Top 30 Best Anime Characters With Scars (Guys & Girls)

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I think we can all agree that scars look pretty damn cool.

They’re like tattoos you get for surviving a dangerous situation. And when an anime character carries one of these bad boys, you just know they mean business.

Let’s count down some of the best anime characters with scars, and see whether they fit that badass look.


30. Asta

Asta from Black Clover anime

Anime: Black Clover

I think a lot of people missed this one, as Asta’s scar was never put in the spotlight. And it’s pretty faint.

However, while he is showing off his muscles, we can see a faint scar across his rock-hard abs no homo.

He got it while fighting Mars when a shard pierced his stomach. Although he was healed back up just fine, the scar remained.

Considering how reckless this man is in battle, and the fact that he’s a melee fighter on the front lines, I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t have more than one.


29. Ban

Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins anime

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

It’s kind of strange that a man who’s literally immortal has a scar.

But that’s just how much power Meliodas holds, I guess.

In case you missed it, the scar is on his neck. Where he was slashed for playing the Meliodas’ sword.

Even after blowing up a few times, the scar remained intact.

It does fit his aesthetic, I will admit. With his crazed smile, bright clothing, and extreme cleavage. It only sounds right for a man to have a battle wound.


28. Hakuryuu Ren

Hakuryuu Ren from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Now this man has Zuko the Netflix adaptation written all over him.

A prince whose face carries a burn mark across one eye, inflicted by their parents. Very suspicious Magi, very suspicious indeed.

He’s a bit easy-going initially, however, as he just seems like a stand-up guy who’s a great fighter and can even cook some dope grub.

Plus, his taste in women is impeccable. He swiftly proposes to Morgiana and promises to make her his empress. Nicely done.


27. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake Naruto anime screenshot

Anime: Naruto

Kakashi’s eye scar is basically iconic at this point.

Although usually hidden by his mask, whenever it’s visible you know things are about to get serious.

Considering that he’s one of the very few characters that managed to scale with Sasuke and Naruto during the Great Ninja War, saying that he’s a serious fighter wouldn’t be giving him enough credit.

The man became an Anbu before he became a teenager, he was Hokage, his student was the Hokage right after him, and he managed to rival the best Uchiha users in his mastery of the Sharingan.


26. King

King from One Punch Man

Anime: One Punch Man

Ah yes, King.

This man both fits what I said in the introduction, and also doesn’t all at the same time.

You see, King is a wimp. He can’t really fight. And every villain in the series would body him.

However due to circumstances, everyone believes that he’s the strongest there is.

That results in enemies fleeing or having heart attacks just from his mere presence. So technically, he beats every enemy he makes eye contact with, for all the wrong reasons.

At least he’s a good gamer.


25. Mu-Jin Park

Mu-Jin Park from The God of High School

Anime: The God of High School

Currently we don’t really know how Mujin got the scar on his forehead. And to be honest, I have a hard time imagining someone powerful enough to actually give him the “X marks the spot” treatment.

I mean, the man was literally introduced by him slapping an island and killing some pesky people.

How do you come close to someone who can slap an island?

He also kept a literal god at bay with his power. Whoever this character is, it’s going to be interesting to see their rematch.

Unless the scar is for aesthetics and I just sound dumb right now.


24. Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya Tokyo Ghoul anime

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

If we’re talking about an edgy look, Juuzou is definitely in the top ranks.

The thing with him, and yes it is a him, is that his scars are actually self-inflicted.

He likes to put stitches through his body as a kind of body modification.

He has two below the eyes, some under his lip, across his chest, and on his arms and legs.

He almost looks like a scarecrow. A really cool scarecrow.

He stays true to the stereotype as he’s usually in the front lines blasting everything and anything that can be perceived as a threat.


23. Dabi

Dabi Boku no Hero Academia anime

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

It seems fitting to talk about Dabi after mentioning Juuzou, as he also has that scarecrow-esque vibe to him.

Only this time the scarecrow was set on fire.

