40+ ACNH Beach Design Ideas (& Secret Beach Ideas)

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With a large proportion of our island surrounded by beaches, there’s no time like the present to create a tropical paradise that lasts year-round.

Admittedly, some of the beaches on our islands can be narrow, or designed into a peculiar shape.

This can make decorating our beaches a little challenging.

Well if you find yourself stuck for ideas of what to do with your New Horizons beaches, we’ve got you covered with a ton of inspo.


42. Beach Plant Shop

Plant Shop & Stalls On Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @Crossing_Lorien

This little plant shop is perfect for those with a green thumb!

Create your own little botanical shop right on the beachfront.

All you need to get started is a couple of custom stalls.

You’d basically add some iron shelves, add a table too, and load them all with different types of plants to create your store.

Plant lots of coconut trees around the area to tie in with the look.

Business will be booming in no time. Because you can never have too many plants, right?


41. Seafood Shack

Seafood Restaurant On The Beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by miss_acnh

Make your beach the hottest place to be with this super cute seafood restaurant design!

You can create this dining area by adding a host of rattan furniture, such as tables and chairs, all along the beach.

Although these items come in the standard brown color, you can customize them to make them white.

Also, you can add a custom stall and add some simple panels customized with your own sea food signage. Or you can even add a menu on here as well.

Be sure to finish the look with lots of shells and seashore items.


40. Beachy Campsite

Campsite on the beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @poq_021

Every camper that visits your island will want to stay forever after they experience this beach-themed camping experience.

From a rustic cooking area to the ultimate relaxation area, this campsite has everything on offer to give your campers a stay they’ll never forget.

To create this look on your own beach, start by laying down different styles of wooden custom floor patterns.

You can then add some hedges and flowers scattered around the sand too.

Log furniture is a staple to achieve this look, so make sure you add plenty. And also throw in any other items you like such as a hammock, barrels, picnic boxes, or a clay oven.

In another article we’ve covered a handful of camping design ideas, but this one is legit right on the beach. I’m not sure it gets any better than this!


39. Beach Bath

Beach Bathtub on the sands - ACNH
Image Source by @mushroomparasol

What’s more relaxing than taking a flower-filled bath by the ocean?

Probably nothing, I’d wager.

Well with this design you can enjoy the sunset kicking back in your own bathtub.

Simply place the bath on your favorite part of your beach and surround the area with different types of flowers.

You can also add some rocks, or some cactuses or plants to take this area to the next level.

And don’t forget to add some custom flooring designs, like some wood slices around the area too.


38. Turtle Beach

Turtle Patterns on the Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @Ma_tylda_Lucian

Rescue the turtles with this cute turtle beach idea.

Place some custom turtle patterns directly onto the sand, and then carefully place turtle shells on top of your designs.

This is such a cute idea; it looks just as if the turtles are making their way to the ocean for the first time!

You can also plant some flowers and pluck the petals to create that “beach weed” look.

Such a simple design, buts it looks amazing. And let’s face it, it’s so cute!


37. Beach Cinema

Outdoor Beach Movie Theater in ACNH
Image Source by @Precocious_LC

Did someone say a movie theater on the beach? Yes please!

Watching your favorite movie as the sun sets just sounds like the perfect day to me.

All you need to make a cinema screen is three simple panels. You can then customize them with custom designs for the movie credits.

When you place them side-by-side on your beach, you can watch your cinema screen come to life!

Then pp down your favorite custom design for your blanket, and add some cushions too.

Finish by adding a popcorn machine for those all-important cinema snacks, and of course you can’t forget the projector!


36. Laundry Area

Beach Laundry Area - ACNH Design Idea
Image Source by @faesprout

This laundry area may not be typical of a beach, but wow does it look amazing.

Start by laying down some custom wooden flooring, and then you’ll want to add a few washing lines in there too.

Be sure to add some wooden buckets to the area to tie in with the theme.

Complete the look by adding some flowers around the area, and some custom stone designs too.

And for good measure, how about a rocking chair? So you can sit back and watch the sun go down.


35. Massage Area

Beach massage relaxation area - ACNH
Image Source by @jadejutsuu

I love this little massage area!

This is the perfect space for you and your villagers to relax after a hard day of fishing and bug catching.

To re-create this, start by adding lots of bamboo items such as lamps and a table.

