The 15 Best Continuous Spell Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, Ranked

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Whenever you build a new Yu-Gi-Oh deck, you’re always trying to find the best cards for that deck.

But with several thousand different cards out there, it’s pretty hard to figure out which are the best fit.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: the best cards are obviously the ones with powerful effects that you can use over and over.

So where better to look than continuous spell cards?

If you’re itching to add some continuous spell cards to pump up your deck, then we’ve got plenty of ideas for you in this ranking.


15. Field Barrier

Field Barrier Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of field spells or not, having Field Barrier in at least your side deck can come in handy.

Field Barrier prevents field spells on the card from being destroyed, and prevents new field spells from being activated.

If you play Gravekeeper, stall decks, or any other deck that requires field spells, then Field Barrier is a staple to include.

On the other hand, if you’re playing against an opponent who uses field spells as their primary strategy, you can use this spell against them.

Since this card prevents them from activating new field spells, you can activate Field Barrier before they can activate their field spell.


14. Solidarity

Solidarity YGO Card

Solidarity is a great continuous spell to use in many decks.

But you do have to build your deck properly to use its full potential.

As long as Solidarity is on the field and you have only 1 type of monster in your graveyard, all monsters you control with the same type gain 800 attack.

800 attack is quite a significant boost.

And with 3 copies of this card on the field, you’ll get a 2400 attack boost, making all of your monsters extremely difficult to destroy by battle.

If you build your deck around a certain archetype, sticking to only 1 monster type isn’t a difficult thing to do.


13. Convulsion of Nature

Convulsion of Nature YGO Card

Convulsion of Nature is probably one of the most unique cards in Yu-Gi-Oh.

And you probably won’t see many cards like this ever again.

While Convulsion of Nature is on the field, both players must flip their decks upside down, so that they can see the next card in their deck.

This can be quite helpful since you can see what card you’re going to draw next, and you can see what card your opponent is going to draw next.

But this is true for your opponent as well.

However, you can use this card along with Gishki Diviner to essentially draw an extra card per turn.


12. Chain Energy

Chain Energy Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you somehow manage to get 3 copies of this card onto the field, you’ve more or less won the game.

Chain Energy forces each player to pay 500 life points every time they normal summon, special summon, set, or activate cards.

With 3 copies of this card on the field, your opponent will essentially need to pay 1500 life points for each card they use – which is 6 cards to end the duel.

Given the current meta, 6 cards are usually a normal amount of cards to use in a single turn – and may even be on the low side.

But Chain Energy does, unfortunately, apply to you as well. So be sure to watch out for that.


11. Wave-Motion Cannon

Wave-Motion Cannon YGO Card

Having multiple copies of this card (or leaving it alone for several turns) is almost a guaranteed loss for your opponent, which is why it’s so deadly.

After you activate Wave-Motion Cannon, you can send it to the graveyard to deal 1000 damage for every turn after it was activated.

Essentially, if you can keep this card on the field, you guarantee a win in 8 turns.

But if you have multiple copies of this card, you can win in 3 turns.

For one way to keep this alive long enough, you can try using Magic Reflector to prevent your opponent from destroying it using card effects.


10. Messenger of Peace

Messenger of Peace Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Whether you want to stall or just prevent your opponent from attacking for a couple of turns, Messenger of Peace is a great option to keep in your deck.

After you activate Messenger of Peace, monsters with 1500 or greater attack cannot attack.

However, after every standby phase, you must pay 100 life points or destroy the card.

For the value you can get out of this thing, 100 life points really isn’t too expensive.

However, you can even get away with not paying any life points at all, if all you want is to prevent your opponent’s strong monsters from attacking for one turn.


9. Summoning Curse

Summoning Curse YGO Card

Summoning Curse might seem like a bad card for both your opponent and yourself.

But if you play your cards right, you can definitely pull it off.

With Summoning Curse on the field, each time a monster is special summoned, the owner must banish a card from their hand.

At each of your end phases, you can either pay 500 life points to keep this card on the field, or destroy it.

If you play this card at the end of your first turn, you can effectively shut down your opponent, since they’ll quickly run out of cards to play.

For example, if you’re starting with 6 cards in your hand and you special summon 2 monsters from your hand, you’re already down to 2 cards left.

However, this card can be tricky to deal with on your own turn.