His entire jaw, chest, arms, as well as the bags under his eyes, are all burned flesh.

Since his quirk is blue flame(which is said to be much hotter than Shouto’s fire) the theory states that his body simply couldn’t manage that amount of heat. Which is metal as hell.

He also has a lot of stitches & piercings where his burned flesh meets his intact skin. This really completes the whole “nightmare look” he was going for.


22. Yuu Otosaka

Yuu Otosaka Charlotte anime screenshot

Anime: Charlotte

Spoiler warnings for this one, as the scar comes along much later in the game.

In short, he goes full Kakashi and gets slashed across the eye.

Not being able to revert time, he goes a bit nuts, spends some time traveling across the globe collecting every power on Earth… then going more nuts, and finally returning home.

Now, you might be saying “oh but his scar isn’t really even visible because of his hair”.

And to that I say “you can’t have a blade go through your eye, blind you, and not leave a scar”, so I just blame the animators.


21. Tahomaru

Tahomaru from Dororo

Anime: Dororo

Same deal as the last time, spoilers ahead!

It’s also an eye-gouging situation here, only a bit more messed up this time.

So Tahomaru’s eye gets slashed by his brother in their duel. What does Tahomaru do?

He uses one of his brother’s eyes to replace the one he damaged, and he put the other eye in the scar wound above his eye.

Not sure if it was necessary to add the third eye. But it looks epic, so I won’t question it.

I know this all makes him sound like a terrible bad guy. But he has his reasons, and by the end he even makes amends with his brother.


20. Yamcha

Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

I love Yamcha because he’s so damn useless after the original Dragon Ball, I find it hilarious.

It’s like if the Olympics had an out-of-shape person compete alongside the pro athletes just so you can have perspective on how good they are.

The man got blown up by Vegeta’s minion, for god’s sake.

Even after death he still carries the scar on his cheek, and the one across his eye, to remind him of how he used to be a capable warrior and not just a side-booth commentator.


19. Tanjirou Kamado

Tanjirou Kamado Demon Slayer anime

Anime: Demon Slayer

In a show with a name like Demon Slayer, you would think Tanjirou’s scar came from an epic battle with a demon lord or something.

But nope, the man got smacked by barbeque equipment.

Luckily the action does get quite a bit more tense later on in the show, with a plethora of demons and even isekaid Michael Jackson.

He got chased by balls, flipped around by a moving house, got drowned on pavement… saying it out loud really makes this show sound stupid, even though it’s really amazing.


18. Shouto Todoroki

Shouto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

Okay, I’m starting to sense a pattern here: it’s all burn marks or eye cuts.

Todoroki falls in the former category, not from battle, but something far more grave: a douchebag father and a traumatized mother.

Little Todoroki took some boiling water to the face.

It does oddly suit his aesthetic, as the burned side corresponds to his fire quirk. So he too can put on his best Zuko cosplay every Halloween.

And if he turns the other cheek, he could totally pull off a gender bender Elsa. Just saying.


17. Senku

Senku Dr. Stone anime screenshot

Anime: Dr. Stone

Okay, this scar I can talk about without alerting Child Protective Services.

It’s a scar that’s shared among all characters that managed to get out of their rocky prison.

Senkuu is obviously the best spokesperson for the entire group, as he both got out first and thawed out the other characters.

Plus, his scar looks pretty dope. Like two lightning bolts.

Bonus points for not going the easy route and having the scar go across the eye. He gets his own signature look.


16. Mika Harima

Mika Harima from Durarara!!

Anime: Durarara!!

I can’t tell what’s more serious: the scar, or the story behind it. Scratch that, it’s definitely the story no competition.

Although I still don’t get why Mika falls in love with Seiji to an unhealthy amount.

So she has plastic surgery so that she could look like Celty. That is, Celty’s floating head.

It was a weird arc in the show, okay?

And just so that he believes that it’s Celty’s head attached to her body, she gets a nasty scar around her neck.

If love makes you do this level of crazy then perhaps love should make you get a restraining order for yourself.


