What Does The Hand-Aid Do in Earthbound?

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The Hand-Aid is an item in Earthbound that completely heals a party member’s HP.

This is a one of a kind item, and it’s a one use only item. If you do decide to use it, then just know it’ll be gone for good.


Hand-Aid Location

Polestar Preschool in Twoson / Earthbound
Polestar Preschool in Twoson

You receive the Hand-Aid from Paula’s mother.

When you first arrive in Twoson, you’ll hear about the recent kidnapping of one of the city’s residents, a young girl named Paula.

This will be confirmed when you go to the Polestar Preschool and speak with Paula’s mother. Worryingly, Paula’s father hasn’t even noticed that she’s missing, despite everyone else in Twoson knowing about the kidnapping.

Your adventure will eventually take you through Peaceful Rest Valley, and then finally to Happy Happy Village.

Mr. Carpainter in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
Mr. Carpainter in Happy Happy Village

This is where you’ll discover Paula being held captive.

Once you’ve defeated Mr. Carpainter, he will give you the key to unlock Paula’s cell.

Return to Twoson and visit the Polestar Preschool again, and her parents will thank you for returning their daughter safe and sound.

Her father will allow Paula to travel with you on your adventure, and her mother will give you the Hand-Aid!


What Does The Hand-Aid Do?

Receiving the Hand-Aid from Paula’s mother / Earthbound
Receiving the Hand-Aid from Paula’s mother

The Hand-Aid in Earthbound will fully restore one character’s HP when used. Think of it like an X-Potion in Final Fantasy, or a Max Potion in Pokémon.

Most Earthbound players will probably just end up never using it at all. Some may not even realize what it does, and store it with the Escargo Express.

If you want to sell it for a quick buck, you’ll be sorely disappointed – the Hand-Aid will only sell for a measly $19.

So the best use for the Hand-Aid will be later in the game, during battles against tough end-game bosses.

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