Top 5 Hardest Dungeons in Final Fantasy XV

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It’s no surprise that a Final Fantasy game has dungeons. Of course it does.

However, with Final Fantasy XV, things are different.

The dungeons are going to be a tad more intense to line up with the new combat system.

There are a lot of dark places to explore in the world of Eos, with a few of them being far scarier than all the others in the world.


5. Balouve Mines

Balouve Mines Dungeon in FF15

Even though you get the quest for the Balouve Mines early, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The mines are for parties above level fifty – and who know what they’re doing when it comes to delving into the depths of Eos’ underworld.

The Mines themselves aren’t too hard to navigate.

And the enemies that inhabit them present only enough of a challenge to be annoying.

What really puts this dungeon on the map (so to speak) is both its length, and the boss that awaits you at the end.

At the bottom of the Mines, waiting patiently in one of the quarries, is an Aramusha – a demon samurai.

You’ve probably squared off against a few of them so far. But this guy is tougher, ready to rumble, and has a whole horde of goblins to help him out.

Losing to him isn’t uncommon. And that really sucks because it probably means having to traverse the mines all over again.


4. Crestholm Channels

Crestholm Channels FFXV Dungeon

It may not seem quite as daunting as the other locations on this list, but the Crestholm Channels is a tough nut to crack – simply because the quest that’s associated with it comes early and can easily defeat unassuming adventurers.

This place consists of running through narrow hallways and remembering where certain ladders, switches, and drop-offs are.

And never mind the monsters!

Most of it is annoying flans and such fodder, but there’s also the Nagarani which is a multi-headed beast who loves turning the party to frogs.

And you start her fight with fall damage.

If you persist and clear the Channels (including defeating the other boss, Jormundgan) you’ll be rewarded with special headlights for your Regalia so you can drive at night. So the whole ordeal is worth it.


3. Costlemark Tower

Costlemark Tower in Final Fantasy XV

Despite it being a tower, you’re going to spend most of your time here underground.

The trickery in direction is the first clue that this place is going to present you with more than a few problems.

Costlemark Tower is a beefy dungeon that will take you a few hours.

The first thing you’re going to notice are the Galvandes. These bomb-type enemies are absolutely everywhere and are a real pain in the Regalia.

They love using big electric AOE spells that can decimate the party. And if you don’t beat them fast enough, they’ll explode, not only causing traumatic amounts of damage but also splitting into two new enemies for you to fight.

While having to deal with the Galvandes (among other enemies) you’ll also have to solve the tower’s many puzzles. A few of which (specifically the late-stage cube ones) are enough to make most people rely on YouTube for their solution.

At the bottom of this dungeon you’ll fight a Jabberwock and his friends, which is an encounter just as challenging as the dungeon leading up to it.

Costlemark Tower isn’t a place for the faint of heart – or maybe for anybody, really.


2. Pitioss Ruins

Pitioss Ruins Dungeon in FF15

After clearing the game, you can load back into that save file to start the lengthy post-game of Final Fantasy XV.

The first dungeon that you’ll probably be drawn to (as the game points you towards it) is the Pitioss Ruins.

Getting there can be a challenge in and of itself, as you’ll be required to do some pretty precise flying and landing.

This place is vastly different from all the other dungeons in the game, as it has no enemies, and only Noctis may enter.

The whole place is an endurance run of platforming and puzzle solving.

And your light extends only so far in front of you, so you’ll have to move slowly to find where the next platform is and how to get there.

Physics works differently here too, so expect to walk on impossibly steep angles and maybe even upside down.

The whole dungeon is about figuring out how to progress and how to traverse the labyrinthine open spaces of this dark, otherworldly space.

It’s super lengthy too.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take you up to three hours.

The Pitioss Ruins is a break from combat, but a stressor on exploration.

In the end you get a fantastic prize, though. So yes, it is all worth it.


1. Costlemark Tower – Menace

Costlemark Tower - Menace FFXV Dungeon

Welcome back!

After you beat the game, you can start unlocking the post-game dungeons, which include harder versions of areas you’ve already cleared.

And our good friend Costlemark Tower is no exception!

Heading even deeper into the depths of the Tower’s underbelly leads you to a hellscape of puzzles and enemies that can defeat you in seconds.

This is the hardest dungeon in the game, full stop.

The real kicker to everything is that you can’t use items.

Those recovery tools that you’ve been relying on the whole game? Throw them away. You can’t use them!

You’ll have to rely on your skills and abilities to get you by.

If you don’t have the best gear and highest levels yet, don’t even step foot into this place.

In total there are sixty floors to clear.

You’ll get the occasional camp to rest your battered bones, but don’t count on them too often. This is true endurance.

You can expect to be in these dark depths for at least four hours – if you don’t die, that is. Good luck!

Clearing the Menace version of Costlemark Tower proves your dominance of the game, and rewards you with the best weapons and accessories there are.

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