You can then place some loungers right by the sea to create a laid-back look.

And it’s a good idea to throw in a couple of vending machines too, in case anyone needs to grab a cool beverage while they’re lying in the sun.


34. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @m00nlit_bat

Celebrate your birthday in style with this Alice in Wonderland-style tea party on the beach.

It’s really simple to create: all you need is a couple of tables lined up next to each other along your beach.

Line your tables with chairs, and it’s even better to use chairs from different furniture sets. This bring this look together, so be sure to mix and match your furniture.

Then decorate the table with teacups and cakes to get the party started.

You can even add a teacup ride to your beach to complete the look.


33. Fairy Beach

Fairycore Beach Idea - ACNH
Image Source by @malamoje

This cherry blossom paradise is the perfect way to transform your beach into a fairy-tale.

If you’re trying this out, you can add some cherry blossom flooring designs to make it just that bit extra special.

Of course, you can’t forget to add a log table and some cute cushions for seats.

Add in a host of pink flowers and cherry blossom trees to tie in with the theme, too.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add a giant butterfly model. If you give three of the same bugs to flick, he’ll return a commissioned model of the bug back to you. So it’ll take some work but it’s definitely worth the effort.


32. Beach Gallery

Art Gallery on the Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @_moonfaiiry_

Who said art galleries on the beach aren’t a thing?

This is the perfect way to display your fake art or fake sculptures that you’ve undoubtedly purchased from Redd.

You can even use this opportunity to display some of your own art works as well!

Lay these all out your beach area, and add a cute custom path weaving between the exhibits.

Make sure to surround the area with lots of coconut trees and flowers to make it a gallery like no other.

You’ll soon have villagers lining up to visit your art gallery. And if you’re lucky, you may sell a piece or two!


31. Mermaid Beach

Mermaid themed beach idea - ACNH
Image Source by @saygrool

Here’s hoping a mermaid will swim up to your beach with this ultimate mermaid-themed area.

It’s pretty impressive, and will definitely be turning heads on your island.

To get this look, cover your beach in your favorite mermaid custom flooring design. And place as many mermaid furniture items as you can.

You can add some palm lamps too. They’re usually crafted in the standard green color, but you can use a customization kit to change the color into a bright pink.

Make sure to add lots of shells to the area as well.

You could even make yourself a little mermaid outfit to complete the whole look!


30. Mini Surf Shack

Cool surfer area on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by @PinaCocoTweets

How cute is this surf shack on the beach?

It looks so home-y and lived-in!

To do this yourself, you’ll need to add some surfboards and some funky beach towels off to the side.

You can then add some log furniture next to your beach to complete the “surf shack” feel, and throw some custom cushions around too.

But don’t forget your cooler box, as there’s nothing quite like an icy cool beverage after a hard day of surfing.


29. Secret Sunbathing Spot

Secret Beach Sunbathing Area - ACNH
Image Source by @Lewmzi

Turn your secret beach into your own little haven with this fantastic design idea.

If you’re in need of some peace and quiet, then this is worth re-creating. When you’re nestled into your secret beach, I’m sure you won’t be disturbed!

Just lay down a towel so you can kick back and relax by the ocean.

But no beach would be complete without a host of snacks, and don’t forget your picnic bag too.

You can also bring a boombox for those much-needed tunes while you’re topping up on your tan.


28. Relaxation Terrace

Relaxation terrace area on beach - ACNH
Image Source by @OtterIsle

This little beach terrace is the ultimate relaxation zone, and I’m living for it!

Throw down your favorite wooden flooring design to create a decking over the sand.

Then add a couple of sun loungers so you can relax all your island worries away.

Complete this adorable little area with lots of coconut trees and shells, and don’t forget to add a ping pong table too!

You can even finish by adding your own custom sign to your entrance.


27. Secret Stone Beach

Secret Stonehenge on Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @LilithMorii

If you want to try something a bit different on your secret beach, then why not snag a few ideas from this inspo?

Add lots of stone items to your beach to catch this vibe, and you can add a series of plants around the area too.

Don’t forget some tiki torches to add to the mystery.

And some clay pots would look amazing in this area, too.

And of course, finish by adding your own Stonehenge. You can get this item from Gulliver when he washes up on your beach, just be sure to help him collect his communicator parts and he’ll reward you big time.