15. Saichi Sugimoto

Saichi Sugimoto Golden Kamuy anime

Anime: Golden Kamuy

Remember how I said scars are like trophies for surviving?

Saichi got the nickname “Immortal” because of all the dangerous situations he’s survived. Can you guess how many scars this man has?

I swear it’s like guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar. Once he takes his shirt off you don’t know where one scar ends and the other begins.

I mean it makes sense, considering he’s in the army. And that bad CGI animals roam the forests.

But still, talk about going through the wringer.

At least for the majority of the show we can only see his facial scars, which aren’t as depressing as his back or chest.


14. Guts

Guts from Berserk anime

Anime: Berserk

Speaking of front-line muscle men at the jaws of death, Guts everybody.

When it comes to the number of scars covering his body, he’s probably on par with Sugimoto. With two exceptions.

First, if we’re talking semantics and counting mental scars then I doubt anyone can compete with Guts.

Second, after the biggest betrayal scene since Judas, Guts is left without an arm. So in terms of overall damage done to the body, he definitely stays on top.

It’s no wonder that he’s way grumpier and more pessimistic than Sugimoto, to be honest.


13. Kadomon Risch

Kadomon Risch Re: Zero anime screenshot

Anime: Re: Zero

I never thought I would fall in love with an NPC. But here we are.

His name probably means nothing to you. But I have no doubt that seeing that stern face, with the two parallel scars telling you to get off his lawn or shoving apples in your face, will surely ring a bell.

Whenever he came on screen it meant that Subaru just died, but also that everyone is temporarily safe. As if the man was a walking over bonfire or something.

In the little screen time he does have, we can see that he’s a stand-up guy who cares for his family and is willing to help out strangers if the situation seems dire.


12. Thorkell

Thorkell Vinland Saga anime

Anime: Vinland Saga

Now this man is as a stereotypical of a Viking warrior as you can get.

He lives for battle and seeks nothing more than a worthy challenge.

Which is kind of hard to do when you’re a giant who can throw trees around like they’re nothing.

So it took quite a bit for our tall boy to gain a few noticeable scars. Namely, it was in his clash with Thorfinn that he lost two fingers and even his eye.

From that point on he wore an eye patch and put on his scariest pirate voice when sailing into battle.

Not really, but I really wish he did.


11. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha from Naruto: Shippuden

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

As they say, an eye for an eye.

And since I already had Kakashi on here I might as well have Obito, the man whose eye gave him his copy ninja status.

As far as villains go, Obito was definitely top tier. Some describe him as a Naruto who lost hope.

His path towards the dark side starts at the same time as he gains his scar, after a pile of rocks crush half his body, permanently disfiguring half of his face.

But physical damage wasn’t enough. So he had to see the only person he cares about die.

Now with a scar on the inside and the outside, he was ready to set into motion the biggest conflict the world of Naruto has ever seen.


10. Scar

Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I mean, it’s literally in his nickname. Kind of hard to ignore this dude.

As a character he gives off strong Stain vibes (which is not the first time someone thought of this crossover). A vigilante that has been wronged by supposed heroes and now wants to teach them a lesson.

Only Scar goes a bit further than Stain ever did, opting for full-on murder and targeting every state Alchemist regardless of their involvement in his misery.

He has his softer moments. But they’re always drenched in blood, so it’s hardly worth saying that he’s a good person.

Even his nickname shows that he left his real name in the past, along with his kind nature.


9. Zoro Roronoa

Zoro Roronoa One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

Zoro holds two of the scar classics: one across the eye and one across the chest.

It’s interesting to note that when it comes to his eye scar, the fandom did not accept it as just a new design choice. But rather seem to believe it holds great importance to the story.

Like that it will allow him to uncover an amazing sword technique, or conversely that he got it while training his heart out.

Considering it’s Zoro we’re talking about, nothing is off-limits. As god knows mister “nothing happened” can endure the biggest pain and not say a word.


8. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya Boku no Hero Academia anime

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

Finally a non-eye related scar.

