The Best Mirror Force Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! (All Ranked)

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Imagine this: you’re dueling a friend and you’ve managed to get rid of all the cards on their field. Well, all their cards except for one trap.

But what’s the worst a trap can do?

Little did you know, that trap was Mirror Force – and the next thing you know all your monsters are destroyed, and you’ve all but lost the duel.

I think we can all agree that the Mirror Force archetype can be pretty strong.

And since this is an entire archetype, there are tons of Mirror Force cards out there.

So if you’re curious about which are the best ones, then keep on scrolling!


10. Dark Mirror Force

Dark Mirror Force YGO Card

So I mentioned that the Mirror Force archetype is extremely powerful, but Dark Mirror Force is probably an exception to that statement.

You can activate Dark Mirror Force when your opponent attacks, and if you do, banish all defense position monsters controlled by your opponent.

The only deck I can actually see this card working on is Superheavy Samurai.

Other than that, who puts their strongest monsters in defense position these days?

But if you really want to play this card, then your best bet would be to use it with cards that change the battle position of your opponent’s monsters, such as Book of Eclipse.


9. Shining Silver Force

Shining Silver Force Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Now before you start complaining that this isn’t a Mirror Force card, just know that the original Japanese name is what indicates that it’s part of the Mirror Force family.

Shining Silver Force can be activated when your opponent activates a card effect that deals damage. You can negate that effect and destroy all face-up spell and trap cards that your opponent controls.

This card is certainly a cool variation of the Mirror Force archetype.

But at the same time, monsters definitely are the main threat for the majority of duels.

In fact, destroying your opponent’s face-up spells and traps is rarely a game-changer for either player.


8. Radiant Mirror Force

Radiant Mirror Force YGO Card

Radiant Mirror Force is just a really bad version of Mirror Force.

Which is odd, because you’d think they would release better versions of the original card over time, right?

Anyways, you can use Radiant Mirror Force when your opponent attacks you while they have at least 3 monsters in attack position.

Then you can destroy all attack position monsters your opponent has on the field.

So it’s kinda good, but this card doesn’t have anything else going for it. For example, your opponent could easily be comfortable with only having 2 powerful monsters on the field, making this card completely useless.

As a result, you’re better off just keeping the OG one in your deck.


7. Blazing Mirror Force

Blazing Mirror Force Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Blazing Mirror Force is kind of like a ticking bomb waiting to go off, and is also a card that people should actually consider using.

When your opponent declares an attack, destroy all their attack position monsters.

Then, each player takes half of the total combined original attack of those monsters.

If you’re playing a nurse burn deck that aims to defeat your opponent using card effects, then Blazing Mirror Force is a great way to end the duel.

On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, in the event that your opponent destroys this card.


6. Mirror Force

Mirror Force Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Ah, we finally get to the original Mirror Force.

And you’ll be glad to hear that it’s actually still quite good.

We all know what it does by now right? When your opponent declares an attack, you active this to destroy all your opponent’s monsters in attack position.

Although this sounds great, it does come with its flaws.

Nowadays, monsters are riddled with effects that activate upon being destroyed. So it’s probably a good idea to watch out for that.

But at the same time, with the introduction of Link monsters which can only be in attack position, Mirror Force definitely becomes more useful these days.


5. Mirror Force Launcher

Mirror Force Launcher YGO Card

Mirror Force Launcher is the first card on this list that acts as support for the Mirror Force archetype.

By activating this continuous trap, every turn, you can discard a monster to get a Mirror Force card from your deck.

And if this set card is destroyed by a card effect, you can set this card again, along with a Mirror Force, which can be activated the same turn.

The fact that this is one of the few reliable ways to search for Mirror Force cards makes this really valuable if you’re considering having more than one of these Mirror archetype cards in your deck.


4. Mirror Force Dragon

Mirror Force Dragon YGO Card

Now I’ll admit, Mirror Force Dragon is a card you don’t see often.

But when you do, it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

You can summon this monster by sending Mirror Force to the graveyard and using Fang of Critias.

Since Mirror Force can be searched in quite a few ways, such as using Mirror Force Launcher, this isn’t really that hard to pull off.

However, the cool part is that Mirror Force Dragon is essentially a Mirror Force that you can use over and over again, and attack with too.

Which is what makes it so amazing.

In addition, if you use a card like Battle Mania, you can force your opponent to attack and then destroy their field.


3. Storming Mirror Force

Storming Mirror Force Yu-Gi-Oh Card

In certain situations, Storming Mirror Force can be what wins you the duel – or become a nightmare to deal with after.

Storming Mirror Force can be activated when your opponent attacks you.

When they do, you can return all their attack position monsters back to their hand.

This card can work great if your opponent’s hand is relatively full, forcing them to discard some cards at the end of your turn (since you can only have 6 at the end of your turn anyways).

But if your opponent doesn’t end up with at least 7 cards, then you might be in a little trouble since they can use them all again the next turn.


2. Quaking Mirror Force

Quaking Mirror Force YGO Card

If it weren’t for Link monsters, Quaking Mirror Force would probably be at the top of this list.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t insanely good.

When your opponent attacks, you can activate Quaking Mirror Force and change all their attack position monsters into face-down defense position.

Those monsters are then unable to change their battle position for the entire rest of their time on the field, which essentially makes them useless.

In this case, the only things you can really do with these monsters is to destroy them with a card like Dark Hole. Or tribute them.

Unfortunately, this trap doesn’t work on Link monsters, which means that if you’re going against some decks, this one probably isn’t the best of the bunch.


1. Drowning Mirror Force

Drowning Mirror Force Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Unlike all the other cards on this list, Drowning Mirror Force can really only be used as a last resort.

But is extremely effective nonetheless.

You can activate Drowning Mirror Force when your opponent declares a direct attack.

If they do, then you can shuffle all your opponent’s attack position monsters into their deck.

This card solves the problem that Storming Mirror Force has, plus it has other benefits like not targeting or destroying.

So you can avoid those annoying card effects that activate only when they’re specifically targeted by a trap.

And if you wanna make Drowning Mirror Force even more effective, you can also activate Absolute End – which forces your opponent to attack you directly.

But this can also work against you, so watch out and have a plan in mind.

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