20 Best Rome: Total War Mods You Have To Try

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Some fans would argue that no games have topped Rome: Total War.

This is one of the earliest iterations of the game, and a big fan favourite. Rome: Total War was the 3rd release from developers The Creative Assembly.

As many say, earlier releases tend to be less refined and more ambitious. Cramming in every little idea you could possibly think of.

This works to the advantage of Rome specifically, as it is one of the most diverse Total War games out there.

Being a favorite among the fandom, there is no shortage of extra content for the game. If you’re looking to rediscover an old classic, these mods are sure to do the trick.

20. DarthMod

DarthMod for Rome Total War

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A Total War mod list is never complete without the mention of DarthMod.

Darth Vader is undoubtedly one of the most respected modders in the Total War community.

He is known for his smarter AI mods which give the games added challenge as well as a whole new sense of realism.

Rome: Total War is no different.

Aside from the smarter AI making for improved decision making in battles and building, there are also new battle formations to be discovered that are sure to impact your tactical approach to playing the game.


19. KLA’s Units Pack

TW KLA's Units Pack

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If you’re already satisfied with the base game but are looking for a little graphics update, you’re going to want to check out KLA’s Units Pack.

The pack includes 165 new models and textures for existing units in the game.

The soldiers are now more historically accurate appearance-wise adding to the overall realism of the experience.

Some of the more impressive skins include those of the gladiators, who now wear masks appropriate to the time period.

A simple way to make the game look much more interesting with a wider variety of units than before.


18. Extended Greek Mod

Extended Greek Mod screenshot

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Another great mod for those who prefer not to change too much from vanilla.

The Extended Greek Mod aims to build on the current Greek factions. As most of you probably know, the base game places much more focus on Rome.

By adding loads of new units, buildings, character traits, and more to the existing Greek choices, this makes for an interesting experience.

Especially if you’ve already completed the vanilla campaigns.

Not much was changed in terms of gameplay so if you already love the base game, this is a great way to refresh your experience but keep it realistic too.


17. SPQR

SPQR mod for Total War

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SPQR is a great mod for those looking to add realism to the game, focusing mainly on battles.

If you enjoy larger scale, drawn-out battles, SPQR is what you’re looking for.

There are new units and balance updates, but the modder’s focus was really on improving battle mechanics.

Tactics play a much larger role in winning battles, as more battle time increases your ability to move units around as well.

10,000 unit battles aren’t uncommon with this mod installed. So if you’re looking for some epic war play, check this one out.


16. Hegemonia City States

Hegemonia City States TW mod

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Now if you’re looking for more of an overhaul, Hegemonia City States is a good place to start.

Placing focus on ancient Greek history, known as the Hellenic period, this mod includes most well-known ancient factions including Sparta, Carthage, Persia, and Athens, among a few others.

There are tons of new units, buildings, and game mechanics to explore.

If you’re into ancient Greek history you’ll want to have a go at this one.


15. Aristeia

Aristeia custom mod

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There was once a mod called Troy: Total War, which was actually inspired by the film Troy.

Being fanas of Achilles and the Trojan War, Troy: Total War eventually grew into a new project called Aristeia.

Made by the same team behind Troy: Total War, Aristeia continues on with the story based from the ten-year siege of the city of Troy, as depicted in the Iliad.

From that we can tell that the mod is focused on historical accuracy, with some enjoyable gameplay upgrades to go along with it.

With 17 playable factions, three campaigns, and updated music and graphics, this will surely make for a completely new RTW experience.

There is even an actual event for the Trojan War where you can make use of a Trojan Horse to infiltrate enemy camps. Sounds fun right?


14. Viking Invasion II

Viking Invasion II mod

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Viking Invasion II has received much praise as it is an important mod for many Total War fans.

The first Viking Invasion expansion pack was released for Medieval: Total War and has become one of the most loved campaigns by Total War fans.

For those who aren’t familiar, Viking Invasion II was actually a rumored expansion pack for Medieval 2: Total War that ended up never seeing completion.

