Yu-Gi-Oh: The 20 Best Hand Traps Worth Playing (Ranked)

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Hand traps are the latest and most popular way of interrupting your opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh, and have become a staple of the game.

If you want to stand a chance against any sort of modern deck, you’ll need to include a few of ‘em.

But hand traps aren’t a specific type of card, like a monster or a spell card. They’re more of a general term meaning “any card that you can activate from your hand”, like a quick effect. This means that, unlike spells and traps, your opponent can’t destroy them before you get to use them!

So these cards also have some of the best disruption effects in the game, negating a huge range of effects and summons.

But with all that said, what are the best hand traps, and when should you use them? Let’s see what we can find.


20. Kuriboh

Kuriboh Yu-Gi-Oh Card Preview

Ah, the original hand trap that came before hand traps were even a thing in Yu-Gi-Oh!

As one of the signature cards of the King of Games, Kuriboh is a classic card that deserves a mention at least for being the first ever hand trap in the game.

If Kuriboh is in your hand while you take damage, you can discard it to make any battle damage you take down to 0.

This is great for staying alive while your board is weak.

But compared to some of the other hand traps in this list, there are more deserving cards for a spot in your deck.

That said, I’m giving bonus points for this being the cutest card on the list!


19. Chronograph Sorcerer

Chronograph Sorcerer YGO Card

Pendulum decks have a soft spot in my heart:

When I was reintroduced to the game after a long hiatus, I started with a Performapal deck that later became an Odd-Eyes Magician deck.

This hand trap does wonders for Pendulum decks, especially Pendulum Magicians.

You can special summon this card when one of your own cards is destroyed, alongside another monster in your hand. The broken thing about this effect is that it doesn’t even need to be destroyed by your opponent.

You can use a card like Sky Iris to trigger Chronograph Sorcerer and get searches and a special summon for free.

A staple in many pendulum decks, but not generic enough to be any higher up the list.


18. Tragoedia

Tragoedia Yu-Gi-Oh Card

There’s something about level 10 monsters that just screams power, and this guy is no exception.

When you take battle damage, you can special summon Tragoedia for free! You can then use his second effect to take control of an opponent’s monster, provided you have a monster in your hand with the same level.

And this ability doesn’t just last until the end of the turn. Once you’ve taken it, it’s yours to keep.

This means you can turn an opponent’s strong monster right back at them.

Tragoedia is also great for taking an opponent’s monster and link summoning with it, especially as you don’t need to use up your normal summon.

Free link monsters? Who can say no to that?


17. Honest

Honest Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Back in the GX era, this card was the definition of meta.

Honest came out in Light of Destruction, the set that introduced Lightsworns.

Lightsworns were one of the first proper archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! (at least, one of the first ones that was any good… Sorry Elemental HEROs).

And as the name suggests, this archetype consisted of light monsters.

Lightsworns absolutely rocked the meta game in their day, and as such, getting slapped with an Honest was an everyday occurrence.

This hand trap still sees play to this day, notably in Trickstars or Fairy decks, as it makes sure that any battle you enter with a light monster – you’re winning it.

If Honest wasn’t stuck only to light monsters, I’d splash it in any deck I could. But sadly this restriction keeps him here on our ranking.


16. Dimension Shifter

Dimension Shifter Dimension Shifter YGO Card

A Macro Cosmos, but in monster form.

This card stops your opponent from using their graveyard, banishing anything that would go there.

Dimension Shifter great at stopping your opponent from getting any effects that trigger when cards hit the graveyard, like Absorouter Dragon, or from using cards like Foolish Burial to stack up their combo pieces ready for later.

Sadly, this card has a huge drawback in that it’s only really useful if you’re going second and you manage to draw it in your starting hand.


Because you need to have an empty graveyard to trigger his effect, which is not a common board state to have.

Odds are if you draw this 2 or 3 turns into the game, it’ll be useless.


15. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness YGO Card

Another oldie but goldie, as Gorz completely changed how players thought about the battle phase.

If you take battle damage while your field is empty, you can special summon Gorz alongside a token with stats equal to the damage you took.

