Best Mirages in World of Final Fantasy (20 Most Powerful Picks)

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It feels like there are easily a million mirages in World of Final Fantasy. Building up a stack from scratch can be just plain overwhelming.

I made this list keeping in mind all the options and how you combine them, and which stack you’re going for.

In any case, some mirages really can be a game killing combo and that’s what I want to look at. Combining some of these creatures allows you to create very powerful parties, so be sure to use this list to prep & design a more balanced deck.

And it’s important to note there isn’t one particularly superior stack.

It depends on the area you’re visiting, as well as the elements that make the most sense to use against those enemies. You’ll need to be constantly swapping your mirages so be sure to keep a few of them around and level them up equally!

20. Death Searcher

Death Searcher mirage in WoFF

The Death Searcher is a tiny floating robot that is sure to bring you a lot of help during battles.

Many people like to partner Death Searcher with Elefenrir because of how well the abilities complement.

In any case, Death Searcher has a ton of useful attacks and the ability to reflect magic back to your enemies is absolutely massive.

The little robot is an amazing companion to keep around in any battle.


19. Zapt

Zapt WoFF mirage

Zapt is one of the most emblematic WoFF characters since he looks a heck of a lot like Vivi from FF9.

You can complement it rather well with Ifrit or any other mirage that deals good elemental damage.

Zapt is a thunder mob, so it will use thunder attacks if you keep it in your party. And it transfigures to Zaphr once it reaches level 15.


18. Mimic

Mimic WoFF mirage

The mimic is a common yet powerful enemy that you can keep as a mirage in your WoFF adventures.

It has a special ability that allows you to permanently reduce an enemy’s health during any point of the battle, but you can only do it one time per match.

Adding into account its armor-piercing abilities, Mimic is one of the best small mobs that you can get to complement your party.


17. Black Nakk

Black Nakk mirage in WoFF

Black Nakk might have quite a friendly appearance, but boy… it deals a ton of damage if used properly.

This small black cat mirage can be found in many of the starting regions of the game, and it’s one of the easiest mirages to obtain if you can believe it.

However, with solid strength and evasive stats, the Black Nakk is one of the best choices you can have in your party during the early stages of your adventures.

It also transfigures into Elefenrir which is a very useful mirage on its own. That mirage is also in this list, so if you want to find out more about it be sure to keep reading!


16. Moogle

Moogle WoFF mirage

Admittedly, the Moogle takes a spot in my list in great part because of its looks and iconic status in all Final Fantasy games.

Your small friend deals out many of its abilities by singing and dancing, making it one of the friendliest-looking creatures in WoFF.

A moogle is not all about the looks, though. It has a special ability that restores its HP in battle, which will keep it going for far longer than you would think.

These little guys can be found almost everywhere during the beginning of the game. And they level up very quickly once you’ve progressed far enough to encounter stronger enemies.


15. Elefenrir

Elefenrir WoFF mirage

The fearsome Elenefrir is a black beast that will invoke fear into the hearts of any rival that looks into its eyes.

It has very powerful strength as well as a solid health bar, so it will last for a long time against almost anything.

It also uses a lot of abilities that evoke darkness and fire, including Blaze. This means it complements almost any type of build thanks to how versatile its offensive abilities are.

You can get one of these by transfiguring a Black Nakk so keep a look out!


14. Flan Princess

Flan Princess WoFF mirage

The Flan Princess has a ton of useful passives, including a nice health buff that slots well into any team that you’re looking to build.

Keep in mind, however, that the Flan Princess is far from strong on her own.

You’ll need a good balance of mirages if you want to keep her buffs active and really use her abilities to their fullest potential.

You can only find the Flan Princess in the Windswept Mire so if you’re in the area maybe peek around the dungeon for this Princess.


13. Black Chocochick

Black Chocochick mirage in WoFF

With a Prismunity of HP restore and a basic hit point value, the Black Chocochick is a mirage that will surely play a good part in your party.

Not the easiest to find but certainly worth the effort just due to its many features. It also has Flee and Unstacked Haste as passives, which makes it a good mirage for getting away from battles or speeding them up.


12. White Nakk

White Nakk WoFF mirage

The White Nakk has a similar design to the Black Nakk, and it’s equally as strong.

The main difference between both creatures (and what makes the White Nakk such a useful mirage) is that this furry little fella uses ice attacks to overcome foes, something that no other mob on this list (so far) can do.

It also has a powerful boost of strength that serves as a passive, although its abilities are not nearly as powerful as similarly small mirages in the game.


11. Zaphr

Zaphr WoFF mirage

Zaphr follows the same line as the Zapt mirage mentioned earlier.

However, the Zaphr appearance makes it quite a unique creature – it looks like a little boy. I guess that’s unique, right?

Beware: it has thunderous powers that can electrify any foe that it faces and that can include you.

It uses Thundara and Regen as its two main abilities, and even though it doesn’t really have a ton of HP, it does have quite a lot of magic damage.


10. Magitek Armor

Magitek Armor WoFF mirage

Magitek Armor is a war machine that will help you destroy any opponent with magic.

