Yu-Gi-Oh: The Best Multiple Attackers Worth Using

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If you want to win at Yu-Gi-Oh, you’ll need to include some cards that can finish games.

Some players go about this with burn cards, i.e. special effects that deal damage to your opponent in different ways.

Other plays build decks that summon a bunch of monsters at once, which can all attack your opponent and bring them down bit by bit.

But why summon many monsters, when one monster does the trick?

In this list we’re talking about multiple attackers: monsters that can attack many times a turn. These monsters are fantastic at dealing some serious damage into your opponent, and if you can boost their attack stats in any way, these guys can be game winning all the way from the turn 1!


15. Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler

Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler YGO Card

We really don’t talk about the Arcana Force archetype enough in the Yu-Gi-Oh.

These were the cards used by one of the villains of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and they’re all based around fate, destiny, and tarot cards – hence why this deck revolves around coin flips.

This element of chance turns a lot of players away from these cards. But if you like to add a bit of a gamble to your gameplay, then these cards can be super fun.

That said, let’s cover The Dark Ruler: it can’t be normal summoned, and can only be special summoned by tributing 3 monsters you control (God card alert!)

When it is summoned, you can flip a coin to gain one of two effects: if it’s a heads, this guy can attack twice in a turn. But this card is then turned to defense position after it attacks, and can’t be changed until the end of your next turn.

But with a whopping 4000 defense points this guy isn’t going anywhere!

If you flip tails then when this card leaves the field, it takes every other card with it, both on your field and your opponent’s.

This is definitely a double-edged sword. It sets your opponent back for sure, but if you haven’t got the cards in hand to recover from this, this could lose you the game at the same time.


14. Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

There’s something about pendulum extra-deck monsters that looks awesome.

Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon was one of the first pendulum-XYZ monsters, and is a combination between Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon.

When it’s summoned using an XYZ monster as a material (it’s kind of complicated, but this is possible through a weird combo) you can destroy all level 7 or lower monsters that your opponent controls, inflict 1000 damage for each one, and then this card can attack 3 times in one turn.

This effect is absolutely devastating!

Chances are, if your opponent can’t negate this effect, then it’s game over for them – I mean, how are you meant to survive that amount of burn damage and getting attacked for 9000 damage?


13. Bujintei Susanowo

Bujintei Susanowo YGO Card

If this card were more generic then I’d play it in every deck possible, but sadly it’s limited to Bujin decks only.

For two level 4 Bujin monsters, you can grab a rank 4 XYZ monster that can attack every single monster your opponent controls, once each!

This doesn’t even require you to detach an XYZ material. Meaning as long as this guy’s on the field, you can pull of these multiple attacks every single turn.

Bujintei Susanowo also has a pretty decent detach effect, allowing you to either search a Bujin monster, or send a Bujin from the deck to the graveyard, both of which can be seriously advantageous depending on what your strategy is.

If you’re looking at playing a Bujin deck, then definitely give this guy a spot in your extra deck.


12. Lunalight Cat Dancer

Lunalight Cat Dancer Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you’re looking for a deck that has OTK potential, look no further than Lunalights.

This deck revolves around fusion summoning powerful monsters, each of which can potentially OTK your opponent with some crazy battle effects.

For example, Cat Dancer allows you to attack each monster that your opponent controls twice, effectively doubling the battle damage your opponent takes.

Every time you do declare another attack with this card, you can also burn your damage for a further 100 points of damage.

This is a serious amount of damage dealt in one turn.

And with cards like Lunalight Cat Dancer, it’s no wonder this deck has been called one of the best OTK decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!


11. White Aura Whale

White Aura Whale YGO Card

What’s better than Raigeki?

How about a Raigeki that can also inflict some hefty damage on your opponent?

When White Aura Whale is summoned, you can destroy all attack position monsters your opponent controls.

If your opponent still has some defense position monsters left after this, don’t worry! White Aura Whale can attack (monsters) up to twice per turn, and when it attacks a defense position monster, you’ll be inflicting piercing damage too.

With a multiple attack effect and a monster destruction effect, you’ll destroy your opponent’s board in a flash.


10. Ultimate Tyranno

Ultimate Tyranno Yu-Gi-Oh Card

3000 attack monsters have been powerful in Yu-Gi-Oh right from the beginning.

I mean, Blue Eyes White Dragon wasn’t popular for its artwork, was it?

And Ultimate Tyranno is one of the best 3k-beaters out there!

It can attack every single monster your opponent controls, once each. If your opponent has made the mistake of having a bunch of small monsters in attack position, you can finish a game right then and there.

The downside to this card is that your other monsters can’t attack while you control Ultimate Tyranno.

However, in a modern format where you can just get rid of used up cards for a link summon in a flash, you can use this guy for its devastating battle effects & then link it away into some other monsters that can seal the deal with a final attack.


9. Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon YGO Card

This guy is a fusion between two of Yuya Sakaki’s most iconic monsters: Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and the Pendulum Magicians.

Depending on the level of the spellcaster you use to summon this card, you can either attack 2 times, or 3 times a turn.

And with a whopping 3000 attack, you can do a lot of damage with this guy either way.

Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon also has the added benefit that if you summon it using a Pendulum summoned monster, then it’s also unaffected by your opponent’s cards effects for the turn it’s summoned – leaving you to attack and destroy to your heart’s content.


8. Draco Beserker of the Tenyi

Draco Beserker of the Tenyi Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Tenyi are a bit of an obscure archetype.

