25 Best Mods For The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (All Free)

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Most players might be picking up the newer titles in the Witcher series.

But Witcher 2 is absolutely a gem worth revisiting.

Granted it may feel a bit dated by now, but there’s so much to love about this older title. If you’re a fan of the series it’s a must play, especially if you’ve never tried before!

And there’s no better way to hit this classic title than through modding.

So if you’re looking for some Witcher 2 mods worth trying, this list is here to help.


25. The Witcher 2 Tweaker

Witcher 2 Tweaker Mod

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Since you’ve probably gotten used to The Witcher 3’s graphics, let’s start off with some mods that’ll make the game look a bit better.

The Witcher 2 Tweaker gives you complete access over graphics options in the game, giving you an easy to use menu allowing you to set values for all Advanced Graphics options that the base game doesn’t allow you to change.

You’ll be able to set custom values for everything including sharpen, bloom, anti-aliasing, motion blur, and plenty more, all to get your game looking and performing exactly how you want.


24. Better Texture Environment

Better Texture Environment Witcher2

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We all know The Witcher 2 isn’t exactly the best-looking game.

But that won’t be a problem, as the Better Texture Environment mod replaces most of the textures in the game.

This makes everything better from the people, the locations, and even the weapons, all look much better at higher resolutions.


23. Grass Color Fix

Grass Color Fix for Witcher2

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Speaking of improving the environment, one of the Witcher 2’s biggest issues was the large number of bugs that fans ended up finding. Especially with the game seeing an updated “Enhanced Edition” release.

One such bug that affected many players was the grass bug, where you would see the game loading in grass textures right in front of your eyes – essentially ruining the game’s immersion.

To this day, I don’t think anyone knows why this was happening for sure. But thanks to modder Diegog5 you won’t have to worry about it at all.


22. Vivid Eyes

Vivid Eyes Mod for Witcher2

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There are a couple of mods that enhance Geralt’s appearance as well, giving him a more authentic witcher look.

Vivid Eyes is one such mod, as the witcher cat eyes are a huge part of their signature appearance.

The mod makes improvements to Geralt’s eyes to make them more closely resemble what was described in the books.


21. Return Of The White Wolf – Hair Texture Replacement

Hair Texture Replacement White Witcher2

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To further improve the authenticity of Geralt’s look in Witcher 2, you’re going to want to get the Return of the White Wolf mod as well.

Geralt became known as the White Wolf precisely because of his white hair. And modder Wednesday17 didn’t like how Witcher 2 made it appear to be a shade of grey, instead of pure white.

This mod fixes that, giving Geralt’s hair the platinum white color it should have.

It works with all available hairstyles in the game as well.


20. Geralt Complete Beard Mod

Geralt Complete Beard Mod

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Among the many upgrades included in The Witcher 3 was the expansion of customization options in the way Geralt looks.

You could give him haircuts, or grow his hair out if you preferred. And the same options were available for his facial hair too.

Geralt’s look in The Witcher 3 has undoubtedly become the most iconic witcher look so far, and fans wanted to reflect this in the older version too.

The Geralt Complete Beard Mod gives you more control over Geralt’s facial hair in The Witcher 2, allowing you to decide if he should be sporting a stubble or a full beard.


19. Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3 Retexture

Witcher 3 Retexture Mod for Witcher 2

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If you prefer to do away Geralt’s outdated renditions completely, you could do that as well.

Thanks to nemo_lov’s Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3 retexture, you could make Geralt look just like he did in the more recent versions of the series.

This mod makes tweaks to Geralt’s face so he’ll look good as new.


18. Radovid Persuasion Fix

Radovid Persuasion Fix Mod

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Going back to bugs, The Witcher 2 seems to be plagued by them.

The grass loading bug isn’t the end of it, either. As many players encountered other bugs that are much more impactful than just weird graphical glitches.

The Radovid Persuation Fix solves an issue where you would not be able to successfully convince Radovid that you don’t know who killed Henselt.

I won’t go into it in much more detail to avoid spoilers, but you’re going to want to get this sorted out before going any further.


17. Wild Hunt Journal Entries Fix

Wild Hunt Journal Entries Mod

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One of the biggest features of The Witcher series is how decisions impact how the story plays out.