26. Elegant Beach

Fancy Elegant Beach Design Idea in ACNH
Image Source by stephieacnh

Give your beach a makeover with this super sweet design.

You’ll need a custom design to add some white wooden planks to the sand, but that’s probably the toughest part.

Then add a white kid’s tent, and place some teddy bears outside.

Be sure to add some hedges, plants, and variety of pink and white flowers for some nature.

Lastly, add some white lampposts and logs all around. And your beach will be screaming elegance.


25. Hidden Sands

Simple Hidden Beach Design for New Horizons
Image Source by @headstone_666

With this idea you can turn your secret beach into the ultimate chilling area.

I love this simple idea, because it’s the perfect way to decorate your secret beach while keeping it a bit inconspicuous.

All you need is to add some logs and cardboard boxes dotted around the sand.

You can also add a little wooden stool with your favorite custom cushion.

Then add a bunch of hardwood trees to keep your little beach hidden away.

Finally, complete the look with a barrel and some plants. And it’s done! Easy-peasy.


24. Coffee Shop

Custom Coffee Shop on Beach Sand - ACNH
Image Source by @M09N20

Chill out with a coffee at this adorable coffee shop right on the beach.

This is such a cute idea, and it’s pretty simple to make.

Throw down some wooden flooring and add a custom stall to hold your coffee machines.

Then add a host of seating areas and tables, and you can also use a mixture of chairs and logs to give your seating a mixed style. It works really well in this example.

And don’t forget to add a cute little menu board, and a signpost too.


23. Beach Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream Shop Stalls on Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @anophele

No beach is complete without an ice cream shop!

So why not set up your own ice cream kiosk on your beach?

All you need is a couple of custom stools and stalls; you can customize them with your favorite ice cream designs, too.

You can also customize some simple panels with your ice cream menu, so your villagers know exactly what you’ve got to offer.

Add some ice lollies and blenders to your kiosks to give it that true ice cream parlor vibe.

Finish strong by adding some cone lamps off to the side!


22. Simple Tea Party

Sunset Tea Time on the Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @calypso.acnh

This is the tea party of dreams!

Imagine kicking back with your friends at this cute little beach set up.

If you’re thinking about making this addition to your island, here’s how:

Add some log benches to act as tables. Then line the sides with a lot of custom cushions for your guests to sit up at the table.

You can also decorate your tables however you like with drinks, snacks, maybe even some decorative flowers.

There will be no other tea party quite like this one.


21. Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer Field in ACNH
Image Source by @millycrossing

Fancy some soccer, but don’t have a place to play?

Well now you do, with this amazing soccer field right on the sand.

If you want to try this for yourself, you’ll first need to grab a custom design for the field itself.

Once you’ve laid that down on the ground, you can add two goals, one at either end.

It’s easy enough to grab some soccer goals by accessing your Nook Stop and redeeming your Nook Miles. Each goal will set you back 4,000 miles.

Finish by adding some spectator seats, and of course, a ball!


20. Sand Art

Drawings in the sand - ACNH Pattern Idea
Image Source by TigerDoodle

This is such a fun and easy way to decorate.

Sand art is super underrated for ACNH, but it really does make a difference.

To create sand art on your island, all you need to do is lay down a custom design for the pattern(s) you’d like.

You can use patterns that are already made, or you can even create your own, so you can be as creative as you like.


19. Trading Post

Trading Post Area in ACNH
Image Source by @acornstems

Do you do a lot of trading?

Ever thought about building your own trading area, but on the beach?

This idea is perfect to host those all-important trades, whether it be DIY recipes or furniture items.

It’s a good idea to make this area close to your airport too. That way visitors can come and trade with you without disrupting any other parts of your island.

All you really need is a few custom stalls to display the items you have to trade.

And it’s definitely worth it to lay down some custom flooring as well, to tie the whole look together.


18. Beach Barbeque

BBQ Area on the Beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @clockworkcatcus

The best thing about summer are barbeques, am I right?

Well in ACNH you can create your own barbeque area right on the beach!

All you need is a few log benches and tables. Toss on some plates and drinks to get this space ready for the party.

Then off to the back you can add a cutting board, and of course a BBQ grill!

You can also add a few flowers and coconut trees to the beach area to really set the scene.