They revolve around using monsters without effects, meaning the few monsters that are blessed with an effect tend to be crazy powerful.

Draco Beserker of the Tenyi is no exception.

It’s one of the strongest synchro monsters out there!

If this guy destroys an effect monster in battle (and let’s be real, who’s running normal monsters these days?) Draco gains the destroyed monster’s attack points, and can attack another monster in the same turn.

I’d recommend using Draco to destroy your opponent’s highest attack monsters first, then use that insanely high attack boost to finish off your opponent’s remaining LP.


7. Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon

Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon YGO Card

A rank 12 monster seems almost impossible to summon (I mean seriously, who has 3 level 12 monsters on the field at once?)

But you can actually summon it fairly easily with some of the rank-up spells that Raidraptors have at their disposal!

When this card destroys a monster by battle, you can banish a Raidraptor monster from your graveyard to have Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon attack again.

You can do this up to twice per turn, totalling 3 attacks in a single turn.

This is an amazingly powerful effect for any monster, let alone on a 3800-attack beast.

Three attacks from this guy and your opponent is toast, almost regardless of how good their field is.


6. Ancient Gear Golem – Ultimate Pound

Ancient Gear Golem – Ultimate Pound Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card is the Shrek 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh cards – a sequel that’s infinitely better than the original, in every way possible.

Not only do you get the same 3000 attack and piercing battle damage as the original Ancient Gear Golem, but when it destroys a monster in battle, you can discard a Machine-type monster to attack again (up to twice per turn).

If that wasn’t enough power for you, then check out this guy’s second effect:

When it’s destroyed by battle or card effect, you can search out a copy of Polymerization from your deck, and any other “Ancient Gear” monster from your graveyard.

This sets you up perfectly to summon the Ancient Gear fusion monsters – and they’re a whole new class of powerful!


5. Chimeratech Overdragon

Chimeratech Overdragon YGO Card

Speaking of powerful Machine-type fusion monsters, Chimeratech Overdragon is one the best cards in a Cyber Dragon deck – especially for sinking in the damage.

This card is really as strong as you want it to be. So it’s up to you how good you make it.

To summon it, you need to fuse Cyber Dragon with any number of machine monsters of your choice (well, as long as it’s greater than 0).

This card then gains 800 attack for each monster, and can also attack your opponent for each one too!

If you want to send 3 monsters, you’ll get a decent 2400 attack monster that can attack 3 times.

But if you want to go-all in you could theoretically send 7 or 8 monsters and turn this card into an unstoppable machine. The choice is yours!


4. Lunalight Panther Dancer

Lunalight Panther Dancer Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Lunalights are so good at attacking your opponent multiple times that I couldn’t just include one on this list.

Panther Dancer has mostly the same effect as Cat Dancer, allowing you attack each monster your opponent controls twice.

The difference between the two is that instead of dealing burn damage to your opponent, this card gains 200 attack every time it destroys an opponent’s monster in battle.

So if you’re not able to OTK with Panther Dancer’s effect (which with an insane number of attacks and an ever-increasing attack stat is unlikely), at the very least you’ll be left with a monster with a near impossible attack stat.


3. Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon YGO Card

Ancient Gear Golem isn’t the only card in this list to have an amazing upgrade.

Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is an improvement on the original Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and boy is it a good one!

It costs the same amount of materials to summon as the original (fusing 3 Blue Eyes), and it has the same 4500 attack stat.

But this time it comes bundled with an amazing effect:

Whenever it attacks, you can send a “Blue-Eyes” monster from your extra-deck to your graveyard to have this card attack.

Unlike other multiple attackers on this list, these attacks don’t have to be against monsters, meaning you can swing at your opponent directly with Neo’s effect.

If Kaiba ever got a hold of this card, he wouldn’t have been losing to Yugi nearly as much as he did in the anime.


2. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Dinosaur decks have typically been a bit ignored in Yu-Gi-Oh’s history, until the release of the structure deck Dinomasher’s Fury, when all of a sudden Dinosaurs became a competitive meta deck.

This card is one of the reasons why.

It’s incredibly easy to summon: you don’t even have to tribute summon!

All you need to do is banish 2 dinosaur monsters from your graveyard, then you can special summon this card right to your field.

And then you can destroy another monster in your hand or on your side of the field to activate it’s effect:

This allows you to flip all monsters your opponent controls into face-down defense position, and for this card to attack each monster your opponent controls, once each.

If this card battles a defense position monster, you don’t even need to bother with the damage calculation step! The defending monster is immediately destroyed and your opponent takes 1000 damage – meaning there isn’t a monster strong enough to stop this card’s round of attacks.


1. Borrelsword Dragon

Borrelsword Dragon YGO Card

Borrelsword is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best Link monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

It’s an incredibly generic Link 4 monster, requiring 3+ effect monsters to summon, meaning any deck that can summon monsters has access to this card.

As a quick effect, you can immediately switch an attack position monster into defense position, whilst also granting this monster the ability to attack twice during the battle phase.

The best thing about this effect is that your opponent can’t activate any effects in response to its activation – meaning the ball is in your court when this guy hits the field.

And once per turn, when Borrelsword Dragon attacks a monster, you can have Borrelsword Dragon absorb half of that monster’s attack points to make itself stronger!

This makes your second attack that turn even stronger than before.

Borrelsword Dragon is truly a perfectly designed card.

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