her most well-known roles are Hinata Hyuga in Naruto and Fate Testarossa in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

3. Wings – Wild Arms 3

After beating Wild Arms 3 you’re greeted with this powerful, anime-esque victory track as the credits begin to roll.

The English version can only be found in the game’s American release, as every OST so far has featured the Japanese one by itself.

The wonderful vocals start quite nice and delicate at first. But it’s only at the halfway mark after the chorus that the song picks up and her voice conveys intense emotion that’s bound to inspire you to spread your wings and follow your dreams.

2. Rudy’s Theme – Wild Arms

A blend of solitude, lawlessness, and adventure under every rock and behind every cactus – that’s the feeling this hyper-Western tune evokes.

It serves as the theme song for Rudy, the main game’s protagonist, while also playing on the over-world map.

It’s a call to arms, an invitation to adventure, and a song that’ll never leave my heart after playing the game.

1. Into The Wilderness – Wild Arms

The first spot goes, as expected, to the first game’s OG opening theme which was accompanied by a fully animated sequence that wasn’t half as common back in the day.

It left a lasting mark on many who played the game back then. And it’s easy to appreciate why, even after more than 20 years since its release.

The song is just inspiring, and the string-work along with the whistling truly captures that Wild West feel.

Composer Michiko Naruke was influenced by Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in this one. But I think it’s really her style and musical prowess that should be credited for such a memorable song.

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