Top 20 Best Manga Released In The 2010s

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During the 2010s we had some amazing mangas to read.

Whether you’re looking for comedy, action, sports, romance, drama… there’s something for everyone.

Knowing that, I tried to widen my net as much as possible, making sure to get only the best out there by embracing every type of manga. And that leads us into this ranking.

So here’s our picks for the best manga released across the 2010s.


20. Food Wars

Food Wars Vol. 3 Manga Cover

Kicking off the list we have an unusual shonen here.

Instead of battles or sports, our protagonist deals with his problems in a place everyone knows very well: the kitchen.

Cooking is the backbone of the story in Food Wars, with our hero Souma attending a very rigid culinary school, and dreaming of one day taking over the family’s restaurant as the head chef.

The rhythm of the story feels very familiar – but it’s still very enjoyable thanks to the characters and beautiful art (get ready to salivate at every single plate you see).

All in all, Food Wars brings something new and exciting to the table (pun intended) and is surely deserving of its spot on this list.


19. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Volume 4 Manga Cover

One day, a mysterious light is shone on the planet, freezing every living being in stone.

Thousands of years later the world has basically transformed into a giant jungle, with statues of people and animals sprinkled around.

But finally, some people and other animals start to emerge from their prisoned state.

Among the freed people, we have Taiju and Senkuu, both of which will fight with everything they’ve got to take humanity back to its former glory.

It’s an interesting idea, using our knowledge from today to advance in a world that has become ancient once again – and the delivery for it is pretty well executed.

Plus the art style here is unique and adds a nice flavor to the whole experience.

For anyone that loves survival-type mangas but hasn’t checked out this one yet, I’ve got to say: what are you waiting for? Also go read it now, it’s great.


18. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 2 Manga Cover

Shouko Komi is having her first day at school, and is already causing quite the ruckus with her diva-like looks:

Tall, slender figure, porcelain-like skin, beautiful long black hair, and graceful mannerism, Komi seems to have it all.

But she has one small problem no one’s aware of yet: she’s so shy she can barely speak.

The story here basically works as an adorable gag manga, with a cute romance thrown in the middle.

It’s very lighthearted and a lot of fun.


17. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom Volume 6 Manga Cover

A yellow tentacled monster destroys half the moon and announces the Earth’s destruction in one year.

That seems like a good way to grab attention, right?

But before all that, this monster has an interesting request: to become a teacher at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, where he’ll give regular classes while also teaching his students how to kill him.

Weird plot? Sure.

But also really intriguing, and it makes you want to read the thing just to know what this is all about.

While starting as a comedy with action scenes, the manga goes deeper and deeper, exploring things nicely, and bringing mysteries to light in a satisfying manner.

Assassination Classroom is very unique and very good.


16. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Vol. 2 Manga Cover

Demon Slayer became a phenomenon practically overnight, with its popularity taking over other known mangas – and calling a lot of attention to itself in the process.

How did it do that?

By doing the small things right.

The powers and fights are spectacular, the comradeship between the main cast is fun, rivalries are portrayed in an entertaining way, plus the art is distinct enough to grab attention.

All of these points tie together into an amazing manga.


15. Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! Volume 12 Manga Cover

Haikyu is basically responsible for setting up a passion for volleyball across an entire generation.

And I mean that quite literally – there was an actual increase in the number of members from volleyball clubs in Japan among young boys.

And it’s not hard to see why.

The characters are fun and easy to relate to, the games are exciting and engaging, the art brings everything to life in a wonderful way.

Like seriously, is there anything not to love here?


14. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Vol. 3 Manga Cover

An orphanage wrapped in mysteries, and three orphans who want to unravel it.

Promised Neverland presents you with a set of adorable characters – but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s a horror manga.

What happens with the adopted orphans?

What’s outside the house?

Can the caretaker be trusted?

These characters will be asking a thousand questions during the course of the story, and you’ll be thinking of a million more.

No matter what kind of manga you’re usually into, this is at the very least an interesting read.


13. Horimiya

Horimiya Volume 6 Manga Cover

Horimiya is a rom-com slice-of-life with a most unlikely couple:

A gentle guy who’s seen as a brooding brute, and an amicable hardworking girl who has a kink to be treated poorly.

Lots of hijinks ensue.

It’s a fun setup that’s played extremely well, with tons of funny and romantic moments. It also plays on a deeper level, dealing with insecurities and anxieties that the main couple suffers from.

With moments that can make you laugh, cry, and set your heart aflutter, Horimiya is a must for any rom-com fan.


12. Spy x Family

Spy x Family Vol. 5 Manga Cover

For master spy Lloid, no task is too great for the sake of peace.

But this time he’s faced with the hardest challenge of his career:

Get a wife, get a daughter, and play family.

What he doesn’t know is that his newfound wife is a lethal assassin, and his adopted daughter is a mind reader.

Spy x Family perfectly balances comedy, action, and spy romance, all merged into an exciting read that can please new manga readers and veterans alike.


11. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man Volume 7 Manga Cover

One Punch Man tells the tale of Saitama, a hero for fun that can destroy any enemy with one punch.

And he has clearly become quite well-known since the 2010s.

Why is that?

Is it because of the great story that takes you places you’d never guess before?

The cast of characters that are just so fascinating?

Or maybe because of the art that’s absolutely stunning?

The jokes that are delivered perfectly?

The amazing action sequences?

All of the above and more?

Honestly, if you haven’t checked this out yet, just go read One-Punch Man.


10. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Vol. 5 Manga Cover

Kaguya likes Miyuki, Miyuki likes Kaguya.

Neither wants to confess their feelings since that would be a sign of weakness.

The solution?

Get a confession out of their partner through any means necessary.

This manga is a charming rom-com with a focus on the mind games our main couple plays on each other in every chapter.

It’s equal parts hysterical and heartwarming, and even if romance is not your cup of tea, I’d say give this one a shot – you won’t regret at least trying it.


9. Grand Blue

Grand Blue Volume 3 Manga Cover

Grand Blue is possibly the best comedy-focused manga released across the entire decade.

Grand Blue accompanies a rowdy group of friends in college who like to party, drink, and have fun in general.

It’s a very simple manga, yet it can bring laughing-out-loud moments with such a consistency that it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

If you want a good laugh, Grand Blue is the way to go.


8. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Vol. 7 Manga Cover

This manga is insanity put to ink.

Seriously, it’s hard to describe it.

Bloody, brutal, funny, horrific, serious, cool, mysterious, badass.

You can pick any of these adjectives and it will be valid here. The world created in Chainsaw Man is fascinating, plus the characters are amazing, and the art serves everything else greatly.

This is easily one of the most insane, unique, and best shounen manga published to date.


7. Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous Volume 4 Manga Cover

This psychedelic-looking manga follows the life of crystalized lifeforms known as Lustrous, as they fight to protect themselves against Lunarians: creatures from the moon who wants to harvest their bodies.

With beautiful art, and a sense of impending doom looming in every chapter, Land of the Lustrous presents a narrative full of mysteries, interesting characters, and an imaginative world that is sure to be remembered.

Check it out and see what you think.


6. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You Vol. 3 Manga Cover

Yuu Koito is a girl who desperately wants to experience a love story of her own, but can’t seem to get one.

When a boy finally confesses his feelings to her, she feels absolutely nothing – and is convinced she just can’t fall in love.

That is, of course, until Touko Nanami confesses her feelings to her.

This manga is primarily about romance – but it also deals with so much more.

Growing up, finding love, discovering yourself, gender roles, dealing with loss and solitude, understanding your own feelings, the list goes on.

It’s an emotional journey that will take your heart for a ride.


5. Girl’s Last Tour

Girl’s Last Tour Volume 6 Manga Cover

In a post-apocalyptic world, two girls Chito and Yuri roam around the remains of their city.

They’re just trying to find ways to entertain themselves and keep on living.

This is perhaps one of the most unlikely slice-of-life scenarios out there, but also one of the best from recent mangas.

Tragically beautiful and fascinating, Girl’s Last Tour is a manga that’s certainly one of a kind.


4. Blue Period

Blue Period Vol. 9 Manga Cover

Yatora Yaguichi is a high school student bored with life.

He studies and hangs out with his friends, but enjoys neither of these activities.

When he discovers the joy of drawing, a breath of fresh air is blown into his life, and he decides that making art is what he wants to do for a living.

It’s a choice that comes with way more obstacles than he ever thought.

The path of an art student is not easy.

I mean think about it: people disrespect the subject or the idea of making art, talent often goes unrecognized, and hard work can be unappreciated.

But that’s exactly what makes this manga so interesting to read.

To see the protagonist follow his dreams in a realistic world can be beautiful, and also sad. Just like real life.


3. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss Volume 5 Manga Cover

The Abyss: a hole deep in the ground that has yet to be fully explored and understood.

And there’s a little girl Riko who wants to enter it to find her long-missing mother.

Made In Abyss, despite what it might look like at first glance, is a dark fantasy (with some heavy emphasis on dark), that presents an intriguing world that will get anyone hooked and reading nonstop, looking to unveil the world’s mysteries.

And really, the world created here is just way too interesting – and I mean specifically the Abyss (which is where the entire story is centered around anyway).

From the way this world works, to its creatures and environments, you’ll be longing to see more and more.

The characters here also deserve to be mentioned. From lovable to hateful, the cast can offer it all – and take you on an emotional rollercoaster while you enjoy the ride.


2. I Sold My Life For Ten Thousand Yen Per Year

I Sold My Life For Ten Thousand Yen Per Year Vol. 3 Manga Cover

Kusunoki is a 20-year-old guy who’s in dire need of some money.

After hearing of a supposed shop where they buy time, lifespan, and health, he decides to try it out of a mix of curiosity and desperation.

Settling for ten thousand per year, he sells the next 30 years of his life and finds himself with only 3 months left to live.

What is the value of a life?

Can someone die happy with their own lives?

What does it even mean to be alive?

Those are some pretty heavy questions, and yet this short manga manages to tackle them all in a brilliant fashion.

Really, this manga is truly masterful.


1. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice Volume 4 Manga Cover

This manga introduces us to a couple characters: Shouya Ishida, a mischievous boy, and Shouko Nishimya, a deaf girl who wants nothing but to be friends with her new classmates.

The tale of these two, and how their lives are intertwined forever after their first meeting, is tragically beautiful.

The themes here are very heavy: anxiety, bullying, and even suicide all come into play. And these themes are all handled with the seriousness they deserve, never being treated as something lighthearted or to be glossed over.

Because of that, I recommend anyone that reads this, to keep a box of tissues nearby –you’ll probably cry, a lot.

I can say so many things about this manga. But in the end, I just want you to understand that this is a journey of empathy, self-love, patience, and forgiveness.

It’s the most beautiful manga I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. And I honestly think everyone should read it too.

Just maybe not more than once, don’t want anyone dying of dehydration from excessive crying.

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