With Viking Invasion II it has now become a reality. With the result being even better than expected as it maximizes the upgraded engine found in Rome: Total War.

The mod focuses on the early Viking Era after the birth of King Alfred the Great of Wessex.

Viking Invasion II features 50 provinces to discover in a new map, 8 factions to choose from, and unit changes with balances to improve gameplay.


13. Chivalry Total War

Chivalry Total War mod

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Another great overhaul is Chivalry Total War.

The first thing you’ll notice is how the look and feel of the game changes right from the main menu, with an updated interface, new fonts, and music.

The mod focuses more on the medieval world between 1072 and 1222 AD, and it’s impressive how everything in the game (including the menu screens) are appropriate to the time period.

The mod features a completely new campaign with 20 playable factions.

You’ll be able to play through the crusades to the Holy Land, the Baltic Crusades, and the Spanish Reconquista to name a few.


12. Warhammer Total War

Warhammer Total War custom mod

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If you’re looking for a more drastic change, there are mods for that too.

Warhammer Total War, as you probably guessed, brings the fantasy world of Warhammer to RTW.

The mod took over half a decade to complete, and it shows in the sheer amount of new content you’ll find here.

This changes the game completely, taking you right to a fantasy world with its UI overhaul.

There is an overwhelming number of new units here (250 to be exact), and a huge map to discover. Play through 150 different provinces, including the Chaos Wastes, Naggaroth, and the Mountains of Mourn.

If you’re looking for a fresh fantasy experience, or if you’re already a fan of the Warhammer universe, this is something you should definitely look into.


11. EOD II; Lycan Rising

Lycan Rising mod

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End of Days II: Lycan Rising is another interesting fantasy overhaul for RTW.

This time, instead of taking us to the Warhammer universe, the mod chooses to focus on a completely different fantasy storyline.

We’re probably all familiar with vampires and werewolves, right? Well this mod lets you experience the battle of the night breeds right from RTW.

You can play as either the Vampyres, Lycans, or Talamascans, each having their own religions, buildings, and units.

Whoever wins the epic battle between the bloodsuckers, wolfmen, or humans, is completely up to you.


10. Fourth Age: TW

Fourth Age: TW mod

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The LoTR fantasy world has inspired modders for a lot of games spanning multiple genres.

Total War modders are no different. There are Lord of the Rings mods for pretty much every Total War game out there.

Fourth Age: TW takes us to Middle-earth, but is actually based on an unfinished J.R.R. Tolkien manuscript called “The New Shadow”.

Just checking the mod’s moddb page you’ll find that it has received lots of praise from users.

The story is said to be one of the most immersive from any RTW mod, and the lore is said to be spot on as well.

Definitely a must-try for LoTR and Total War fans.


9. Ran no Jidai

Ran no Jidai mod

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Many of the original fans of the series fell in love with Total War right from the beginning – with Shogun: Total War.

The team behind Ran no Jidai were no different, but they wanted to maximize the graphical and gameplay upgrades of RTW while still enjoying the story and historical elements of the original game.

There spawned Ran no Jidai – taking us back to the samurai warfare of the Japanese Sengoku period.

Whether you already own RTW but didn’t get a chance to experience the original Shogun game, or are just looking for a change of scenery – Ran no Jidai is a great way to do so.

With tons of improvements including new units, buildings, graphics, and smarter AI, this mod will give you an expansive look into the history of Japanese culture.


8. Extended Cultures

Extended Cultures mod

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This one actually started as a submod for the Extended Greek Mod. But it has since grown into its own completed overhaul.

Extended Cultures (better known as XC) adds a substantial amount of content with a total of nine campaigns to play through, including Ceasar’s Civil War staged in 49 BC.

The map has also been updated based from historical geography and even climate.

Where this mod really shines is in its building system.

Taking from Medival: Total War, there is a deep building system where bonuses and recruiting are dependent on what structures are present in the area.


7. Vanilla Enhancement

Vanilla Enhancement mod

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One of the more recent mods, just being released 2 years ago, Vanilla Enhancement is still being updated to this day.

