The 10 Best Religion Mods for Civ 6 (All Free)

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Religion has played a critical role in the development of human society – and it’s no different in Civilization 6.

Whether you pursue a religious victory or just use Faith to subsidize your Great People, religion can make the difference between establishing your hegemony or being forgotten by time.

I’ve always thought the religion system in the Civilization series needs a major rework to make it fun instead of a labor-intensive chore.

Firaxis seems uninterested in change, but Civ 6 modders have been pumping out religion tweaks and add-ons since the game came out in 2016.

Here are some excellent religion-focused mods you need in your Civ 6 pantheon.


10. Disable Religion

Disable Religion / Civ 6 Mod

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People leaving the faith has become increasingly common in our times.

To reflect this in Civilization 6, you could try out the Disable Religion mod.

As the name suggests, this add-on completely removes religion from the game. Everything becomes impossible, from building a Holy Site to obtaining Great Prophets.

Even religious city-states are re-categorized and given another attribute! The author thought of everything, and it’s worth trying out with your secular gamer friends.


9. Better Religion Window

Better Religion Window / Civ 6 Mod

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Nobody says no to a couple UI improvements.

The Better Religion Window mod allows players to manage their religious ambitions more efficiently by combining all the relevant information into a single screen.

It features an overview of every civilization’s conversion rate and detailed information on every city. This includes their pantheon belief and how many followers of each religion live there.

Getting a religious victory is an uphill battle thanks to the heavy amounts of unit micromanagement needed, so any help is greatly appreciated.


8. 10x Pantheon

10x Pantheon / Civ 6 Mod

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There are two kinds of people in the world: the statesmen who grew up playing Age of Empires and the religious fanatics who played Age of Mythology.

Members of the second group will find much to love in the 10x Pantheon mod for Civ 6.

This mod makes the game a competition between god’s chosen peoples by boosting the power of pantheon beliefs by 1000%.

Whatever pantheon you choose will mark your people’s future forever.

If you think 10x might be a bit of an overkill, check out the 5x and 3x versions of the mod.


7. Gedemo’s Pantheons

Gedemo’s Pantheons / Civ 6 Mod

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Variety is the spice of life – even your spiritual life.

Give your citizenry a reason to reevaluate their metaphysical presuppositions with Gedemo’s Pantheons, introducing six all-new Pantheon beliefs to Civ 6.

Some of my favorites include:

  • God of Thunder: Religious buildings generate +2 power.
  • Animal Totem: Whales, Turtles, and Deer generate +2 faith.
  • The Chosen One: A Great Prophet spawns in your main Holy Site.

These relatively well-balanced and creative additions will make you think beyond getting Religious Settlements or Fertility Rites.


6. Vinrock’s Pantheons

Vinrock's Pantheons / Civ 6 Mod

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This pack of four new beliefs will give you more options when you wish to dedicate yourself to war in the early game.

If you’re going for early war, Holy Warriors is the way to go.

It spawns two Warriors near your capital, which is fantastic in the short term.

Alternatively, you can defend yourself from an incoming rush with the Goddess of Protection pantheon, which halves the building time of Ancient Walls and makes them produce +2 faith.


5. Ancient Egyptian Pantheons

Ancient Egyptian Pantheons / Civ 6 Mod

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Gifts of the Nile is one of my favorite scenarios in Civ 6.

It provides a unique perspective on life along the Nile river in antiquity, expanding our understanding of the Egyptian and Nubian peoples in an immersive and fun way.

One of the most interesting details is the pantheon beliefs in Gifts of the Nile, which are tied to specific Egyptian gods like Atum, Anubis, Isis, and Horus.

The Ancient Egyptian Pantheons mod brings these pantheons to your custom games, with minor tweaks to make them competitive.


4. SPM Pantheon Beliefs

SPM Pantheon Beliefs / Civ 6 Mod

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Even more pantheon beliefs are coming your way with SPM Pantheon Beliefs.

Adding no less than 16 new deities for your people to worship, this mod can transform the way you think about pantheons.

For example, the Spirit of Shelter belief makes expanding into dry areas more viable with extra housing in cities without access to fresh water.

The Spirit of Festivals pantheon grants one amenity for every Monument, which is nothing to scoff at, either.

Whether these are well-balanced or not is up for debate, but Religious Settlements is still better than 80% of these, so it’s okay.


3. P0kiehl’s Better Pantheons

P0kiehl's Better Pantheons / Civ 6 Mod

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You don’t need new beliefs to make religion more popular with the youth.

With P0kiehl’s Better Pantheons, you can make what’s already there much more appealing.

This mod buffs almost every pantheon in the game to make them all fun and interesting in their own right.

It’s not just better for you, though.

These changes align with the AI’s reasoning, so they’ll pick strong beliefs more often than not.

Some of my favorite changes include removing the Holy Site proximity conditions from God of War and God of Healing and the general yield increase across the board.


2. Tomatekh’s Historical Religions

Tomatekh's Historical Religions / Civ 6 Mod

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The spread of pre-fabricated religions included in Civilization 6 is pretty varied.

It goes as far as to include more obscure religions like Zoroastrianism along with the more mainstream Catholicism or Islam.

But if you wanted every culture in the game to be well-represented, you’d need a couple more.

Tomatekh’s Historical Religions puts faith under a microscope by introducing over 100 lesser-known religions and beliefs such as Ayni, Chiminigagua, Canaanism, Chaldeanism, and more.

If someone believes in it, it’s probably here – custom icon included!


1. Religion Expanded

Religion Expanded / Civ 6 Mod

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If Firaxis ever decided to release a religion-focused DLC for Civilization 6, it would look like Religion Expanded.

This magnificent mod makes everything about religion in Civ 6 bigger and better.

There are 14 more pantheons, 7 new beliefs for every tier, and even some new worship buildings like Basilicas and Khalwats to give Pagodas and Gurudwaras a run for their money.

In addition, this mod raises the maximum number of religions that can be created per game to 14.

She gets religion, he gets religion, everybody gets religion!

There’s much to discover and try out in this mod. Get ready for a religious awakening.

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