17. Hidden Escape

Swing in Hidden Beach Area - ACNH
Image Source by commander-rahrah

Your secret beach could definitely be a hidden escape.

To re-create this design, add in a swinging chair for the ultimate relaxing vibes.

Then decorate the area with logs and wood slices to really channel that relaxing look.

You can even a wooden duck to the area, along with some shells on the beach. A bit of nautical life always helps the aesthetic.

This is such a simple and easy design, but looks amazing, and can transform any plain beach into an Instagram-worthy spot.


16. Slumber Party Area

Sleepover Beach Area at Night - ACNH
Image Source by @moonbeamacnh

Did someone say sleeping under the stars?

Create this super cute camp area on your beach, just for you and your friends to have the ultimate ACNH slumber party.

To create this awesome idea, start by adding a couple of Kids Tents. Then scatter around some log furniture too.

Cover the area in crescent moons and nova lights for a gorgeous evening glow.

This could even be a brilliant spot for star gazing, as you’ll never miss a shooting star again.


15. Zen Beach

Zen Hammock Area and Rockpool - ACNH
Image Source by @PluckyGardener

Create your very own rockpool area on your beach, to keep yourself calm at all times.

You’ll need a custom design to be able to add stones across the sand, but that’s the toughest part here.

You can then add a hammock for those afternoon naps.

Make sure to add some wooden fencing around the area too, and also some wooden or rattan furniture.

You can also add a log bench as a little table where you can use to display some plants.

And of course, we can’t forget the rock pool.


14. Boating Beach

Secret Boat Decor Beach - ACNH
Image Source by @LukiEskiE

I love this secret boat-themed beach.

Kinda like a pirate’s dock, right?

Create this yourself by adding come custom design floor planks leading around your secret beach area.

You can also add a ship wheel and a harp to give it that true boat-like feel.

And don’t forget to add a barrel and a boat in a bottle to complete the look.

Also, adding a coconut tree and some wooden fencing help tie the theme back to Animal Crossing.


13. Beach Train Station

Train Station on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by @chasu28game

It’s about time your island had its own transport system, right?

Well, this one’s probably not running anymore (it’d be running on sand…)

But it’s a great idea!

You’d just need a custom design for the train tracks leading across the beach. And if you want to add any brickwork flooring for your station, you’ll need another custom design for that.

Then add some white seats and flowers around the space, too.

Finish by adding the lighthouse. Or you can also add a cute viewing area at the end of your beach to look off into the horizon.


12. Beach Arcade

Gaming Area & Arcade on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by @AnmlXingz

Check out this gaming arcade area on the beach. It’s even got a karaoke machine!

This area has everything you need to have the ultimate night with your besties.

Just lay down some flooring on your chosen area of the beach, and then you can add all the gaming machines you can find!

This might be one of the coolest gaming ideas for ACNH – I mean, you’re right on the water!

Don’t forget to add a pool table too, along with a microphone for karaoke!

You can even add a little seating area and a table. Before you know it, this will soon be the hottest spot on the island.


11. Tropical Beach

Simple tropical aesthetic - ACNH Beach Idea
Image Source by @stellaerie

Do you ever wish it was summer all year round? Me too.

And with this simple theme, it can be.

Turn your beach into this tropical paradise with this very summer-y beach design.

Make sure to add plenty of coconut trees around the area, along with lots of bright flowers.

You can also add a vending machine and some loungers for your visitors and villagers to kick back and relax.


10. Simple Surf Shop

Basic surf shop on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by aylanah

We covered a surfing area earlier in this article, but here’s a much smaller surf shop design to check out.

You’d just lay down a custom flooring pattern to create the raised wooden planks, and then you can pop some fencing around the area.

Add some custom stalls here too, and you can customize these with your favorite floral pattern.

But the most important part? Adding surfboards.

You can drop as many different kinds as you like.

Don’t forget to leave your snorkel and wetsuit in the area, that way you can be ready to ride those waves any time.


9. Beach Gym

Exercise Gym on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by Scandiribbean

Your jock villagers will thank you for this gym on the beach.

All you need is section to off your chosen part of the beach with some fencing around the area.

You can add some custom flooring to your workout area if you like, or leave it as sand only.

And you can also name your gym and make your own custom sign for the entrance.

