10 Anime Characters That Could Beat Levi Ackerman

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In the world of Attack on Titan, Levi is known as the strongest soldier alive.

He’s gone toe to toe with Titans, Titan shifters, and crazy people with guns alike.

But how does he fair in the greater anime world?

Today we’re going to answer that question by listing a handful of characters that could likely beat Levi Ackerman.

And it should be mentioned that I’m not talking about Goku and Saitama, nothing OP. Rather we’re considering some more interesting matchups here.

Let’s begin!


10. Lubbock

Lubbock from Akame ga Kill!

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

This fight would definitely be somewhat close, but I do think Lubbock would win if he could stall for a few seconds.

Both Lubbock and Levi have great maneuverability in the air, and can react extremely quickly.

We’ve seen Levi react to bullets, but we have also seen Lubbock react to an opponent that can instantly teleport.

What would give Lubbock the upper hand, however, is his weapon.

Unlike Levi’s maneuver gear, Lubbock can use his strings as a potent weapon – either by literally squishing someone’s heart, or by laying down thin lines that can sever your limbs as you walk by.

In the case of the latter, Levi’s speed would actually be a major disadvantage, being that even the slightest miscalculation in the air would lead to his head rolling on the floor.


9. Koro-Sensei

Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom

Anime: Assassination Classroom

I wasn’t going to include this one, but then I saw people actually saying that Levi would win. And I have to set the record straight.

Even if we give Levi all there is to know about Koro and we coat his blades so he can damage Koro, Levi is still taking the L.

Koro can dodge hundreds of bullets while grading paperwork, and Levi has to put on his big boy pants in order to dodge a few.

And that means that Koro-sensei would literally have the time to just walk over to whatever Levi hit with his maneuver gear, and just tug it out before Levi even noticed what was going on.

If he had the support of the entire rest of the class, then Levi could stand a chance. But there’s no way in hell he could take him on by himself.


8. Hyakkimaru

Hyakkimaru from Dororo

Anime: Dororo

There are two ways I see this fight going on: a pure blade fight and an all-out fight.

In the first situation, I think Hyakkimaru’s experience at fighting people wielding swords would give him the advantage over Levi.

It wouldn’t be an easy or a clean win. But I just can’t see Levi keeping up in a strict duel.

And if we’re laying all the cards on the table, I still think Hyakkimaru would win, be it with some assistance.

Just like a full-powered Levi has the Thunder Spear, a full-powered Hyakkimaru has Midoro.

And Midoro would just mess Levi’s day up, as the tornados it creates would render Levi’s entire kit useless.

It would be the Colossal Titan all over again.


7. Tanya Degurechaff

Tanya Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

Anime: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Thematically, this fight would be amazing.

Both characters are captains that carry their entire squad, and have no issues knocking the teeth out of those who misbehave.

However, Tanya scales just a bit harder.

First off, she has the same type of mobility Levi has, without needing anything to latch on to. And with a lot more fuel to go on.

Secondly, she actually has ranged attacks that she can pelt Levi with. If she was really desperate, she could literally just fly high enough to be out of Levi’s reach, and shoot him from up there.

Both characters are incredibly intelligent and somewhat crazy – so I doubt the conclusion would be that simple. But I have no doubt Tanya would win in the end.


6. Chuuya Nakahara

Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

I love including this guy because people severely lowball him.

In terms of speed, even if we lowball him, he’s comparable to Levi.

The dude can literally react to bullets touching his skin and then activate his ability to control their gravity. And it’s this ability that would ensure his victory over Levi.

If he manages to get near at least one of Levi’s hooks, the maneuver gear is absolutely worthless.

The Thunder Spear would be Levi’s only real shot, and even that has a very slim chance of landing.

Chuuya on the other hand can crush Levi’s entire body with a single powered-up kick.


5. Ghislaine Dedoldia

Ghislaine Dedoldia from Jobless Reincarnation

Anime: Jobless Reincarnation

Levi would undoubtedly school Ghislaine in any type of academic circle – but he would take the L on the battlefield.

And this is because Ghislaine can do a burst of incredibly fast attacks that even Levi could not react to in time.

In the anime, we saw her jump over multiple buildings, destroy a flying sword, and murder the attackers before said sword could fly a few feet in the air.

The actual murder part was so fast, in fact, that it was over in the blink of an eye.

From that scene alone we can see that she matches Levi’s speed even when she’s not fully trying – and absolutely stomps him once she goes in for the kill.


4. Satsuki Kiryūin

Satsuki Kiryūin from Kill la Kill

Anime: Kill la Kill

The second Satsuki gets her Kamui, she just overpowers Levi.

I chose her in particular as we see her easily defending from an attack where Ryuko spins around like a Beyblade, which is very similar to Levi’s own signature attack.

Plus, there’s a huge discrepancy when it comes to power and tenacity.

Satsuki easily breaks through walls with just a single swing – while Levi has to be much more meticulous with where he cuts.

Plus, Satsuki can absolutely take a beating and get punched through buildings, while Levi can break his leg from a weak Titan attack.

If we’re only talking about early game Satsuki, Levi does blitz her in terms of speed. But I honestly think it makes no difference.


3. Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Anime: My Hero Academia

I would 100% pay to see this fight animated.

I chose Bakugo in particular, as he’s the only one that can maneuver in the air like Levi.

True, Levi is a bit faster once he gets going. But Bakugo is a lot more powerful.

Even though he’s a loudmouth, Bakugo isn’t stupid. And he would probably use his explosions to disrupt Levi’s maneuver gear and throw him off.

One could say that Levi tanked a Thunder Spear and lived so that he could just tank a blast and then kill Bakugo – but I have to remind you that he was only caught with the outer edge of the Thunder Spear while this would be point blank.

Plus, Bakugo could always ramp up the potency once he sees that Levi isn’t dodging.


2. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer

Anime: Demon Slayer

Straight off the bat, I think Levi outscales the main trio of the show.

Giyu, however, is on a whole different scale.

I chose him in particular because of his eleventh form.

In his fight against Rui, we saw him instantly cut up multiple threads launched his way. So it only stands to reason that he could do the same with Levi’s maneuver gear.

And once that’s out of the equation, he can easily take Levi on in a one-on-one match.

The Thunder Spear could be a bit troublesome, that’s true. But considering Levi needs trees or buildings to move around, Giyu can also just easily take cover there or launch a surprise attack and just blitz Levi with his eleventh form.


1. Diane

Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

I had to include at least one Titan, it would feel wrong otherwise.

Although Diane is a lot shorter than someone like Eren, she would be more than a match for Levi.

The main thing she has going for her is her earth bending ability.

With it, she could easily destroy any footing Levi has, and force him into the air where she could then promptly whack him with a hammer.

She also has her metal skin. So Levi would be forced to use the Thunder Spear, which would be a bit tricky and limited than his usual sword slash.

If she severely messed up, formed giant pillars, allowed Levi to zip around and get close without using her metal skin, then Levi could take the victory.

But I think it’s way more likely that she smacks him with a hammer.

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