Earthbound PSI Rockin: How To Get It & What It Does

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PSI Rockin is Ness’ signature PSI attack, which deals damage to all enemies.

Once Ness reaches level 8 he’ll learn PSI Rockin α, which is the first “level” of the move.

It gives him a very decent PSI attack that hits all enemies.

As Ness’ level increases, he will also level up PSI Rockin, with it eventually becoming PSI Rockin Ω at level 75.

Here’s a quick table showing all the levels:

PSI Rockin Learned At PP Cost
α Level 8 10
β Level 22 14
γ Level 49 40
Ω Level 75 98

Each stage of PSI Rockin increases its damage output across the board, as well as the PP required to cast it.


How It Works

PSI Rockin Ω Ability Details / Earthbound

PSI Rockin Ω is one of the most powerful attacks in the game.

It often decimates all enemies in one hit.

This damage is only rivaled by PSI Starstorm Ω and PSI Freeze Ω.

But on top of exceptional damage, PSI Rockin also has the possibility of decreasing one of its targets’ Psychic Shield by 1.

Interestingly, the name of the attack is determined by what you select as your favorite “thing” when you start up a new game.

So feel free to give yourself the opportunity to cast PSI Cheese, PSI Bacon, or PSI Pizza to your heart’s content.

Custom Psi Rockin Ability Name / Earthbound

It’s also worth noting that PSI Rockin does also have the chance to miss.

And this ability can also be cast by Ness’s Nightmare and Giygas. Plus because it’s non-elemental damage, you can’t protect against it with a Pendant.

Also, subsequent re-releases of Earthbound altered the animation of PSI Rockin by blurring the lighting effects.

This was done to reduce the risk of epileptic seizures – think along the lines of the infamous banned Pokémon episode “Electric Soldier Porygon!”

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