The Worst Pokémon From Each Game Generation

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Pokémon is a series that’s near and dear to my heart.

Over the years it’s given me incredibly memorable moments, and Pokémon that will live on in my heart forever.

This list is not about that.

Instead, I’m going to go through all the mainline generations and pick out the Pokémon that I think represent the worst in each one.

This isn’t just me reading out stats, though. I’m going to be basing my picks on a combination of things like evolutions, stats, design, and overall place in each region’s respective Pokédex.


Gen I – Zubat

Zubat from the Pokemon anime

If I could put Zubat in every single slot on this list, I would; especially for the older generations.

If you played them, you know exactly what I mean.

Pokémon encounter rates aren’t what they used to be. Newer generations are much more forgiving when you run out of repels, even prompting you to use one again automatically when an old one runs out.

We didn’t have that in the OG Pokémon days.

Not only did you have to go into your bag every time for a repel, but if you ran out of repels in a cave, you’d better have been prepared to encounter one of these nightmares every couple of steps.

There are objectively “worse” Pokémon in Gen I. Weedle and Caterpie, for example.

But this would be a boring list if I just read off a bunch of Smogon stats.


Gen II – Aipom

Aipom Pokemon in the anime

Aipom was one of those Pokémon that was put into the series way too early.

Unlike other stage oners, it had abysmal stats.

It’s clear that there was meant to be an evolution for Aipom, too, given that it got one in Gen IV.

But Gen IV isn’t Gen II, though.

So Aipom easily sits at the bottom of the barrel for the Johto Pokédex.

And it’s a shame, too, because it has a really interesting design.

The fact that it got some anime screentime is a testament to that.

Why Aipom was shoved into Gold and Silver I will never know. Maybe the designers had to fill a quota?


Gen III – Plusle / Minun

Plusle and Minun Pokemon anime screenshot

Okay, confession time.

I’m a big fan of Pikachu clones. I think it’s a good trope to continue as we move through the generations, and these clones also gave me one of my favorite Pokémon of all time in Pachirisu.

However, when it goes bad, it goes really bad.

In fact, Plusle and Minun aren’t even the only Pika-clones to appear on this list…

But back to Gen III.

Not only are these two weak, but it’s a perfect case of wasted potential.

If I recall correctly, this was the first example of a Pokémon duo. So the fact that they had next to no (practical) synergy or interactions is a massive shame.


Gen IV – Chatot

Chatot from Pokemon anime (screenshot)

Speaking of wasted potential, why the hell does Chatot not have an evolution yet?

I mean, it’s an awesome-looking Pokémon with a great gimmick that (again) got a decent bit of anime screentime.

It’s totally useless in a battle sense, and it’s clearly not a baby Pokémon, so what’s the point?

Chatot has a great bright design that could easily lend itself to a complete three-evolution line.

Like Aipom, I have a suspicion that it was meant to get an evolution that was scrapped due to time constraints…

Maybe we’ll get an evolution for him in the Gen IV remakes.


Gen V – Maractus

Maractus Pokemon in the anime

Okay, I get that the genealogy of real-life cacti is wide and diverse. I can recognize and appreciate that.

However, that doesn’t mean we need several different types of cactus Pokémon – especially when Cacturne captured our hearts in the anime.

With the role of cactus Pokémon fulfilled, what purpose does Maractus serve?

It’s got terrible stats, a hit-or-miss design, and no evolution to speak of.

Looking back, I’m quite a big fan of all the Gen V designs that got flak, like the Vanilluxe and Litwick lines. But I just can’t get behind what is ultimately a Dollar Store Cacturne.


Gen VI – Dedenne

Dedenne Pokemon anime screenshot

Dedenne is the other Pikachu clone that’s being shamed with a spot on this list.

And like other Pikachu clones such as Plusle and Minun, there’s a hint of originality in their designs.

Dedenne, on the other hand, looks like it belongs in a Pokémon rip-off game.

All they’ve done is turn up the mouse slider and made it orange.

That’s the only real difference between the two.

It’s not like it has an evolution or the stats to make up for that, either. It’s a waste of a Pokédex slot.

I mean, it’s Fairy-type, so I suppose it has that going for it.

That’s about it, though.


Gen VII – Komala

Komala from the Pokemon anime

I’ve been playing Pokémon since Gen III, but I’ve played every single generation.

And out of all the Pokémon from all those games, there’s only one that I’ve ever forgotten about – and that’s Komala.

When I saw this Pokémon, I had to do a double take.

I had absolutely no recollection of it ever existing – which is weird, because I’ve wanted a koala Pokémon for years now.

Having that koala inspiration is the only positive thing I can say about Komala.

Because it has terrible stats and no evolution, which is just a massive waste of potential.

This is another case of a Pokémon looking like it was made for a full evolutionary line that never got fully implemented.

Yet despite all of that, it speaks volumes that this is the only Pokémon in the entire Pokédex that I’ve ever failed to recognize. Hence why I’m dishonoring it with this spot.


Gen VIII – Pincurchin

Pincurchin Screenshot from Pokémon Sword/Shield

Finally, we’re onto SWSH.

Sword and Shield had some massive hits in terms of new Pokémon. Dragapult is one of my all-time favorites for both design and usability.

So how the same generation that gave us Dragapult, also gave us Pincurchin, is beyond me.

I have to give Pincurchin credit though.

It’s about as memorable and useful as a real life urchin. It’s got no use case, no evolution, and absolutely no flair or style.

It’s just one of those Pokémon you catch to complete your Dex before never thinking about it or looking at it again.

Don’t get me wrong, Pincurchin is far from being the worst Pokémon on this list. It’s more “bland” than outright terrible.

But compared to the rest of Gen VIII’s Pokédex, it’s an abysmal Pokémon.

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