Modder ahowl11 takes inspiration from all the best vanilla improvement mods that have been created over the years with the aim of releasing the ultimate vanilla experience is one clean package.

Still a work in progress at its 17th version, there are already loads of new units to discover.

Egypt even got their own unique roster here, instead of the original copy of Macedon units.

There’s a whole lot more to explore here with updated recruitment, battle, and diplomacy mechanics. The soundtrack was even updated to make everything feel much more epic.


6. Total War: 1942

Total War: 1942 mod

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Who would have thought that you’d ever be able to take RTW to World War II?

Well it’s been done, with Total War: 1942.

The Total War series has always been known for staying within the older historical eras. But modder Dagovax preferred to take a more modern approach.

By modern of course, I’m speaking in the context of the Total War series.

Now you can battle with 18 new factions who took part in WWII, including the USA, Germany, and the USSR.

The map has been changed to a world map too. And battles now include naval ships, tanks, and even planes!

I’m sure just the thought of having tanks in RTW is an exciting enough idea, so go check this out now.


5. Rise of Persia

Rise of Persia Total War mod

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Another great period piece, this time focusing on the rise of the Achaemenid Empire.

Taking us back to 6th century BC where the world is divided by four grand empires – The Medes, Lydians, Egyptians, and Chaldeans.

All the while, King Cyrus II is plotting to unite the separate kingdoms. And by doing so will plant the seeds from which the first Persian empire will grow.

Take on this epic adventure with Cyrus the Great as you play through the Rise of Persia.


4. Roma Surrectum

Roma Surrectum mod

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With the last four mods on the list I’m getting much deeper into some of the best overhauls you can get for Rome: Total War.

Starting off is Roma Surrectum, one of the most popular mods for the game.

There is so much to discover with this mod that it will feel like a completely new game altogether. Not even really exaggerating.

Aside from graphics upgrades, the mod contains hundreds of new buildings, units, and updated economic system as well.

What’s even more impressive is that individual factions each have their own campaign to play through.


3. Lusted’s “Terrae Expugnandae”

Terrae Expugnandae mod

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Another favorite is Lusted’s “Terrae Expugnandae”.

This isn’t a complete overhaul in the traditional sense, as Lusted’s aim was to simply tweak gameplay elements to improve on what the base game already had to offer.

However, with the sheer amount of balances and changes made, it actually makes RTW feel completely new.

Instead of trying to add additional elements to the game, he took a more minimalistic approach.

Aside from some visual upgrades, there is a deep set of balance tweaks to the gameplay mechanics that will make rediscovering RTW loads of fun.

Lusted even moved on to becoming an actual developer for Creative Assembly after the praise he got from this mod.


2. Rome: Total Realism

Rome: Total Realism mod preview

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As the title suggests, Rome: Total Realism focuses more on making the game as realistic as possible.

So if that’s something that appeals to you, this is the mod to check out.

There are a lot of changes here that drastically impact how you play the game.

You’ll notice that instead of cities littered across the map, towns are now introduced as well. Towns are smaller settlements which have population limits, but control of them gives large economic benefits.

They are easier to capture so your expansion strategy will definitely change now that they are available.

Another cool feature is the updated traits system, which encourages players to make proper use of generals by their designations.

There are negative repercussions for incorrectly assigning generals, so there’s another thing you should watch out for.

All in all, this makes everything a bit more challenging. But you’d expect as much if you’re going for extreme realism.


1. Europa Barbarorum

Europa Barbarorum mod

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Europa Barbarorum is probably the most praised Rome: Total War mod out there.

Having received some awards, it’s easy to see why this has become a widespread favorite among Total War fans.

The strength of Europa Barbarorum lies in its historical accuracy.

Being created by a group of historians, the depth of historical detail in this mod is unmatched by any other out there.

To start, descriptions for buildings, units, and even loading screens are packed with historical information. Just reading them will not only help you pass loads of time, but learn a lot about the cultures as well.

They even went a step further and added in voice recordings for each faction, spoken in the actual languages that they used during the time.

Europa Barbarorum has so much to offer and is definitely a unique Total War experience that everyone should play through for themselves.

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