EU4: Castile vs. Spain Ideas (Comparison)

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Castile and Spain’s differences can be summed up in two words — colonialism and imperialism.

Castile has the advantage in colonialism, which matters in the early game. Whereas Spain is more competent at imperialism with its stronger military ideas.

A normal Castile-Spain game generally goes like this:

  1. Castile settles and grows colonies in key areas across the world.
  2. Spain conquers the natives in both the Old World and the New.

Spain vs. Castile: Quick Comparison

Castile Idea Level Spain
+15% Morale of armies
+25% Marines force limit
Tradition +15% Morale of armies
+1 Artillery fire
-1% Yearly army tradition decay 1st +2 Yearly papal influence
+1 Missionary
+2% Missionary strength
2nd Can fabricate claims on overseas provinces
+1 Colonist
+10% Production efficiency 3rd +25% Naval force limit modifier
Can fabricate claims on overseas provinces
+1 Colonist
4th +10% Heavy ship combat ability
+1 Naval leader maneuver
+1 Diplomatic reputation
+33% Chance of new heir
5th +15% Global tariffs
-33% Envoy travel time
+10% Institution spread 6th +1 Possible diplomatic policy
-0.05 Monthly autonomy change 7th +1 Yearly prestige
+25 Global settler increase Ambition +5% Discipline

Notable Details and Application

Field Castile Spain
Expansion You get an extra colonist and your colonies grow faster.

You can recruit marines, which don’t take attrition damage from sea travel.

Your extra missionary and missionary strength speeds up the conversion of heathens and heretics. This results in better stability in your frontiers.
The -33% envoy travel time lets your colonists and diplomats reach their destinations faster. This matters in the late game, when your empire has grown vast and unwieldy.

Better army quality means you’re geared for expansion by war rather than by peace.
Military They start with marines and +15% army morale.

However, their army tradition decay modifier isn’t really that useful.
You lose the ability to recruit marines in exchange for a bigger and better navy.

Note: You’ll keep the marines that you’ve already recruited.

Your +5% discipline means your armies can deal more damage while receiving less.

This adds to your increased artillery fire damage and your existing +15% army morale.
Economy Your production efficiency boosts the income of provinces that you directly control. This is useful when exploiting India and Asia.

-0.05 monthly autonomy maximizes your income from newly annexed provinces.
Higher tariffs increase your income from your colonial subjects in the Americas and Australia.
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