15 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Ranked)

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In this list we’re going back (for the most part) to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! villain: Maximillion Pegasus.

I think we all know his iconic Toon deck, right?

Well the game has changed since season one. And there’s a lot more toon to go around.

Here I’ll be going through some of the best cards used in toon decks, and why you should use them!


15. Toon Masked Sorcerer

Toon Masked Sorcerer YGO Card

In dead last (of a top 15, so it’s still good, I swear) we have Toon Masked Sorcerer.

Let’s start off with the bad: like most Toon monsters, it cannot attack the turn it’s summoned. Also, if Toon World is destroyed, so is this card (the same happens to all Toon monsters, in Masked Sorcerer’s defense!).

But if you look past all of these, Toon Masked Sorcerer, can attack the opponent directly. And this again applies to all Toon monsters.

The reason this card is in the 15th spot is for its one, unique effect: If this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent, draw 1 card.

Okay so that might not be great, but this list only gets better, hence the rankings… Just trust me here.


14. Toon Goblin Attack Force

Toon Goblin Attack Force YGO Card

As with the previous card, Toon Goblin Attack Force has the core Toon effects.

But unlike Toon Masked Sorcerer, Toon Goblin Attack Force has a juicy 2300 ATK.

For a Level 4 monster that’s very strong. Making this card a handy addition in the early game for some good initial damage.

There is a drawback here, which is why it’s so low on the list. If this card attacks, it’s changed to Defense position at the end of the battle phase. So yes, the Toon version has the same effect as the original Goblin Attack Force.

And with a whopping 0 DEF, this effect reduces its use and only really gives you one attack before it’s left vulnerable.


13. Toon Harpie Lady

Toon Harpie Lady YGO Card

Next up we have Toon Harpie Lady.

Along with all the core toon effects, we also get something unique: if another Toon monster is on the field, you can target 1 Spell or Trap that your opponent controls and destroy it.

This can save you from pesky traps, or even your opponent’s field cards.

Not bad for a Harpie Lady!


12. Toon Briefcase

Toon Briefcase YGO Card

Finally, a card with a short description.

When your opponent summons a monster while you control a Toon monster, you can shuffle your opponent’s monster back into their deck.

On paper this seems… Okay?

But think of it this way: if your opponent tribute summons or Xyz summons, then you’re destroying monsters and you get to send one back to their deck.

Not sounding so mediocre now, huh!


11. Toon Buster Blader

Toon Buster Blader YGO Card

Just shy of a top 10 position we have Toon Buster Blader.

Carrying the same effects as other Toon monsters, this card isn’t too much of a standout. However, boasting 2600ATK and one effect of its own is what puts it here.

This card gains 500ATK for each dragon monster your opponent controls, or is in their graveyard.

While this effect is situational, Dragon cards are pretty common. And can allow for this Toon to reach astronomical ATK.

This makes it more of a late-game threat than most of the other cards on this list.


10. Toon World

Toon World YGO Card

It might be an understatement to say this is the most iconic Toon card:

Toon World.

Just reading this card’s description, you’d think “This is literally useless”. And to be fair, if all it did was what it said (Activate this card by paying 1000LP), then nobody would run it.

To summon (or activate) nearly every Toon card, you must have a Toon World on the field, with a few exceptions like Toon Table of Contents.

But without Toon World, you’d have no Toon Decks. Hence it’s spot on the list!


9. Toon Terror

Toon Terror YGO Card

Up next we have the trap card Toon Terror.

When a spell, trap, or monster effect is activated while you control Toon World and a Toon monster, you can negate the card’s activation and destroy it.

This might seem like a glorified Spell Jammer or Trap Jammer. But it’s more diverse, allowing you to target any effect on any type of card.

So this effect, paired with the fact that it destroys the card afterwards, means if you target an enemy monster it’s just gone.

You don’t have to worry about it, or it’s effect.

Toon Terror absolutely deserves this spot on the list.


8. Toon Ancient Gear Golem

Toon Ancient Gear Golem YGO Card

Falling around the middle of our list, we have Toon Ancient Gear Golem.

This card has the highest ATK of any Toon monster on the list, sitting at 3000ATK.

So, why isn’t it placed higher?

Well outside of its high ATK, it shares the same effects as other Toon monsters, but with 2 effects of its own.

Both of which are useful, but neither being particularly groundbreaking.

If this card attacks a defense position monster, inflict piercing battle damage.

Now this isn’t too important, as Toons can (for the most part) attack the opponent directly. However, if the opponent is running a Toon deck, this is relevant and is worth remembering!