This card saw loads of play at the start of the Link era once people realized how good generating tokens was for link summons. When Gorz was introduced, players became afraid to attack, as you could give your opponent a huge 2700 attack monster.


14. Battle Fader

Battle Fader Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Battle Fader is great when you’ve lost momentum in the duel.

If your board is empty and your opponent has you right on the ropes, this card stops them in their tracks.

More specifically, if you’ve got nothing out, this hand trap ends the battle phase immediately and leaves you with a monster to defend with!

Then you could either use this monster as summoning material in your next turn( to make bigger and better monsters), or just leave it there as a wall of defense.


13. Red Reboot

Red Reboot YGO Card

This is one of two hand traps in our list that’s actually a trap card.

Red Reboot lets you negate an opponent’s trap card, at the cost of them getting to set a trap from their deck. And you can pay half your life points to play it right from your hand, meaning you don’t have to risk it getting destroyed.

Although half of your life points sounds costly, there are some seriously dangerous trap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! (any card starting with Solemn still makes me shudder a little).

In the right scenario, Red Reboot can seriously save your bacon.


12. Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Monster effects are getting progressively more powerful as Yu-Gi-Oh! develops.

And as they do, it gets more and more important to have monster effect negation.

Effect Veiler negates your opponent’s monster effect until the end of the turn. Although most monster effects in the current meta game are on a once-per-turn basis, there are some powerful monsters out there who won’t hesitate to activate 5 times in a turn and ruin your day.

The best time to use Effect Veiler is early on in your opponent’s combos, so you can trip them up before they get to their big boss monsters.


11. Artifact Lancea

Artifact Lancea YGO Card

Artifacts are a really unique archetype that blend the line between monsters and spells (and not in the pendulum way either).

You can set them as if they’re spell cards, and get various effects from them.

However, it’s Artifact Lancea’s hand effect that’s the most interesting thing here.

You can tribute it from your hand to prevent any card getting banished by either player this turn.

This hand trap has seen a lot of play recently, especially against decks playing Pot of Desires, a spell card that’s like Pot of Greed, but you banish 10 cards to activate it.

Artifact Lancea is also really handy for countering the Eater of Millions strategy, which relies on banishing pretty much the entire deck and making you suffer for it.


10. Psy-frame Gear Gamma

Psy-frame Gear Gamma YGO Card

Now this card is like an Effect Veiler with a better effect.

Psy-frame Gear Gamma lets you negate a monster effect, plus you can special summon a Psy-Frame Driver from the hand, deck, or graveyard!

The drawback to this is that you’ve got to run a Psy-Frame Driver to actually summon.

And the card is a level 6 monster with no effect. It sucks.

If you happen to draw into it on your first go, then you’re essentially playing with one card less.

I’d say it’s worth the risk though – especially in a link heavy deck where link materials are everything.

And hey, push comes to shove, Psy-Frame Driver is great at being discard fodder.


9. Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion

Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This creepy Victorian ghost stops any sort of plays revolving around the graveyard.

If a card would be leaving the graveyard, Ghost Belle puts a stop to it. Fantastic for shutting down cards like Monster Reborn, or for negating monster effects that activate when they’re special summoned from the graveyard.

This can also stop your opponent from summoning Chaos monsters like Chaos Emperor Dragon or Dark Magician of Chaos.

These cards may be old, but they’ll shut down any modern deck if they’re not sorted out quickly. And this hand trap does just that!


8. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit YGO Card

Yes, I’m putting a card here that doesn’t actually negate a monster effect, ranking above one that does.

And that may seem like an odd choice, but hear me out!

Negating is really handy for dealing with a problem on that turn.

Come next turn, however, and you’ve got the exact same thing to deal with.

Although Ghost Ogre doesn’t destroy, it means you can deal with pesky face up cards permanently. So you can play for more turns without being interrupted.

Ghost Ogre is also fantastic in the current format where field spells are everything.

Some decks will crumple without their field spell active, which is where Ghost Ogre can seal you the game.


