Best Game Music From Command & Conquer (The Entire Series)

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Essentially the Hans Zimmer of the Command & Conquer series, Frank Klepacki has been responsible for some of the most epic soundtracks throughout the franchise.

These songs can still be considered greats even today.

While he was not the only composer to contribute to the series, his effect on the success of the Command & Conquer games can’t be understated as he brought out the best of each game he composed on.

From the hard rock of the Red Alert series to the cerebral sounds of the GLA faction in Generals, this list will cover the absolute best OST music from the entire Command & Conquer series.

This way all you C&C fans can revisit those memories whenever you feel a tinge nostalgia for the classics.

15. Tiberium Wars – Crimson City

A track taken from one of the later games in the C&C franchise, Crimson City is a subtle yet striking piece which combines slow build-up with fast flurries to compliment the action on screen.

Also one of the songs on this list not to be composed by Frank Klepacki, Jablonksy and Morris’ piece captures the true suspense of the game.

In Crimson City you can imagine the new alien faction called the Scrin creeping up on their GDI prey before striking all at once as the music ramps up a notch, just before disappearing again into the shadows, having taken the enemy by surprise.


14. Generals – China Battle Theme 2

The game of 3 factions based on reality, C&C Generals really nailed the spirit of each of them with some incredibly personalized musical tracks.

This one was a tough call, since China’s first battle theme is perhaps the more recognized track and is worthy of praise for its exhilarating pace and use of eastern instruments.

But China Battle Theme 2 just edged out the no-less-epic theme 1. Not least for the incredible implementation of wind instruments which immerses you in the Chinese experience.

All you have to do is read the comments about this song(in the YouTube video page) to see how impactful that part of the song is as it kicks with more energy every time.


13. Command & Conquer – Act on Instinct

The first of many Klepacki tracks on this list, Act on Instinct from the original game cleverly uses sound bites in the music to give it another dimension.

About a minute or so in, the track kicks into the iconic beat that is so associated with the game that started it all.

A slightly melancholy yet up-tempo beat, Act on Instinct strikes the balance between all-out war and skirmishes with the enemy combined with the brutal consequences that it often brings.

Really just a classic among the C&C series.


12. Generals – GLA Battle Theme 1

Imitating the cerebral and covert play style of the GLA, the first of their battle themes tells the story of the GLA’s frenetic building and expansion. Then it dies down as they plot and scheme in the shadows.

It’s a song that really seems to follow the GLA’s movements so naturally that this almost seems too good.

The GLA’s main offense in the game comes from hidden tunnels and ambushes catching the opposing forces off guard.

That’s why this track reduces to a hum as they disguise and conceal themselves from sight.

Then the track slowly builds back up as the GLA slowly advance on their prey, before again wreaking havoc on their base.


11. Red Alert 2 – Fortification

Another Klepacki classic, Fortification from Red Alert 2 is one of those tracks that puts you right in the action.

And it’s one that after all these years (the game was released as long ago as the year 2000) still evokes images of soviet mammoth tanks and kirov airships being assembled to send into battle with the Allied forces.

While not a track that would draw the attention of someone unfamiliar with the game, Fortification captures the spirit of Red Alert 2 and acts as a memory of it.


10. Yuri’s Revenge – Brain Freeze

Continuing with the Klepacki classics, Brain Freeze from the red alert 2 expansion Yuri’s Revenge epitomizes the nature of the new mind-controlling faction.

With Yuri’s revenge you are able to play as the soviet psychic Yuri for the first time and attempt to take over the world using an array of psychic powers.

That said, Brain Freeze is the perfect musical score to accompany this strange new faction as there are some surreal elements to it, along several references to mind control through the use of sound bites sprinkled throughout.


9. Renegade – Got A Present For Ya

Renegade was a welcome deviation from the traditional tactical RTS-style game that C&C is known for.

Bringing the action to the realm of FPS, this game was a hit and this track nicely sums up the feel of the game.

Got A Present For Ya was a famous line spoken by the commander in the C&C series, and the commander is who you play as in Renegade.

The badass nature of the commander is what Klepacki attempts to capture with this piece and I think he definitely pulls it off well.


8. Red Alert 3 – Rock and Awe

Keeping the same heavy rock sound started by Klepacki with the first two Red Alert games, Tim Wynn builds upon it with this awesome track in Red Alert 3 called Rock and awe.

