Witcher 3: Top 15 Best Decoctions (And How To Make Them)

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There’s no denying that Geralt of Rivia is one beast of a human (if you can even consider him one). Trained in Kaer Morhen from childhood, and undergoing extreme mutations, he’s super fast, strong, and skilled.

However, even the best of witchers may need an alchemical helping hand from time to time.

A concept which I’m sure we’re all familiar with after downing countless bottles of Swallow throughout our time in the Continent.

This is where decoctions step in, as they provide a number of buffs that enhance Geralt’s abilities significantly.

They can last 30 minutes, though the downside is that they typically increase your toxicity by 70 – as such, be sure to invest skill points in your Alchemy skill tree into perks that increase maximum Toxicity. Especially if you plan on using several decoctions.

But which ones should you be using? I’ll break down the best decoctions in the game right here.

Though their usefulness can vary depending on how you choose to build your witcher, every single one of these decoctions has the potential to turn your monster hunter into a monster himself.


15. Noonwraith Decoction

Noonwraith Decoction Screenshot

Description: Significantly reduces effects of Knockdown, Hypnosis, Stun and Blindness effects

Being hypnotised, stunned, blinded, or knocked down while trying to defeat an enemy might be one of the most irritating aspects of Witcher 3 combat.

However, you needn’t fear difficult enemies with this decoction.

It’ll make you almost immune to these effects.

Recipe location: Obtain from Tomira the Herbalist in White Orchard, or from Kaer Trolde Harbor


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Noonwraith Mutagen
  • 1x Ginatia Petals
  • 1x Ergot Seeds

14. Troll Decoction

Troll Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Regenerate additional Vitality during and outside of combat

If you can even bring yourself to kill and harvest the claws off of one of these lovely creatures (though there are definitely some less-than-loveable ones out there), this decoction is excellent for survivability.

Both in and out of combat.

You’ll see Vitality Regen +100/s when you’re outside combat, and +20 per second inside combat.

Recipe location: Tomira in White Orchard, or by reading World Underground


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Troll Claw
  • 1x Crow’s Eye
  • 1x Honeysuckle

13. Doppler Decoction

Doppler Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Increases critical hit damage when attacking from behind

Though getting behind an enemy can be difficult in this game, this decoction is great if you’re going for a crit build and want an extra boost of damage.

It’s really pretty basic: you’ll get a 50% increase in critical hit damage. Basic, but powerful.

Definitely something worth keeping around.

Recipe location: Within the abandoned campsite east of the Cemetery in White Orchard, or within the elven ruins in Byways.


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Doppler Mutagen
  • 1x Han Fibre
  • 1x Longrube

12. Fiend Decoction

Fiend Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Increases the amount of weight the witcher can carry without being overburdened

I’m sure we all know how much a chore being over-encumbered is… and sometimes the items we’re holding are too valuable to throw away.

This problem can be eliminated by this decoction, so you can carry on with your (reasonably paced) adventures. Basically it increases your maximum inventory weight by 20, which can help at certain points of your next playthrough.

Recipe location: From the Herbalist you save in Skellige, from a bandit camp northwest of Inn at the Crossroads, or from reading Beasts of the Tukaj Foothills.


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Fiend Mutagen
  • 1x Hellebore Petals
  • 1x Fool’s Parsley Leaves
  • 1x Arenaria

11. Leshen Decoction

Leshen Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: A portion of the damage dealt by enemies is reflected back on the attacker

If you’re dealing with a difficult enemy that deals brutal amounts of damage, then you may want to give it a taste of its own medicine. Well, some kind of medicine, or at least this decoction.

You can also punish your foe further by using Quen – and although you will not take damage, your enemy will still receive all the reflected damage. Win-win!

Recipe location: Random


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Leshen Mutagen
  • 1x Moleyarrow
  • 1x Pringrape

10. Water Hag Decoction

Water Hag Decoction

Description: Damage dealt is increased when Vitality is at its maximum.

Your ears may prick up at the sight of +50% additional damage, and for good reason!

With this, you’ll be able to cut and slice your way through the main storyline with ease.

However, imagine yourself trying to maintain maximum Vitality while being harassed by several wraiths, and you can start to see the problem.

That’s why the Water Hag Decoction is best used in combination with a Vitality-restoring decoction such as Ekimmara or Ekhidna Decoction.

Recipe location: Once you clear the Abandoned site near Hangman’s Alley, you can visit the herbalist at the nearby shore


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Water Hag Mutagen
  • 1x Bebercane Fruit

9. Chort Decoction

Chort Decoction Screenshot

Description: Complete resistance to the Stagger effect, reduces the Knockdown effect to Stagger

If you’ve felt the frustration of being staggered or knocked down, then having to wait for your bumbling oaf of a witcher to get up, this decoction is perfect.

Best used against annoyingly hard-hitting enemies, it will allow you to deflect these kinds of blows and make your fight a lot less tedious.

Recipe location: In the elven ruins in Byways during the Wandering in the Dark quest


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Chort Mutagen
  • 1x Puffball
  • 1x Cortinarius

8. Wyvern Decoction

Wyvern Decoction Battle Witcher 3

Description: Each blow landed on an enemy increases Attack Power until either the fight ends or damage is taken (other than that from potion Toxicity)

Though a +1% Attack Power increase per blow may not seem all that impressive compared to other damage buffs, you’ll really start to feel the difference when dishing out swings left and right to a large group of enemies.

