Top 20 Most Edible & Best-Tasting Pokémon Ever Made

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There’s something very taboo about the thought of noshing on a Pokémon.

After all, we spend countless hours training, bonding, and exploring with our prized pets. So why would we ever slap them between two pieces of bread and call them a sandwich?

The fact of the matter is that, on a basic level, Pokémon are animals just like chickens, cows, and pigs.

The only difference is that in Pokémon, the chickens are 6’3 and on fire, the cows can help sisters run maid cafes, and the pigs can fight rough while bouncing on their tails.

At the end of the day, everyone has to eat. And in the world of Pokémon, there are very few options beyond hunting down a wild Emboar and hoping your Speed stat is a little higher.

So it’s time to turn on your oven and grease up your pans, because we’re counting down some of the most scrumptious, most delicious, and most mouthwatering Pokémon out there.


20. Krabby

Krabby from Pokemon anime

It’s tough to argue how mouthwateringly delicious Krabby’s claw meat would be served with a bowl of melted Miltank butter.

The sheer size of its pincers would make a meal large enough to feed the whole family!

The Pokedex notes that Krabby’s claws fall off quite easily, but grow back bigger and stronger than ever.

That means a Trainer could enjoy a lovely shellfish supper, then absolutely devastate a lurking Growlithe just a few days later with the exact same Krabby they just feasted on.

Sure, it’s a little creepy.

But who can say no to crab legs?


19. Magikarp

Magikarp Pokemon anime screenshot

The topic of which Pokémon are edible doesn’t often come up in the anime.

But Magikarp is one of the rare exceptions.

This floppy fish is modeled after the Japanese carp, the country’s national fish.

It’s a popular addition to any excellent seafood spread, often served fried up crispy or baked until flaky.

So it should come as no surprise that trainers across the world of Pokémon think that Magikarp is a mouthwatering treat, especially when served sashimi-style.

Just don’t let Gyrados hear about your sushi dinner!


18. Cherubi

Cherubi Pokemon in the anime

Did somebody say Cherubi pie?

A friendly and nutritious Pokémon, Cherubi is a refreshing addition to your favorite fruit salad – or an excellent filling for your favorite, fresh-baked pastries.

The Pokedex doesn’t shy away from making it known that Cherubis are always on the menu, mentioning that it’s a favorite of bird Pokémon, especially Starly, and that it spends its days running around to avoid being pecked.

It’s also canon that the smaller fruit on Cherubi’s stem is packed with nutrients.

The deeper the red color, the tastier it is.


17. Chansey

Chansey from Pokemon anime

Don’t worry. We won’t be discussing the perfect poaching technique for a Chansey rump roast.

This delightful pink puff of a Pokémon begins her day by laying a nutrient-dense egg that’s said to be so highly delicious, that it is “eagerly devoured by even those people who have lost their appetite.”

Being the kind-hearted sort, Chansey is more than happy to share her treasures with the injured.

But that soft spot for feeding those in need comes at a cost.

Chansey eggs are considered such a delicacy that humans over harvested them.

In fact, Chansies were originally much slower creatures – but evolved over generations to be much more fleet-footed to avoid capture by greedy chefs and dedicated foodies.


16. Vanillite

Vanillite Pokemon anime screenshot

There’s really not much to be said about the potential yumminess of Vanillite, because it speaks for itself!

Vanillite looks precisely like a creamy dreamy scoop of vanilla ice cream served on top of a tiny sugar cone.

After riding your bike through deserts, swamps, and dense forests all day, it’d be an absolute luxury to cool off with an icy cold helping of soft-serve Vanillite.

The only bad news is that it keeps its breath at a frosty -58 degrees Fahrenheit, which basically makes suffering a brutal brain freeze an inevitable reality.


15. Bayleef

Bayleef Pokemon in the anime

I wouldn’t necessarily advise slow roasting your Bayleef.

But its leaves would make a valuable addition to your stockpile of seasonings.

It’s said that Bayleef’s frill of leaves around its neck emits a refreshing aroma of spices that makes people peppy.