Dialogue usually plays a big role in this as certain events can be triggered depending on what you choose to say in any particular conversation throughout the game.

Similar to the previous entry, the Wild Hunt Journal bug has been fixed as well – so you’ll no longer have to worry about the bug affecting your conversations with Dandelion.


16. Walls Have Ears

Walls Have Ears Mod for Witcher 2

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One of the worst things that can happen in a game is a quest not registering completion, even though you’ve done everything required to finish it.

Apparently bugs like this were reported for some of The Witcher 2 quests – which just isn’t acceptable especially if you’re a completionist.

The mod fixes the bug for both “The Walls Have Ears” and “Suspect: Thorak” quest lines so you’re completionist mind can rest easy.


15. Panel Tweaks

Panel Tweaks for Witcher 2

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We’ve gone over a few cosmetic mods for the game, yet none of them are quite as useful as Panel Tweaks.

While it does make changes to the game’s UI, I’d consider it to be more of a quality of life mod than graphical.

This mod enhances many of the UI elements of the different menus to make everything much easier to sift through – whether it’s crafting components or alchemy ingredients.

You even get neat sorting functions to make finding items in your inventory that much easier.


14. Extra Talents per Lv

Extra Talents per Lv Mod

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Now if you’re looking to make your life as a witcher even easier, I recommend trying Extra Talents per Lv.

While Geralt has become known to be one of the most skilled witchers out there, it doesn’t always feel like it in The Witcher 2.

Balance might not always feel quite right in the game. Especially in the early stages as you might find that you’re often overwhelmed by the monsters you’re supposed to be wrecking through.

Extra Talents per Lv helps with that, increasing the amount of talent points you’re rewarded with each time you gain a level – making it possible to get your upgrades much more quickly.

This allows you to max out all of Geralt’s skills as well – which you wouldn’t normally be able to in vanilla.


13. Experienced Geralt

Experienced Geralt Mod for Witcher 2

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Let’s say you want to skip the grind completely (and I assume have no issues with cheat-y mods), well then Experienced Geralt is worth an install.

With Extra Talents per Lv, you’re still going to have to earn those levels.

It might not be as challenging, but you’ll still have to do something for it.

Experienced Geralt does away with all that: allowing you to start a new game with a maxed out skill tree right from the beginning.

You can choose between master alchemist, master of magic, or swordsmaster options depending on which tree you prefer to have unlocked. Or skip that as well and pick “The Geralt of Rivia” instead to have everything instantly unlocked.


12. Geralt’s Improved Quality of Life

Geralt's Improved Quality of Life Mod

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Geralt’s Improved Quality of Life is without a doubt the mod of QOL mods.

The pack actually compiles some of most useful quality of life mods for the game, including the Enhanced Mod Compilation, Better Combat and Complete Equipment Overhaul among other fixes.

You’ll even be getting improved versions of the mods mentioned, tweaking everything from inventory management options, item weight reduction, enhanced camera options, and much more.


11. No Heartbeat for Cat Potion

Heartbeat Mod for Witcher 2

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This next one might not be nearly as expansive as the previous… but I personally can’t imagine playing the game without it installed.

I’m sure you’re familiar with that annoying heartbeat sound that plays throughout the duration of the cat potion effect – which does nothing really, except make already tense moments that much worse.

I mean, we’re not playing a horror game, are we?

Just get the mod and get rid of it.


10. Potion Oil Duration and Crafting Fee Tweaks

Potion Oil Duration Mod Witcher 2

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Speaking of potions – ever feel like they just don’t last long enough to get everything done?

Well if you need more time before they wear off, Potion Oil Duration and Crafting Fee Tweaks is the solution you’re looking for.

Potion duration can now be increased to 30m, and can be improved further through leveling alchemy skills.

Not only that, but effects of oils have been made to last longer as well.

The mod even includes a tweak that lowers crafting fees, making crafting profitable instead – which might feel a bit cheat-y, but it’s available for use if you want it.


9. Medallion Cooldown Reduced

Medallion Cooldown Reduced

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Potions and oils aren’t the only tools witchers have up their sleeves, as Geralt’s medallion comes in handy quite often as well.