7. D.D. Crow

D.D. Crow Yu-Gi-Oh Card

D.D. Crow is a very proactive hand trap.

For most of the hand traps on this list, you have to wait till your opponent does something, and then you can respond.

D.D. Crow just jumps right in whenever you need it.

Put simply, this can banish a card from the graveyard.

The best time to use this is when your opponent tries to move cards around in their graveyard. Maybe they’re trying to bring back a powerful monster, or retrieve one of their good spell cards.

Either way, D.D. Crow puts a stop to this very early on. And unlike Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion, here you don’t have to wait for your opponent to get the ball rolling.


6. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay YGO Card

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay is, well, a fantastic dragon!

This card is the perfect to counter to link decks, which are very common in the meta game right now.

Dragon Link has been dominating ever since Rokket’s were released. And they don’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon.

If your opponent link summons, you can special summon this powerful level 7 monster and draw cards equal to the number of link monsters they have +1.

You then shuffle back the ones you don’t want, allowing you to create the perfect hand to mess up your opponent.

A good link deck can easily have up to 5 link monsters on the board at a time, giving you a ludicrous amount of draw power.


5. Ghost Reaper and Winter Cherries

Ghost Reaper and Winter Cherries Yu-Gi-Oh Card

I absolutely love this card.

It’s definitely the most obscure hand trap on this list, and the amount of power it can net you is devastating.

You can discard Ghost Reaper to reveal a monster in your extra deck. You can then look at your opponents’ entire extra deck and banish any cards that match the one you revealed!

So not only do you get to prepare for what’s coming, you also get to remove their key resources. If you want to be really cruel with it (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), you could reveal a card that’s central to their entire strategy.

Ghost Reaper is just an unexpected interruption – and I love it.

Just make sure to include some generic extra deck monsters in your side deck to fully maximize this card’s power.


4. Droll and Lock Bird

Droll and Lock Bird YGO Card

Modern Yu-Gi-Oh is all about getting the best cards from your deck as quickly as possible.

What I love about Droll and Lock Bird is that it doesn’t just negate one search, it negates searching for an entire turn.

Although this doesn’t prevent your opponent from summoning from the deck, this level of interruption is sure to wreak havoc with their plans regardless.

And they’ll have to think quick to come up with a new strategy.


3. Infinite Impermanence

Infinite Impermanence Yu-Gi-Oh Card

It’s time for the other trap card hand trap (yes, these do exist).

One of the really cool features that the Link era brought with it was the idea of columns.

In old Yu-Gi-Oh, it didn’t really matter where you put your cards, as long as they were on the board.

Infinite Impermanence acts like an Effect Veiler while it’s in your hand, allowing you to negate a monster’s effect until the end of the turn.

The reason this card is so high up the list is that its set ability acts as a double negate, allowing you to also negate a spell/trap that’s in the same column.

This card has made me so paranoid about where I put my traps now, especially as a pendulum player who has less spell/trap space anyway…


2. Nibiru the Primal Being

Nibiru the Primal Being YGO Card

Never has a single rock been so terrifying and powerful.

This guy is practically an infinite stone.

Nibiru counters every single combo deck.

If you end up playing against a combo deck that just won’t stop summoning, Nibiru is the perfect response. It’s pretty hard to play the game when your entire board has been wiped, and all you have left is a single token.

To maximize your damage with this, make sure to use it right at the end of your opponent’s combo string, when all of their resources have been used up and they’ve got nothing left to do.


1. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring YGO Card

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that Ash Blossom is the number one hand trap here.

This card has been reprinted 7 times in the TCG, and even still you’d be lucky to find a copy for less than $15!

The reason this card is so popular amongst duelists is that it stops everything modern Yu-Gi-Oh is about, which is getting multitudes of cards from the deck.

Want to run Foolish Burial? Nope.

Want to search for your field spell? Nope.

Want to special summon that key combo piece from your deck? Definite nope.

The amount of effects this card can negate is insane.

Disrupting your opponent’s searches and summons is the key to stopping their combos before they can gain traction, which is why Ash Blossom could be a staple at 3 copies in most decks.

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