That description reminds me of the citrusy taste of lemongrass, which tastes delicious added into soups, used in marinades, or added into iced tea.

Even its name hints at its potential as a top-tier addition to your flavor palette:

Bay leaves are a common herb used to deepen the richness of classic cuisine.


14. Tauros

Tauros from Pokemon anime

With a nice herd of Tauros, you’d never have to go out for a steak dinner again.

Tauros is the meat cattle of the Pokémon world, being naturally inclined to move together in large groups that can be a real nuisance to anyone not interested in being stampeded by 200-pound bulls.

The anime even shows ranchers taming Tauros like any livestock.

So I can only imagine their final fate is ground up, formed into patties, and served on a bun with Tepig bacon.


13. Tepig

Tepig Pokemon anime screenshot

Speaking of Tepig, it’s time to discuss how scrumptious this tender little piggy would taste.

This Fire-type basically spends its whole life slowly cooking itself from the inside.

Its internal combustion is strong enough that Tepig can shoot fire from its snout.

And Tepig notably loves feasting on berries that it roasts itself, which makes our job of fattening it up before enjoying it for Christmas dinner a whole lot easier.


12. Cloyster

Cloyster Pokemon in the anime

Walk into any restaurant in Lumiose City, and you’d likely hear a Rich Boy Trainer asking for an order of Cloysters on the half-shell.

While it may not look very appetizing with its hard outer shell, the right combination of tiny crackers, hot sauce, and lemon would bring out the naturally buttery, briny flavors that oysters are known for.

The only problem is going to be getting that shell open.

Cloysters can withstand a missile blast.

So it’s going to take some very creative chefs to get to the succulent seafood inside.


11. Exeggcute

Exeggcute from Pokemon anime

Scrambled, poached, or sunny-side-up, it’d be hard to believe that there isn’t a carton of Exeggcute in just about every fridge across the world of Pokémon.

Technically, Exeggcute is a Grass-type.

But the Pokedex is pretty confusing about what precisely this breakfast staple is.

In Gen I, it says that it’s actually plant seeds that are mistaken for eggs.

Yet in every Dex entry after that, it explicitly states that it is a group of six eggs that communicate telepathically with each other.

Until we get some straight answers, I’m going to continue believing that young future Trainers are sent to the Pokemart to pick up Oran Berry juice, a loaf of bread, and a half-dozen Exeggcute for breakfast.


10. Oddish

Oddish Pokemon anime screenshot

Oddish might be called the Weed Pokémon, but between its name and its bulb-like appearance, it would not surprise me if foraging chefs didn’t often use it to add a peppery radish flavor to salads – or grind it into a nose-tingling garnish for roast beef.

To Oddish’s credit, it would probably be the toughest for me to enjoy making a meal out of.

Their Dex description notes that they tend to shriek horribly when yanked out of the ground.

And I’m just not used to my favorite root veggies crying before I eat them.


9. Alcreamie

Alcreamie from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Alcreamie is, quite literally, a delicious dollop of cream that changes flavors based on when, how long, and in which direction she whips herself up when she’s still a Milcery.

If I may put a list inside of a list, Alcreamie deserves to show off the variety of sweetness she has to offer:

  • Vanilla Cream
  • Ruby Cream, with a sweet and tart flavor
  • Matcha Cream, with an aromatic flavor
  • Mint Cream, with a refreshing flavor
  • Lemon Cream, with a sour flavor
  • Salted Cream, with a salty flavor
  • Ruby Swirl, with a mixed flavor
  • Caramel Swirl, with a bitter flavor
  • Rainbow Swirl, with a complex flavor

Training an Alcreamie is like owning a little French pastry shop right in your own pocket!

Her Gigantamax form is excellent for birthday parties or family reunions, as Alcreamie takes on the form of a towering five-tiered cake studded with all the sweets Milcery can use to change its final evolution.


8. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff Pokemon in the anime

This one might be a bit of a stretch.

