10 Most Amazing Songs from The Witcher III OST

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If there’s a game that has amazed virtually everyone who’s ever laid eyes on it, it has to be Witcher III.

It has the immense scale of Skyrim, the intensity of God of War, and the narrative depth of The Last of Us, all packaged into one seamless experience.

One of the most important parts of creating such an immersive experience is, of course, the music.

It’s what stays with you when you’re away from your console. And it’s what brings back the memories once your adventure is over.

Join us on a drive down memory lane to the fields of Velen and through the forests of Skellige, guided by the game’s wonderful soundtrack where I’ve picked and ranked 10 of the most amazing songs from the game.

10. Ladies of the Woods

Depending on the order in which you choose to do the game’s side-quests, you may hear this song early on in the game or further into the story.

Either way you’re going to be in a bad situation. In fact, any situation including the “ladies of the woods” is bound to be terrible. But the music is pretty cool.

The theme for the Crones of the Bog is creepy and unsettling, mixed in with the typical Witcher style.

The vocals are just as good as in most of the game’s soundtrack but they take second place to the ominous, atmospheric melody.

9. For Honor! For Toussaint!

The Blood and Wine DLC is one of the best expansions ever released.

The sheer size of it is breathtaking. As is the landscape of Toussaint, the fabled land where flowers bloom and everyone is eternally tipsy.

To shake things up a bit and give the soundtrack its own personality separate from the main game, CD Projekt Red brought in Polish composer Piotr Musial of This War of Mine fame.

He did an amazing job setting the score apart from the rest of the game while staying loyal to the Witcher style, and this combat song is a perfect example.

8. Kaer Morhen

The opening scene for The Witcher III is perfectly crafted to give you a little taste of what’s to come, while making you connect with Geralt and the peace and quiet the world will never allow him.

This song accompanies it perfectly.

It complements the fantastic nature of the scenery as you enjoy the view from the balcony of your quarters at the Witcher stronghold. But the amazing string-work of the song suggests there’s something brewing in the distance, just a rumble under the tranquil mountains.

Listening to this again on the Switch sent chills down my spine.

7. Gaunter O’Dimm Theme

But it isn’t just moving scenes that make chills run down my spine… there’s also fear.

The understanding that you’re standing face to face with something beyond your understanding. Yes, there’s also Gaunter O’Dimm.

While good, the song itself isn’t what earns it a place on the list, but the character it’s tied to and the feelings he elicits.

Gaunter O’Dimm is a man for whom everything seems possible. Of incomprehensible motivations, far removed from the boundaries of time and space. Is he a demon? A Djinn?

Do you really wish to know?

6. Steel for Humans

While the game has many beautiful slower pieces, it’s the combat songs that stay with you the longest.

Maybe it’s because you listen to them more often, or perhaps because of the adrenaline pumping through when you do… either way, they definitely do their job at setting the mood for a fight.

Something quite particular about this song is that it’s actually a wedding song about a man named Lazarus.

It doesn’t seem to fit too much into the whole “combat” thing. But somehow it works like a charm.

5. The Nightingale

You know what they say:

You come for the monster-slaying, you stay for the Gwent.

If you’re a Gwent aficionado you have listened to this song countless times. It builds tension, but never resolves it.

It just keeps on going… like my desire to play the card game.

4. The Wolven Storm – Priscilla’s Song

Something only the most knowledgeable and attentive notice about this song the first time they hear it is how it references the first encounter between Yennefer and Geralt.

Regardless of your choices about which sorceress to romance, this song is bound to rend your heart open.

The best version available online is the one sung during the Broken Flowers quest which provides one of the few moments of respite in the game.

3. Geralt of Rivia – Main Menu Theme

The theme from the main menu of any game has one job: setting the mood and getting you excited for what you’re about to play.

This song achieves that and more.

It’s intense by creating expectations and delivering on them in an epic fashion. Quite fitting for a song carrying the Witcher’s name.

For many people, this is the song they instantly think of when remembering the game. And some players – myself included – pray day and night to Netflix execs for it to become the upcoming series’ main theme as well.

2. You’re Immortal?

Like the Gaunter O’Dimm theme, this song is from the Hearts of Stone DLC.

It plays during one of the most amazingly choreographed scenes in the game, the fight with Olgierd von Everec, AKA medieval David Beckham.

You’re there, beside a burning house, expecting another foolish man who thinks he can take on a Witcher.

You pull out your steel and… you’re sent flying backward by one of the most powerful foes you’ll ever fight. Truly a night to remember.

1. Silver for Monsters

Choosing a “best song” among such amazing competition from a game’s soundtrack is always hard.

But the quintessential Witcher III song has to be Silver for Monsters.

It plays during most monstrous encounters and makes you feel what it means to stand against a beast of incredible power.

At first it’s slow. Building tension as the rivals size each other up.

Then the vocals kick in and you know the time has come to draw your silver and show that monster what you’re made of.

Years after clearing the game I haven’t been able to get it out of my head – and I’m sure hardcore Witcher fans can sympathize.

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