So either destroy it yourself, or hope that your opponent doesn’t manage to summon anything strong to their field.


8. Deck Lockdown

Deck Lockdown Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Deck Lockdown is a similar card to Summoning Curse, since it prevents both you and your opponent from playing to your full potential.

You can activate Deck Lockdown to prevent both players from adding cards from their deck to their hands, apart from the draw phase, and prevent your opponent from special summoning from their deck.

If you activate this at the end of your turn, Deck Lockdown’s effect will remain for 2 of your opponent’s turns – and only 1 of yours.

So in the end, you’re still benefiting even though you might get dragged down a little by it yourself.


7. The Dark Door

The Dark Door YGO Card

This card is really useful in stall decks, and can even prevent your opponent from doing any damage at all when used with the right cards.

With The Dark Door on the field, each player can only use 1 monster to attack during the battle phase.

If you play The Dark Door alongside cards like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, you can permanently stop your opponent from attacking.

Well, that is, until they decide to do something about The Dark Door.

But one thing to watch out for is monsters that can attack multiple times in one turn – since they’re still technically following this card’s effect.


6. Shard of Greed

Shard of Greed Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Pot of Greed was one of the most broken cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, and is the type of card that will never leave the ban list.

But if you do want to play a card like Pot of Greed, Shard of Greed is the next best thing.

Shard of Greed is pretty much the same card, but you have to wait for 2 turns to activate it.

Every time you draw during your draw phase with Shard of Greed on the field, you can add one counter to this spell.

And when you have two counters, you can send this card to the graveyard to draw two cards.

Although it’s not as strong as Pot of Shard, Shard of Greed is still a decent alternative.


5. Card Trader

Card Trader YGO Card

If you find that you’re the type of player who has the worst luck, Card Trader might just be the solution to help you get some more wins.

During the standby phase, activating Card Trader allows you to shuffle one card from your hand to the deck, to then draw another.

You can kind of see this card as redrawing another card if you’re dissatisfied with the original one that you drew.

And you can also have multiple copies of this card on the field.

And by that point, if you still can’t get a good card, then your bad luck might be incurable.


4. Cauldron of the Old Man

Cauldron of the Old Man YGO Card

Many people are quite familiar with Poison of the Old Man, but how many have heard about Cauldron of the Old Man?

This is the type of card that your opponent needs to destroy quickly – or else they’re in some deep trouble.

Every standby phase, you can add 1 counter to this card.

When you activate its effect you can either gain 500 life points for each counter, or make your opponent take 300 damage for each counter.

Over 4 turns, this card can deal 3000 damage in total – or heal 5000 life points, which is quite insane.


3. Child’s Play

Child’s Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Although this card primarily focuses on healing, it can be quite terrifying against combo decks that swarm the field.

Every time your opponent summons a monster, you can activate Child’s Play to gain 300 life points.

With combo decks like Dragon Link or Virtual World, you sometimes see those decks summoning 7 monsters per turn.

With three copies of this card, you can gain 6300 life points if your opponent summons 7 monsters in a single turn.

At that point, not only are your life points insanely high, but you can avoid your monsters from being destroyed by battle with Child’s Play’s second effect.


2. Dimensional Fissure

Dimensional Fissure YGO Card

Dimensional Fissure is a bit of a rogue card, as it works extremely well against decks that are popular in the current meta.

Every time a card is sent to the graveyard, Dimensional Fissure activates and banishes that card instead.

Against popular decks like Invoked Shaddoll, which rely on cards in the graveyard, this is especially deadly.

As a result, there’s a chance that your opponent will be helpless trying to beat this card.

In fact, most decks rely on sending cards to the graveyard – including but not limited to Dragon Link, Virtual World, Eldich, and so on.


1. Prohibition

Prohibition Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Prohibition is another unique Yu-Gi-Oh card, since it can only really be used if you’re facing a deck you’re familiar with.

But in those scenarios, Prohibition can be the ultimate counter.

You can activate Prohibition by declaring one card name.

And essentially, whatever card you declared can’t be used anymore.

But as I mentioned before, this really only works if you’re playing the second round in a match, or playing against someone you recognize.

Regardless, if you declare a card like Cyber Dragon against an opponent using a Cyber Dragon deck, there’s quite literally nothing they can do until they destroy Prohibition.

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