Deku just has a lot of scars on his hands. And one look at the tournament festival tells you all you need to know about how he got them. Before he learned to control his quirk, he just kept breaking his fingers, hands, arms, and legs, all in order to get a burst of power.

His hands were definitely the worst off. The old finger break was a staple of his.

After realizing he can also kick people, he hasn’t broken as many bones.

But the scars still remain as a bittersweet reminder.


7. Shanks

Shanks One Piece anime screenshot

Anime: One Piece

Shanks represents the most idealized version of being a pirate: sailing around the world, throwing parties, getting drunk while also having power and influence.

The man is always so laid-back, you might even forget that he was part of the Roger Pirates.

You can basically spit in his face and odds are he’ll retaliate with a joke or something.

Just don’t mess with his friends. That’s when he gets serious.

And when he gets serious you kind of get killed.


6. Laxus Dreyar

Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail anime

Anime: Fairy Tail

And we have another eye scar, a lightning bolt eye scar… do you want to guess what his powers are?

So yeah, angry Pikachu came onto the scene as quite the troublemaker, having tons of power but absolutely no humility.

He was proud as can be. He was prepared to attack his own comrades, he had daddy issues, the usual.

But after getting his butt handed to him by the protagonist and being excommunicated, he learned to cherish those around him and swallow his pride a bit and oh my god he’s basically Vegeta.


5. Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki Bleach anime

Anime: Bleach

On the note of people being like Vegeta, I’m pretty sure Kenpachi would fit in as a Saiyan no problem.

Because man, does he love his fighting.

And he always has to do that thing where he conceals most of his power and plays around with his enemies, just so the battle would last as long as possible.

And if the enemy is out of juice he’ll allow them to just surrender, as he refuses to kick a man while he’s down.

Sounds like a situation where he would give the enemy a Senzu bean, just saying. He even has the spiky hair!


4. Nice Holystone

Nice Holystone from Baccano!

Anime: Baccano!

If someone is an explosives expert, but is covered in scars made from an explosion, I can’t tell if that makes them less or more credible.

Besides sounding like a compliment given to a church gem, Nice is a supporting character in Baccano and Jacuzzi’s main gal.

She’s also the reason for his face tattoo, as Jacuzzi didn’t want her to feel alienated for her scars by her lonesome… what a stud.

She’s quite the reliable gal with the grossest (but also somehow coolest) trap card I have seen. You never know what she could be hiding behind that eyepatch.


3. Tsukuyo

Tsukuyo Gintama anime

Anime: Gintama

Tsukuyo is definitely one tough customer.

Although she’s from a comedy series, she barely ever changes her facial expression. Even when trying to make a joke.

However, if you manage to piss her off she will throw a kunai so fast. She still won’t change her expression, but odds are you will.

She has two scars on her face. And as it turns out, they were self-inflicted. As Tsukuyo wanted to leave her femininity behind to protect those she cared about.

Jokes on her though, the scars make her a lot hotter.


2. Najenda

Najenda Akame ga Kill anime

Anime: Akame ga Kill

I was originally going to put Shura on here, but he did my boy Lubbock dirty so screw that guy.

Najenda’s scar is a bit on the subtle side, because just like a few others on this list, she decided to put an eyepatch over her missing eye.

She’s an absolute babe who excels at two things: terrible puns and war tactics.

The two don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But hey, there’s a first time for everything.

She’s initially made captain exclusively because of her extensive knowledge. But let’s be real: by the end of the show she packed enough of a punch to rival the best of them.


1. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

And for my top pick I’m putting down the rubber man himself, Luffy.

If we’re talking about post time skip then there are two big scars to discuss.

One underneath his eye when he fricking stabbed himself to show Shanks that he’s not afraid of pain, baller move.

And the other is the giant X across his chest from his clash with that lava hand douche. I will never forgive what you did to Ace.

Luffy is usually very chipper and optimistic, but considering that (again) the man stabbed his own eye, I think it’s fair to say that isn’t always the case.

And when Luffy gets serious the chills are real.

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