And its second effect is: if this card attacks, no spell or trap cards can be activated by your opponent until the damage step is over.

This protects you from cards like Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, and Dimensional Prison.


7. Shadow Toon

Shadow Toon YGO Card

Here we have the ooky spooky spell card: Shadow Toon!

Shadow Toon lets you target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls (provided you control Toon World) and inflict damage equal to that monster’s ATK.

Now at a face-value, this card is pretty strong.

Allowing you to just hit your opponent for their strongest monster’s ATK is nice, but you’re also gonna be using a Toon deck. So you can just damage your opponent directly anyways.

But this card could straight-up be the difference between a win and a loss. And you have your opponent to thank for it!


6. Toon Page-Flip

Toon Page-Flip YGO Card

Turn to (page) 6 and you’ll see… Toon Page-Flip!

This card is admittedly luck based, however you control the luck of it.

Provided you control Toon World, you can activate Toon Page-Flip and you reveal 3 toon monsters from your deck (each with different names). Your opponent blindly selects 1, and you get to special summon that monster.

The other 2 cards get shuffled back into your deck.

Now, you can only use this card once per turn. But even so, if your deck is packed with powerful Toon monsters (like on this list), then you don’t have much risk of summoning a “bad” monster.

And if you do, then why is it even in your deck in the first place?


5. Toon Dark Magician

Toon Dark Magician YGO Card

Just reaching the number 5 spot we have Toon Dark Magician!

As with other Toon monsters, this has the same base Toon effects. But it also has a nice special effect built in.

Once per turn, you can discard 1 Toon card from your hand and activate one of two effects.

Either special summon 1 Toon monster from your Deck (except this card), or add 1 Toon spell or trap card from your deck to your hand.

These effects, along with a decent 2500ATK, makes Toon Dark Magician a must-have with any toon deck.


4. Toon Table of Contents

Toon Table of Contents YGO Card

We might be looking at the most basic card on this list… Toon Table of Contents.

But it’s ranked here for a reason.

This card lets you add 1 Toon card from your deck to your hand. Yep, it’s really that simple!

The reason this is so high on my list is because of how versatile it is.

You need Toon World? You can get it. Want Toon Dark Magician in your hand? No problem!

Toon Table of Contents is useful throughout the game. With no exception, you can always benefit from having one in your hand. It’s a must-have in a Toon deck.

Also, some niche Exodia decks also run Toon Table of Contents as it helps you burn through your cards quickly and find more Exodia pieces. Possibly making this card the only one usable outside of a Toon deck!


3. Red-Eyes Toon Dragon

Red-Eyes Toon Dragon YGO Card

And the bronze medal for Best Toon card goes to… Red-Eyes Toon Dragon!

This is, in my opinion, the most practical monster card because of its effect.

It lets you special summon 1 Toon monster from your hand (besides this one), ignoring its summoning conditions.

This effect, alongside the fact that all Toon monsters (generally) can attack the opponent directly, means your Red-Eyes Toon Dragon can really help apply pressure to your opponent in the midgame, and let you pick up more wins long-term.


2. Toon Rollback

Toon Rollback YGO Card

This is one of the most simple cards on the list:

You target 1 Toon monster you control, and it can attack twice this turn.

Now usually this wouldn’t be too strong because the opponent might have stronger monsters than you… except Toon monsters (with few exceptions) can attack the opponent directly.

So if you have a Toon Ancient Gear Golem and target it with Toon Rollback, you can deal 6000 damage to your opponent this turn, with only one monster.

Obviously this is insanely strong, so definitely run this if you can.


1. Toon Kingdom

Toon Kingdom YGO Card

And the best Toon card (as decided by me) is…. Toon Kingdom!

So, Toon Kingdom is basically a stronger Toon World (at the expense of banishing 3 cards when it’s activated).

And it’s treated as Toon World while on your field. So why is it taking #1 in this list?

Toon Kingdom prevents your Toon monsters from being targeted by card effects. Plus if a Toon monster would typically be destroyed (battle or card effect) then you can choose to banish the top card from your deck, and you just saved your Toon monster’s life.

This is… well borderline broken.

Your monsters are invincible as long as Toon Kingdom is active on the field.

So if your opponent has nothing to destroy this card, you simply attack them directly nonstop (unless they’re also running a Toon deck).

The single drawback to this card is that activating it costs 3 cards that are banished, and to prevent your monsters from being destroyed you have to banish 1 card each time.

So if the game runs on too long, you could mill yourself (pretty unlikely but worth mentioning). Probably worth the risk, but just watch out for that!

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