A track that wouldn’t be out of place in a rock concert, Rock And Awe is the soundtrack for the Allied forces that will get the juices flowing and get you battle-ready as you prepare to take on the Soviet and the Empire of the rising sun.

A song that seems so fitting for a game with units such as the war bear and the assault dolphin, Rock and Awe is the perfect complement to Red Alert 3.


7. Generals Zero Hour – Raid in Progress

The expansion to the hugely popular C&C Generals game, Zero Hour was an improved version of the original and brought with it epic tracks such as Raid in Progress.

With the heightened realism of the Generals games – especially when contrasted with some of the later C&C games – came a need for more complex tracks that captured the ebbing and flowing of war succinctly.

Raid in Progress does so superbly well. It starts off strong, and then progresses at a steady pace representing the need for patience and strategy in the RTS game.


6. Red Alert 3 – The Red Menace

Here’s another one of the Red Alert 3 tracks composed by Klepacki, The Red Menace brings his signature style back into the fold. Which I have to admit is never a bad thing.

This is certainly a heavier track which matches the direction that Red Alert 3 chose to take.

The Red Menace is a soviet theme which emphasizes their military might and should always be played when attacking with an air fleet of the feared Kirovs.

Playing as the soviets should feel like an intense experience with their deadly arsenal of weapons and vehicles, and this BGM track really nails that feeling.


5. Tiberian Sun – Mutants

A song befitting of its title, Mutants is an otherworldly piece that sums up the mood of the C&C Tiberian Sun nicely.

With a fairly repetitive beat that makes you feel as if you might be under Yuri’s mind control, Mutants is an entrancing track which goes well with the game.

It’s a musical track for the synchronized marching of the mechanized infantry units like the titans. Mutants is a standout song of one of the older games in the franchise that’s still undoubtedly a beloved classic.


4. Command & Conquer 3 – Mechanical Mind

Here’s a bass-heavy track that will blow your speakers out if you’re not careful.

Mechanical Mind from C&C 3 is an epic one with the signature sound bites that is a staple of songs from the franchise.

Like the unofficial soundtrack for the Nod faction, Mechanical Mind is a futuristic tech-inspired beat that lends itself perfectly as the battle theme for the likes of the cybernetic Nod forces.


3. Red Alert 2 – Grinder

Arguably Klepacki’s best work save for the number one entry on this list, Grinder from Red Alert 2 is both a wonderfully paced track to match the energy of a typical skirmish in the game, as well as being an enjoyable rock-inspired song to throw on as you work.

Also pretty nice in the background if you want some nostalgia as you’re working on that research paper late at night.

With heavy guitar riffs that cut right through you, Grinder really gets you pumped for the war ahead.

And it’ll make you feel like you have what it takes to tackle the deadly mammoth tanks and scuttling terror drones of the soviet forces.


2. Generals – Main Theme

One of the best parts of Generals is loading up the game and being treated to a visual spectacle on the title screen.

It boots up and you get to see forces from all of the factions in the games fight it out.

As well as being synonymous with this epic battle sequence from the game’s title screen – which will ensure you spend more time than necessary idling before you get into a match – the main theme from this game is both epic and tragic.

Featuring liberal use of drums and guitars, the main theme makes for the perfect soundtrack for an action-packed skirmish.

And at one point (around 2 minutes in) it has a beautifully melancholic drum solo with angelic vocals which highlights the darker side of war.


1. Red Alert – Hell March/Red Alert 2 – HM2

A tie for first place, the original version of hell march and the exciting remix from Red Alert 1 and 2 respectively, this is Klepacki’s finest composition by far.

Ask any fan of the series what the most iconic track is and they’ll surely respond Hell March without hesitation.

The original version of the track excels in the introduction with the instantly recognizable sound of an army marching, combined with the progressively more intense guitar and drums and army general soundbites.

Whereas HM2(Hell March 2) refines the intro but comes into its own with its thumping beat and more fleshed-out chorus.

You’ll want that on repeat as you fight your way through the enemy forces.

Worthy of a mention is the video that accompanies HM2 which paints a vivid picture of what the game is all about in a spectacular compilation of worldwide conflict between the Allied and Soviet forces.

Hell March 3 from Red Alert 3 unfortunately lacks some of the intensity and distinctness that characterized the first 2 iterations, so while it is still praiseworthy and a solid track it just doesn’t quite make the cut in this list.

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