Complete this exercise space by adding all the gym equipment you can find.

Now you can pump iron until the sun goes down.


8. Cherry Blossom Beach

Cherry Blossom beach area at night - ACNH
Image Source by Meilindis

Calling all cherry blossom lovers! This beach design is for you.

You’ll need a custom design to add the moons and stars flooring to the sand, or you can even create your own designs. But this is probably the trickiest part.

Then you can add a fortune teller set and different types of candles to really set the scene. It’ll look amazing in the evening.

To achieve the finished look, be sure to add as many cherry blossom items as you can.

And of course you can’t forget the famous cherry blossom lamps too.


7. Beach Wedding Aisle

Wedding area on the beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @brandy_duong

There is no wedding like a beach wedding!

How perfect is this little seashore set up?

To make the aisle you’ll need a custom design, and you can even make your own to put your own stamp on it.

Next you’ll need to deck out the area with lots of the wedding items.

The wedding items are obtainable from Reese & Cyrus all throughout June. If you help them take wedding photos, they’ll reward you with crystals that you can then exchange for wedding furniture.

To complete this wedding venue idea, plant lots of flowers and line up some candles running down the aisle.


6. Tiki Bar

Custom Tiki Bar Design in ACNH
Image Source by blindingsilence

Start your summer early with this amazing tiki bar build.

All you need for this masterpiece is gather as many bamboo items as you can lay your hands on.

Start by placing a bamboo fence around the area, and you can also use custom flooring designs for some bamboo planks too.

Don’t forget to add a shell table and some custom cushions for seating.

Then you can add some custom fringe stalls and place items such as blenders and coconuts on top, to give it that true tiki vibe.

Finish by adding some large shells and some tiki torches.


5. Redd Wanted

Redd Wanted Poster - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @scalesofgrey

I love this creative secret beach design, it’s just so fun!

Design your own small beach area as a stakeout looking for everyone’s favorite criminal fox, Redd.

You can use a design already made to add onto the sign, or you can create your own to pop onto a signpost.

Then simply place it on your secret beach.

Finish the area with a barrel and some fossils, or pretty much whatever you want to match the look. Prison bars might fit nicely here!

And don’t forget to add a lamp to illuminate the sign in the evening.


4. Sunbathing Deck

Sunbathing Deck on the beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @glitter_8

I think we’ve hit peak beach aesthetic with this idea.

Your villagers will thank you for this one, as its’ the perfect place to enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

All you need is a custom design for the wooden plank flooring, and that’s most of the work.

Lay this down along your beach. You only actually need a small part of the beach too, which is ideal.

Once you’ve laid down your flooring, all that’s left to do is add some sun loungers, some plants, and some tables.

And just like that, you’ve created a beach-y masterpiece.


3. Pirate Beach

Pirate Furniture Beach Design in ACNH
Image Source by @nanimalcwossing

Ahoy there!

I think we all knew this would be somewhere on the list, right?

You can obtain pirate items from Gulivarrr, so be sure to help him when you find him washed up on your beach.

If you complete his tasks, he’ll reward you with different pirate items that you can use to create this awesome beach idea.

You can add barrels and gold bars to get into the vibe, and you can really bring this look to life by adding a treasure chest.

It’ll look amazing when Redd docks his boat.

Extra points for the pirate costume!


2. Flea Market

Custom Flea Market on the beach - ACNH
Image Source by @acnhanae

If you’re looking for something more on the unusual side for your beach, why not add a flea market?

It’s such a fun idea to display and sell your fake artworks from Redd.

You can also add some custom stalls with other antique items you’d like to sell.

Bookcases are a good addition to this look, since they come filled with books already.

Finish by adding some flowers and trees, but definitely feel free to get creative here. Really make this idea your own!


1. Beach Stargazing Area

Stargazing area on the beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by jhsbum

There’s nothing better than an evening under the stars.

To create this yourself, you’ll want a custom design for the blanket to get that down first.

Then once you’ve laid that down, you can place some picnic items on top.

Use things like fruit baskets and a picnic hamper to tie the look together.

And maybe add some coconut trees and heaps of flowers to set the scene.

Of course, you’ll need to set up a telescope too. Everyone wants to see the stars up close!

And just like that, you have the most amazing beach area to take it all in and enjoy the stars.

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