Yu-Gi-Oh: 15 Must-Have Cards For A Blue-Eyes Deck

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Gone are the days of waiting multiple turns to get a Blue-Eyes White Dragon onto the field (although let’s face it, Kaiba never did that either).

Blue-Eyes decks have evolved to hit incredibly hard with ways to fill the field with dragons very quickly.

And there are so many ways to build this deck, with so many cards to support it as well.

In this ranking I’ll be sharing some of the best BEWD-themed cards worth running.


15. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

It wouldn’t be possible to make a Blue-Eyes deck without the legendary original itself!

With an impressive 3000ATK and 2500DEF, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a threat your opponent has to take seriously.

But with no protection and no effects, in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, this monster will usually meet its demise rather quickly.

Fortunately, there are so many cards that support this legendary dragon that your opponent should still be on their toes.


14. Summon Limit

Summon Limit YGO Card

BEWD is a powerhouse that many decks simply can’t topple without combos and Special Summons.

With Summon Limit, you can use this to your advantage and stop your opponent from even getting started.

Summon Limit is a devastating continuous trap card that restricts both players to just 2 summons per turn. Blue-Eyes decks don’t need complex combos to get powerful monsters onto the field, but the same can’t be said for other decks out there.

Unless your opponent has some spell/trap removal options, this card can mean you win on the next turn.


13. Fists Of The Unrivalled Tenyi

Fists Of The Unrivalled Tenyi YGO Card

Want a way to bring out a 4500ATK monster for free?

I think we all do.

Fists Of The Unrivalled Tenyi is a rather unique trap card that punishes your opponent for destroying your back row.

If this set card is destroyed by a card effect, you can summon any non-effect monster from your extra deck – and in our case, a great target would be Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

This card also allows you to negate a spell/trap or monster effect if you control a non-effect monster. But if you do this, you won’t be able to summon with it, so choose your effect wisely.


12. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Blue-Eyes decks are so much fun because they’re all about wielding mighty dragons and overcoming whatever your opponent has – all through sheer power!

It’s fitting, then, that a monster with one of the highest ATK values in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! would be a perfect match for this deck!

There isn’t much to say about Blue-Eyes Ultimate that isn’t right on the card.

Coming in at a whopping 4500ATK/3800DEF, there are very few monsters that can survive a battle phase with this on the field.

But at the steep summoning cost of 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons, this monster would not have a spot on this list, without other options like Fists Of The Unrivalled Tenyi.

So if you want to use this card (why wouldn’t you?), make sure you’ve got strategies to get it onto the field.


11. Chaos Dragon Levianeer

Chaos Dragon Levianeer YGO Card

It’s possible to make a deck out of just Blue-Eyes cards.

But if you’re up for adding some spice, you can easily push your deck to the next level.

You can special summon Chaos Dragon Levianeer by banishing 3 Light/Dark monsters from your Graveyard. This works in our favor, as Blue-Eyes cards are all Light type!

Summoning Chaos Dragon Levianeer this way also lets you special summon a monster from the Graveyard in defense position, so you get a 3000ATK monster and a Monster Reborn effect all in one.


10. Hieratic Seal Of The Heavenly Spheres

Hieratic Seal Of The Heavenly Spheres Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Some of the best monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! are immune to destruction by battle and card effect.

This can mean big trouble if you have no way to deal with that.

Fortunately, there are always ways to get around these effects, and this link monster is a perfect choice.

If Hieratic Seal Of The Heavenly Spheres is summoned to an extra monster zone, you can tribute a monster from either your hand or field, and then ‘return’ a card from the field to the hand.

This wording is important, because returning is not destruction!

This card can also use itself as a tribute. And if it does, you can special summon a dragon – but its ATK/DEF become zero.

Still useful if you need material for your boss monsters.


9. Return Of The Dragon Lords

Return Of The Dragon Lords YGO Card

We’ve looked at Blue-Eyes weaknesses to card effects, but this fantastic spell gives protection to your monsters while having a built-in Monster Reborn effect as well.

With support cards like Return Of The Dragon Lords, you can always make a comeback in any game.

This card lets you special summon a LVL 7 or 8 monster from your graveyard, which by itself is pretty solid.

Yet the thing that secures this card a spot on this list is its graveyard effect.

If this card is in your graveyard and one of your dragons is about to be destroyed, you can banish this card instead to protect your dragon on the field.


8. The Ultimate Creature Of Destruction

The Ultimate Creature Of Destruction Yu-Gi-Oh Card

What if I told you there was a card that could make a Blue-Eyes monster invincible?

Well, there (almost, kinda) is!