To avoid losing your Attack Power stack, you can use the Quen sign, which will absorb most damage.

Recipe location: The Royal Palace in Vizima


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Wyvern Mutagen
  • 1x Moleyarrow
  • 1x Celandine

7. Ekhidna Decoction

Ekhidna Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Performing actions that consume Stamina restore Vitality

This decoction is already quite effective by itself. Especially if you’re prone to leaning on Sign casting in battle.

But pair it with Archgriffin Decoction and you’ll become an absolute tank, dealing agonizingly strong attacks that will heal you a significant amount with each hit.

Recipe location: Obtained by reading Journey to the End of the World


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Ekhidna Mutagen
  • 1x Ribleaf
  • 1x Bebercane Fruit

6. Archgriffin Decoction

Archgriffin Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: If any Stamina is available, strong strikes consume all of it and reduce the struck foe’s Vitality by 5% after their normal damage is calculated
Archgriffin Decoction offers a solid damage buff.

Especially for those who prefer to deal large amounts of damage in a single hit through strong attacks.

With this decoction, you’ll rip and tear through your enemies with ease.

Recipe location: The camp in Devil’s Pit, or randomly in treasure chests


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Archgriffin Mutagen
  • 1x Ribleaf
  • 1x Blowball

5. Nightwraith Decoction

Nightwraith Decoction Witcher 3

Description: Geralt’s maximum Vitality is increased with each foe killed. This increase lasts until he meditates or fast travels.

This decoction is similar to the Wyvern decoction, so it’s great if you’re up against a large group of foes… except you needn’t worry about getting hit (though take care to not get hit one too many times).

If you’re quick enough, you could even use this to farm vitality near a difficult boss fight.

Recipe location: You can buy it at the refugee camp in Velen, or you can clear out abandoned sites and visit the herbalists that sometimes spawn nearby.


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Nightwraith Mutagen
  • 1x Mistletoe
  • 1x Sewant Mushrooms

4. Ancient Leshen Decoction

Ancient Leshen Decoction - Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Each Sign cast increases Stamina regeneration for the remainder of the fight

If you’re playing a hybrid build that uses both Signs and melee attacks, this decoction is great to keep handy.

It’s so easy to run out of Stamina over time. So having it regen quickly is vital, just so you aren’t left defenseless in the middle of a tough fight.

Recipe location: In the chest Allgod hid, or in the courtyard exterior of Triss’ first apartment in Novigrad


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Ancient Leshen Mutagen
  • 1x Mandrake Root
  • 1x Ginatia Petals
  • 1x Honeysuckle

3. Ekimmara Decoction

Ekimmara Decoction in Witcher 3

Description: Damage dealt to foes restores Vitality

The Ekimmara Decoction may give you a rather basic buff… but that’s where its beauty lies.

This decoction can be used with any build and is useful in every situation.

Combine this with the Water Hag Decoction and you’ll be practically invincible! Well, for a period.

Recipe location: In a chest close to the riverbank south of the Ransacked Village in White Orchard, or in Drahim Castle


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Ekimmara Mutagen
  • 1x White Myrtle Petals
  • 1x Mandrake Root

2. Succubus Decoction

Succubus Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Attack Power grows over the course of a fight until reaching a maximum threshold

Let me preface this by saying: if you make this decoction, then you’re probably evil.

To craft it, you need to kill at least one of the two succubi in the game, neither of which deserve to be killed (though jealous wives and lovers may beg to differ).

However, that isn’t to say that the Succubus Decoction isn’t powerful. It can be used if you’re struggling against even the toughest of bosses, as it can increase your DPS significantly.

Specifically you’ll get an increasing attack power of 1% higher every 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 30% higher attack at the 1-minute mark.

Recipe location: From the herbalist in Kaer Trole Harbour, or from reading Journey to the End of the World.


  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • 1x Succubus Mutagen
  • 1x Green Mold
  • 1x Allspice

1. Reliever Decoction

Reliever Decoction Witcher 3 Screenshot

Description: Increases damage dealt and decreases damage taken against wraiths

More specifically:

– +10% Damage to Wraiths
– +15% Resistance to Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, Monster and Elemental Damage

If anyone reading this groans at the thought of having to fight a wraith, know that you are not alone.

Their ability to teleport and become incorporeal can make them incredibly irritating to fight. Which makes the Reliever Decoction, well… a relief.

This decoction also offers resistance to several different damages, making it incredibly versatile for all enemy types. But by default it breaks down to a 10% extra damage to wraiths, and a 15% resistance to slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, plus monster & elemental damage.

Recipe location: In the Mage’s Tower northwest of the Road to Bald Mountain, close to the coast of Fyke Isle. It can also be found at the Guarded Treasure southwest of Ferry Station


  • 5x Dwarven Spirit
  • 4x Lesser Red Mutagen
  • 4x Lesser Green Mutagen
  • 4x Lesser Blue Mutagen
  • 1x Essence of Wraith
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