It’s a useful tool for sifting through the environment to find points of interest, and is especially helpful for cluttered or dark environments.

I’ve relied on it much myself. But every now and then I don’t find what I need on my first try.

This is where the medallion cooldown becomes unbearably annoying – as you’ll be forced to sit around and wait 10 seconds before you can use it again.

This mod fixes that so you can spam the medallion as much as you’d like.


8. Junk Dismantling

Junk Dismantling Mod

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Finding the resources you need can be quite challenging in The Witcher 2.

Not only that, but managing your inventory and cleaning out the items you don’t really need can be a bit of a bother as well.

Junk Dismantling simplifies inventory management, specifically around those two aspects.

With this mod installed, you’ll have the ability to dismantle junk items into raw parts directly from the crafting menu, in turn making it much easier to acquire materials you need to craft something new.


7. Better Shop Sale Prices

Better Shop Sale Prices Mod

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Selling is another good way to get rid of things you don’t need.

And it’s always nice to get more than you expect for whatever you’re lugging around.

Better Shop Sale Prices improves the amount of Orens you receive from merchants for selling your items, increasing the ratio from the default 1:2.5 to 1:5.

While the mod is meant to be used in the game’s higher difficulty levels, it’ll work on any difficulty option you decide to go with.


6. Better Combat

Better Combat Mod for Witcher 2

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While these next two were already included in the Geralt’s Improved Quality of Life, I’m including them separately on the list here just in case you want to get them without other bloat.

The Better Combat mod specifically is considered by most to be a must-have.

It rebalances certain aspects of combat, allowing for more options when it comes to feasible builds.

The Witcher 2’s combat system does have it’s flaws, and the balancing is to blame for most of it – causing certain builds to be too overpowered when compared with others.

This mod makes sure that you’ll become a successful witcher regardless of which skill and ability paths you take.


5. Pirouette Dodge

Pirouette Dodge Mod for Witcher 2

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With the limited evasive maneuvers in Geralt’s arsenal, you’ll most likely find yourself rolling around the ground quite a lot when in combat.

This can be an effective way to dodge enemy attacks, but modders Rustine and Flash thought there must be a way for Geralt to move more… gracefully.

The result is this, a mod that replaces the roll animations with one of Geralt spinning around his enemies instead.


4. Weightless Recipes and Schematics Plus

Weightless Recipes Mod for Witcher 2

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Managing weight is a less exciting aspect of The Witcher 2.

LtParsons found that weight values for certain items just didn’t make much sense, either. With books being extremely light while recipe and schematics scrolls were just too heavy.

This mod takes a realistic approach to tweaking weight mechanics, increasing the weight of books while completely removing weight values for recipes and other scrolls.

Not only does it make things a bit easier, but it adds a level of realism to the game.


3. Weight Watchers

Weight Inventory Mod for Witcher 2

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If you’re looking for a more in-depth overhaul of the game’s weight system, you might want to give Weight Watchers a shot.

As the modder himself explains, while most mods settle on removing weight completely, he felt that this would take away from the experience, as the weight actually adds depth to inventory management.

So this mod simply tweaks weight values for different items, just to make things much more sensical while also making your inventory easier to manage.


2. TW1 Final Saves

TW1 Final Saves Mod for TW2

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It’s not totally new for your choices to impact the game’s narrative. We saw this in the original Witcher game, too.

There are many factors affected by certain decisions made in the first game, and if you don’t really feel like going back and playing a completely different Witcher to see what those are, this TW1 Final Saves pack is the next best thing.

The pack contains six different save files, each impacting the world in different ways.

Perfect to play with if you’re a hardcore Witcher fan.


1. Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels

Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels

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Taking the top spot on the list is pMarK’s “Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels”.

Witcher fans know all too well about the grind towards unlocking all of Geralt’s armor sets.

Some may require more effort than others, but in The Witcher 2 specifically, there are three armor sets that can only be unlocked by playing the game in Dark Mode.

If playing through the game one more time at a harder difficulty level feels like a chore, well install this mod and you’ll gain access to those sets, even in lower difficulty levels.

The goal here is fun, right?

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