But I can make a pretty solid argument for why Jigglypuff is one of the most delicious little Pokémon available on the menu.

In Japan, Jigglypuff’s name is Purin, which translates to pudding.

While this might merely reference how wiggly and soft it is, I’d like to imagine a world where Jigglypuffs are made of creamy strawberry pudding.

Plus, it already resembles a tasty little cream puff with its round body and dollop-shaped adornment on its forehead.


7. Slurpuff

Slurpuff from Pokemon anime

While Slurpuff is well-known for its ability to detect even the faintest of scents, it’s hard to believe that the Meringue Pokémon isn’t more celebrated for its own enticing aroma.

Like its namesake, Slurpuffs are made up of mostly air, giving them a light soft texture that would be irresistible for anyone with a sweet tooth.

This mouthwatering little cupcake-shaped creature looks good enough to eat, complete with a cherry on top.


6. Combusken

Combusken Pokemon anime screenshot

Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is, and they’ll respond with a resounding “Chicken nuggets!”

I’m passionate about those golden, crisp little morsels. And have spent many years honing my palate.

I’m a true nugget connoisseur.

Because of the studying I’ve done in the field, I can confidently say that Combusken would make some of the most delicious spicy chicken nuggets on this side of Hoenn.

Plus, the slogan practically writes itself: “Kickin’ Chicken with a Fiery Flavor!”

Combusken was born to be deep-fried and dipped in a variety of tempting sauces.


5. Slowpoke

Multiple Slowpoke from Pokemon anime

Have you ever wondered what it is about Slowpoke’s tail that makes Shellder so interested in creating a snack of it?

When it’s feeling a little peckish, Slowpoke will dip its tail into the water, using it as a fishing lure, tempting sea critters closer to their inevitable death.

It turns out that this Pokémon’s rear appendage is absolutely delicious, producing a sweet sap that Shellder just can’t resist.

Even humans find this delicacy a luxurious addition to their stews when it’s dried and simmered into a salty broth.


4. Appletun

Appletun Pokemon in the anime

The latest generation introduced Pokefans to a sweet-as-pie Dragon-type called Appletun.

And this Apple Nectar Pokémon very closely resembles his namesake, with a round body and skin resembling the lattice crust of an apple pie.

It’s canon that this crust was so delicious that children enjoyed it as a snack, though there’s no explanation for why this practice stopped.

Appletun is covered in sweet nectar that wafts out from its body, luring in the Bug-types it preys upon.

When it enters its Gigantamax state, the nectar thickens into a projectile weapon that drenches opponents in the sugary syrup.


3. Swirlix

Swirlix from Pokemon anime

Swirlix, the basic form of Slurpuff, would be a great companion for any trainer with a major sweet tooth.

Its diet only consists of sugary foods, which it uses to produce “white threads as sticky sweet as cotton candy.”

Pokémon lore doesn’t explain how the Candy item gets made.

But if there’s a market for automating production, Swirlix could practically run the place by producing the basic sugary substance used to make Rare Candy, Tough Candy, Courage Candy, and everything else a trainer might find in their Candy Jar.


2. Miltank

Miltank Pokemon anime screenshot

These pink bovines are known for producing a delicious, nutritious drink known as Moomoo Milk.

And this is powerful stuff, capable of curing sick humans and Pokémon alike.

Miltank is a highly sustainable food source, as it can produce more than 5 gallons of milk per day.

You might be tempted to serve up a juicy Miltank burger, but you’d get a lot more nutritional mileage out of keeping one around to make yogurt, cheese, butter, and other dairy staples.


1. Ditto

Ditto Pokemon in the anime

Ditto scores the top spot on my list because it can become literally any other Pokémon, making it by far the most edible creature in the Pokedex.

Craving something sweet? Ditto Appletun.

Prefer some seafood fare? Ditto Magikarp.

Are you dreaming of spicy nuggets? Ditto Combusken.

I’m surprised that more farmers haven’t ditched the Tauros and Flaafy to run Ditto ranches.

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