The Best Rank 9 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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XYZ monsters completely changed the way we played Yu-Gi-Oh.

Until XYZ monsters, all we had in our extra decks were Synchros and Fusion monsters, both of which were pretty complicated to get onto the field.

With XYZ monsters, all you need is 2 monsters of the same level and boom! A powerful extra deck monster is yours for the taking.

So if your deck runs a few level 9 creatures and you’re looking to add some XYZ power in there, here’s our top picks to look into.


5. Infinitrack Earth Slicer

Infinitrack Earth Slicer Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Infinitracks are one of the best machine decks out there.

They’re able to make a whole bunch of scary powerful XYZ monsters, and Infinitrack Earth Slicer is easily one of the strongest.

First off, this card can get rid of a bunch of cards all at once.

By detaching any number of XYZ materials from Earth Slicer, you can target and destroy that many cards on the field!

Most XYZ monsters would be limited to 2 or 3 XYZ materials at a time. But Infinitrack Earth Slicer has a way of adding more and more materials to itself, since every monster it destroys in battle is attached as a material.

What’s more, if this card somehow ends up in your graveyard, you can bring it straight back to the battlefield simply by tributing one Machine Link monster.


4. Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton

Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Sacred Tree Beast, Hypertron provides you with something that every deck needs – negate power!

Here’s what it does:

During your turn, whenever you activate a spell, trap, or monster effect, you can attach a card of that same type from your graveyard to Hyperyton.

Then during your opponent’s turn, whenever they’d activate a spell/trap/monster effect, you can simply detach an XYZ material of the same type to negate & destroy their card.

This effect combos amazingly with hand traps.

You can hit your opponent with a hand trap during your turn, attach it to this card as a material straight away, and then use it to negate your opponent’s hand trap during their turn!


3. Number 9: Dyson Sphere

Number 9: Dyson Sphere Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

When it comes to defensive walls in Yu-Gi-Oh, there’s none quite as good as this card.

Whenever Number 9: Dyson Sphere is attacked while it has XYZ materials, you can detach a material from this card to negate the attack.

This may only sound like a good effect for 2 turns…

But when this card is attacked while it has no XYZ materials, you can target 2 monsters in your graveyard and attach them as XYZ material.

So this provides you with a monster that keeps you safe from battle many times over.


2. Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity

Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

I love cards that force your opponent to make a tricky choice, and Jormungandr does just that.

This card gains attack equal to the number of XYZ materials it has x1000.

Starting off with 2 XYZ materials nets you 2000 attack – not the best for a rank 9 monster, I’ll admit.

However, once per turn you can detach an XYZ material from this card to allow each player to draw a card. And whoever draws a card, they have to attach a card from their hand to this one as an XYZ material!

This forces your opponent to choose between drawing an extra card, and deciding whether it’s worth the extra 1000 points they’d be giving to your monster.

And really, this guy can get seriously big once left to grow.

It can be an amazing rank 9 XYZ for any deck!


1. Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon

Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Now you may be thinking “How on Earth does the best Rank 9 monster in Yu-Gi-Oh have 0 attack?!”

But trust me, this card has some serious power behind it.

To start, it can’t be destroyed in battle. And your opponent takes any battle damage you’d take from attacks involving this card.

That’s crazy on its own.

So this guy can turn your opponent’s strongest monsters into their downfall – simply crash into their big-attack monsters with Number 92, and your opponent could be taking some colossal damage.

Furthermore, during your opponent’s end phase, you can detach an XYZ material from this card to banish every single card that was normal summoned, special summoned, or set during that turn.

As if this card couldn’t get any better, when it’s destroyed while it has XYZ material attached to it, you can simply special summon it back from the graveyard at the “cost” of gaining 1000 attack points!

This makes Number 92 one of the strongest Number cards of all time, and easily the best rank 9 XYZ worth running.

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