Top 12 Best World of Warships Mods (All Free)

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“What – you haven’t played World of Warships yet?? Why the hell not??”

I’m not sure if this only happened in my part of the world, but there was a time when that ad would play at the beginning of every YouTube video I’d click on.

I never paid much attention to it. But here we are years later, and World of Warships has become one of the most successful free to play games available.

And the game has an active mod community as well, so lots of replay value. Yet being a competitive online game, the devs are pretty strict about what’s allowed – so just be mindful of that when installing these mods.


12. Clear Minimap

Clear Minimap World of Warships mod

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Most of the time, World of Warships is really about strategy through positioning.

Navigating those gigantic ships is no easy task. And having so many ships on the map at once makes it all the more difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on.

The Clear Minimap mod makes things just a bit easier, adding adjustable transparency options to the minimap on your HUD.

The vanilla minimap isn’t quite as transparent, usually obstructing your view from your immediate surroundings.


11. New Tracer Shells

New Tracer Shells WoWS mod screenshot

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Positioning is only a small part of the equation, of course, as shooting in this game takes quite a bit of skill as well.

Firing cannons at distant enemy ships isn’t exactly a point and shoot kind of thing, as you’re going to have to take bullet drop and velocity into consideration.

Shots usually take a couple of seconds before even reaching their mark. Which means you’re not likely to hit anything if you’re not able to anticipate these factors.

New Tracer Shells makes tracking your shots a bit easier, assigning a unique color for each tracer type.

It might not help in making sure you hit your target on your first try. But it’ll make it much easier to make adjustments before taking your next shot.


10. A Bright Indicator Of Damage Direction

A Bright Indicator Of Damage Direction mod

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With projectiles coming possibly coming from 12 different ships around the map, it isn’t always easy figuring out where you’re getting shot from.

This gets even more complicated when your enemies are capable of hitting their shots from long distances, making them much more difficult to find.

The game has a built-in damage indicator, but with everything that might be going on at any particular moment, it isn’t always the first thing you’ll notice on your screen.

This mod by John Der33 fixes that, making it a much brighter shade of red.

You’ll immediately be able to determine when you’re being shot at and from what direction the shots are coming from, allowing for a much more strategic reaction on your end.


9. Anti Glare

Anti Glare mod for World of Warships

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Up next we have another mod that will help you improve your aim. Because we all know that aiming in World of Warships is difficult enough.

This Anti Glare mod is quite simple, removing glare and reflections from the water to make for a less obstructed view.

This is especially helpful for launching torpedoes, making it much easier to see what you’re aiming at.

It works both ways, of course, as it’ll make it easier to spot enemy torpedoes as well.

Just note that the mod does simplify the visuals a bit. So don’t be surprised if the graphics aren’t as sleek.


8. Contour Icons

Contour Icons World of Warships mod

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The game includes a number of different menus and panels to help you get a better understanding of how everything is playing out. And you’re likely going to be spending a lot of your time in them.

The Contour Icons mod makes it much easier to identify the different ships within your game, giving you a variety of different icon options depending on what information you’d like them to display.

There are simpler options which will only show a ship’s name, class, and level, while there are more detailed ones that show additional information like weapon reloads as well.


7. Command Panels with HP

Command Panels with HP mod for WoWS

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With so many different players in each of your games, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the moment and lose sight of the bigger picture.

You might be caught up in an intense back and forth with one particular enemy ship, just to find that the rest of your team are getting destroyed on the other side of the map.

Command Panels with HP adds a more convenient overview, allowing you to keep track of HP values of all ships in the entire game.

A quick glance will already tell you how your team is doing overall as well as how each individual ship is doing in terms of health.


6. Set of Camouflage

Set of Camouflage World of Warships mod

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While cosmetics aren’t ever quite as important as gameplay, it’s always fun to be able to customize things in games – whether it’s your character or in this case, your ships.

The base game doesn’t include a lot of options when it comes to ship customization.

So players look to mods to add flare to their visuals.

John Der33’s camouflage set is one of the most popular cosmetic mods out there, offering a bunch of different skins to change the way your ships look.


5. Wyvern’s Historical Skin Workshop

Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop WoWS mod

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While John Der33’s pack offers skins of different themes, zFireWyvern opted to take a more historical approach to modding ship designs.

His Historical Skin Workshop gives you access to loads of different skins, each based on historical photographs of the actual ships they were based on.

The color schemes might not be as eye catching as most other skins. But these are pretty much as historically accurate as you’re going to get.


4. High Resolution Flags

High Resolution Flags World of Warships mod

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If immersion is what you’re after, the High Resolution Flags mod makes for a great pairing with Wyvern’s Historical Skin Workshop.

Flags unfortunately weren’t given much detail in the base game to make way for better performance. So modder Natsuki_Yagi took it upon himself to provide those with more powerful systems a better alternative.

Just keep in mind that installing the mod will take up more from the game’s performance, even if it’s ever so slight.


3. Replacing Pictures and Names of Unique Commanders with Historical Ones

Replacing Pictures and Names of Unique Commanders with Historical Ones mod

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Modder principat121 throws in his own unique way of adding realism to World of Warships with this mod.

Some of the commanders in the game were just downright uncreative.

Take the USA’s John Doe for example – I mean, you might just as well have named him “filler” instead.

It might not be something you’re going to be paying much attention to in the game, but if in case you want to take the immersion to a whole new level, this mod might be worth checking out.


2. Japanese Naval Ensign “Rising Sun Flag” for IJN ships

Japanese Naval Ensign Rising Sun Flag for IJN ships WoWS

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Apparently, many players didn’t like the vanilla Japanese flag specifically, and opted to replace it with this rising sun version created by modder fugetsu.

This mod doesn’t do anything else really. It’s just surprisingly popular in the community.

So if you like playing with IJN ships, you might want to get this replacement flag as well.


1. Aslain’s Modpack

Aslain’s Modpack World of Warships mod

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Aslain is one of the biggest names in World of Warships modding and his pack has been the single most recommended one for as long as I can remember.

As with most other modpacks for the game, Aslain’s Modpack offers a huge compilation of mods covering everything from new reticles to UI tweaks to improve your game experience.

What makes Aslain’s Modpack interesting is that many of his mods were actually so good that they ended up being officially added into the game by the devs themselves.

No joke.

All of his mods are compliant as well, so you shouldn’t run into any issues with this pack installed.

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