You can command the armor to shoot ice and fire beams alike, as it is built to destroy enemies regardless of the elemental.

It also has the Critical Guard passive which makes it an amazing mirage for defense.

Its base health is far superior to that of other mirages of similar size, which makes the armor better than other small creatures in your stack.

Note it cannot be easily found in the early parts of the game, and you might need to level up for a while before you can add one of these mechanical little fiends to your party.


9. Leviathan

Leviathan WoFF mirage

The Leviathan, also known as the Queen of the Deep, is a powerful dragon that serves as a good mirage in World of Final Fantasy.

She belongs to the Pleiad’s Seven which is a group that consists of some of the most powerful mirages in the game.

She appears as a boss first, but you can add her to your party as soon as you defeat her.

She has a base health of almost 900 points making her the strongest mirage on this list so far.

Every member of the Pleiad’s Seven is a fearsome foe that can prove to be quite difficult to beat, yet also quite valuable to your team once you manage to do so.


8. Death Machine

Death Machine WoFF mirage

There are many players that would argue the Death Machine is the best mirage in WoFF.

The abilities that it has make it one of the best additions to your team no doubt, as you’ll be able to deal a ton of damage even though it doesn’t really have a lot of health.

It’s an L-sized mirage and one of the best in the game for this size.

This is basically a physical mech that you can count on to keep you protected at all times. It will do an awesome job at defense and offense, and with good passives to complement its power this aptly named Death Machine is sure to act as a machine of, well… death.


7. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon WoFF mirage

Let’s be clear – it will take a lot of time to get your hands on the Ultima Weapon.

It’s a very powerful foe with 1000 points of base health, and it can only be found in the Invention Quest and in The Coliseum. But all that effort is well worth the time.

Its special ability deals a lot of damage in one hit which makes it one of the best that you can have in the game.

It also has two unique abilities which are the Ultima beam and Ultima, both of which serve to deal a lot of damage in their own right.


6. Omega God

Omega God mirage from WoFF

The Omega God is another extremely powerful mob with unique abilities.

But it’s not only its sheer strength that makes this such a good mirage. It also has the Point Deflector passive and the Meteor mirajewel gemstone for extracting abilities. Talk about rare!


5. Ramuh

Ramuh mirage in WoFF

Ramuh is another member of the Pleiad’s Seven. It resembles a god-like figure and has made a ton of appearances in various Final Fantasy games.

Its complete understanding of Thunder magic makes it one of the best creatures in the game for this type of elemental damage. Certainly the strongest Thunder mob that you’ll face.

You need to be careful, though – defeating Ramah isn’t an easy task.

It has proven itself to be quite a difficult foe to beat in other versions of Final Fantasy, and WoFF is no exception.


4. Shiva

Shiva WoFF mirage creature

Shiva is yet another renowned creature from the Final Fantasy universe.

A powerful ice mirage that is mainly found in the Nether Nebula and the Coliseum, she’s one heck of a creature to add into your pack.

Note she has a ton of base health and you’ll most likely struggle to defeat her on the first go.

When defeated she drops a Mega Phoenix and 3 Arma Gems. And like most mobs in WoFF, she’ll become more powerful depending on the location where you first encounter her.


3. Ifrit

Ifrit boss mirage in WoFF

The mighty Ifrit uses fire to dispose of any enemies that may get in his way. This has been true since the dawn of Final Fantasy and it’s not stopping today!

His fire strengths make him one of the hardest fire enemies that you’ll face in the game.

Once defeated, Ifrit drops the same items as Shiva so this is also a boss worth taking on.

His main abilities are Punch, Fira, Hellfire, Counter, and a few other handy abilities to along along with them(when mixed with a fire stack of course).

You can face him in the Coliseum during a series of successive battles with other powerful foes. Be sure that you’re prepared for it with a good party setup.


2. Odin

Odin WoFF powerful mirage

Odin is yet another member of the Pleiad’s Group, and one of the strongest of the group as well.

You’ve probably already heard of Odin since he’s been around since the first installments of the FF series.

And he has made appearances on almost every single game since the franchise was first released in some form or another. WoFF’s Odin is also incredibly strong and makes for a almost overpowered addition to an elemental stack.

This guy has a ton of powerful passives and comes with these abilities as its main strategies: Double Cut, Gungnir, Zantetsuken, Banish, Dark, Regen. All pretty crazy stuff, especially Zantetsuken which is not an easy attack to dodge.


1. Bahamut

Bahamut in WoFF, the strongest mirage

The dragon Bahamut is the strongest member of the Pleiad’s Group and arguably the best mirage in the entire game.

Its attack might not look as scary as that of other monsters listed above, but wait until you look at its passives of Enhanced Criticals and Enhanced Attack. You’ve got limited options to fight and win against such a powerful creature, but there are some strategies you can use. Hint: mega flare.

He is an XL mirage so you’ll need to make room for him and probably adjust your stack accordingly. But once you have this creature on your side you’ll be almost unstoppable.

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