How To Get The Sword of Kings in Earthbound

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The Sword of Kings is an infamous weapon that Poo can equip. It’s the only weapon he can equip that actually raises his Offense.

It’s an extremely rare weapon that can only be obtained as a low % drop from the Starman Super enemy in Stonehenge Base.

And just like all of Poo’s endgame equipment, the Sword of Kings is exceptionally rare – but it’s quite frankly necessary in boosting his offensive capabilities.

Note: If you have already defeated the Starman Deluxe boss in the Stonehenge Base, then all Starman Super enemies will disappear. In this scenario you won’t be able to obtain the Sword of Kings unless you start a new save file.


Step 1: Finding Stonehenge Base

Entrance to Stonehenge Base / Earthbound
Entrance to Stonehenge Base

Late in the game you’ll need to head to Stonehenge Base to defeat the Starman Deluxe.

To get there you’ll need to make your way to Winters and muscle your way through the field to eventually reach Tessie Watcher’s Camp Site.

Once you get there, use Tessie to reach the other side.

Dr Andonuts Lab / Earthbound
Dr Andonuts Lab

Then use the Pencil Eraser to proceed down the path and head through the cave leading to Dr. Andonuts lab, and speak with the mouse by the entrance to receive the Eraser Eraser item.

This is required to enter Stonehenge Base.

So now you should enter the hole at the center of Stonehenge, climb down the ladder, and go down the stairs.

You’ll need to use the Eraser Eraser to quite literally erase the giant Eraser standing in your way.


Step 2: Obtaining the Sword of Kings

Area in Stonehenge Base to find Starman Super enemy / Earthbound
Area in Stonehenge Base to find Starman Super enemy

Head through the Stonehenge Base until you reach the first area that’s completely different to the purple paths you’ve been walking through so far.

You should see metal floors and railings with pillars of purple lines in the background.

This area is filled with Starman Super enemies (the golden guys) and it’s these things that have a chance to drop the Sword of Kings.

Starman Super / Earthbound

Unfortunately, they’re incredibly awkward to defeat. Because they have PSI Shields set up and occasionally heal in battle.

You should get your party to around level 50 to have any chance of defeating them.

The weapon has a 1/128 chance to drop (0.78%) so unfortunately you may be here a while as you pray to the god of RNG.

At level 60 and equipped with the Casey Bat weapon, you’ll have a higher chance to gain an instant win – which makes farming this enemy much easier.

Getting the Sword of Kings enemy drop / Earthbound

Once you are lucky though, you’ll have an amazing weapon for Poo that finally elevates his Offense stat to where it needs to be at this point in the game.

Be warned though: if you go too far in the Base and defeat the Starman Deluxe, all the Starman enemies will disappear, and so will your chances of ever owning this awesome weapon.

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