The Ultimate Creature Of Destruction shuts down almost every form of destruction in the game.

This trap card makes any Blue-Eyes monster you control immune to card effects. And if that wasn’t enough, the targeted monster can’t be destroyed by battle, and any monster it battles is destroyed too.

You can also set this card from the graveyard whenever you summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so you can use it many more times.

Just note that the second (and ongoing) time you use it, this card is banished instead of going right to the graveyard.


7. Successor Soul

Successor Soul Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Quick Play Spell cards are incredibly strong, since they can be activated on your opponents turn.

Successor Soul has a few effects that are almost unfair (well, to your opponent).

Any time you choose, your opponent can lose a monster, while you gain one!

By tributing one effect monster you control, you can use Successor Soul to send one of your opponent’s monsters to the Graveyard – which is good by itself.

But what makes this card so dangerous is that you can then special summon a LVL 7 or higher normal monster from your hand or deck.

And you guessed it, BEWD is a perfect choice.


6. White Stone Of Legend

White Stone Of Legend YGO Card

A lowly LVL 1 monster in a Blue-Eyes deck? Are you mad?

Trust me, Duelist, you’re going to want this one.

By sending White Stone Of Legend to the Graveyard, you can add a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the deck to your hand.

This effect on its own is pretty sweet. But paired with The Melody Of Awakening Dragon (Number 3 on this list), this card’s value really shines.

If you use White Stone Of Legend as the card you discard with The Melody Of Awakening Dragon, you’ll get 2 Blue-Eyes White Dragons, plus one more when White Stone Of Legend hits the graveyard.

Also, this card is a Tuner, which is important for the next card on this list…


5. Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

There are so many ways to build a Blue-Eyes deck. But if you want to go down the Synchro route, you have access to a card that can completely stop some decks from playing.

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon is LVL9 – so it’s easy to summon with a LVL1 tuner + almost any Blue-Eyes monster.

This dragon is incredibly disruptive, too. It’s got a quick effect that negates graveyard effects.

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon also limits special summons to 2 at the same time, meaning you can stop pendulum decks from pendulum summoning. Pretty wild.


4. Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon

Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon YGO Card

At the time of writing, this monster is one of the newest Blue-Eyes cards.

And it offers so much utility that you’re going to wonder how the deck ever managed without it.

Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon has an effect to suit every occasion. When it’s special summoned, you can draw a ritual/polymerization card to set up future plays.

Also, during your end phase, you can draw a LVL8 or higher dragon from your deck.

And if Blue-Eyes Abyss is in the graveyard, you can banish it to give all your LVL8 or higher dragons an extra 1000ATK!

If you ever felt like the BEWD deck needed a jack of all trades, this is it.


3. The Melody Of Awakening Dragon

The Melody Of Awakening Dragon YGO Card

In a Blue-Eyes deck, you always want to see a Blue-Eyes in your opening hand.

If that doesn’t happen, you always have support cards to fall back on – and this is one of the best.

The Melody Of Awakening Dragon lets you discard one card to draw 2 cards with 3000 or more ATK and 2500 or less DEF.

That may sound specific, but you have plenty of targets that fit.

And with this card, you have access to your Blue-Eyes White Dragon (or Alternative Dragon), and you could even have access to the next card on this list too!


2. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I’d have to imagine that this card is so dangerous they put ‘MAX’ in all capitals in its name. That’s the reason, right?

Well, that may not actually be the reason at all… but when you see how powerful this monster is, you’ll agree that all-caps might make sense.

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon can be ritual summoned using the Chaos Form ritual spell card.

This dragon has 0 DEF, but has a whopping 4000ATK!

There aren’t many monsters that can stand up to that. And even though ATK isn’t everything, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon doesn’t care, as it can’t be destroyed by card effects.

In fact, it can’t be targeted by effects full-stop!

This card also inflicts double piercing damage on any defense position monsters.

If your opponent surrendered as soon as you brought this out, could you really blame them?


1. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon YGO Card

For a card to top this list, it really has to be something special.

And Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon is very special indeed.

This dragon has identical ATK/DEF to its vanilla counterpart. But to summon it, all you need to do is reveal that you have a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your hand. That’s it.

What kind of summoning condition is that?!

And if you’re still not impressed, this monster has a once-per-turn effect that allows you to target and destroy a monster your opponent controls.

And finally, this card’s name becomes Blue-Eyes White Dragon while it’s on the field. So if you’re trying to summon any monster requiring a BEWD to be in play, this alternative version will do just fine.

If you’re playing a Blue-Eyes deck then you probably wanna be running 3 of these!

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