Final Fantasy XV Tips & Tricks: The Ultimate List

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Final Fantasy XV introduced a lot of changes to the existing formula.

From a completely new combat system to a unique way of leveling up, both new and veteran players of the series are sure to find surprises here.

So I’ve put together a list of things here that helped improve my first experience of the game.

From quality of life stuff to lifesavers when the going gets tough, here are some of the best tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XV that I can offer.


10. Do the Tutorial

FFXV Noctis Tutorial Screenshot

Now this one may seem obvious, but hear me out.

The tutorial covers essentials that the rest of the game won’t make apparent.

Magic, warp-striking, blocking, and HP recovery are just a few of the things they go over – and learning these things now will save you from hurdles down the road.

Plus, you’ll get to do some bonding with your bros. And who doesn’t want that?


9. Trust Your Bros

FFXV Party gang screenshot

Speaking of bros, your party members in this game are actually really powerful.

In combat when your HP is depleted, you go into this limping “Danger” status.

Your first instinct would be to use a potion, right? Every other game has taught you to do so.

But check this out, if your party members are up and you make it to one of them, they’ll restore your HP for free.

This little interaction is vital early in the game when gil is low.

Plus there’s other things, like link-strikes and general emotional support, that makes your bros more than pixels on a screen.


8. Continuous Sprint

Sprinting in FFXV screenshot

This one requires a quick setup and a bit of timing.

Go to settings and go down to stamina.

You’ll see three options, and you’ll want to select the “On” option.

Now when you sprint, you’ll be able to see a green ST bar above your head.

When that bar goes down to about the “S” press sprint again, and you’ll get a small boost along with a full bar.

This will allow you to run forever until you decide to stop.


7. Eat Food

Food dish preview in FFXV

You’re gonna need energy for all that running.

And what many people don’t think about is how useful food can be in FFXV.

Food in the game will give you various status boosts. And these boosts, combined with your accessories, can push your party to peak levels.

Ignis will learn new recipes from a myriad of different sources, and he’ll quickly become a very strong asset when out on the road.

So when camping, always make sure to eat something.

Because you never know what may lie ahead.


6. Visit Restaurants

Noctis inside a diner restaurant in FFXV

Another great source of food can be in the restaurants littered throughout Lucis.

But not only do they serve amazing food, they’re also amazing sources of intel.

When visiting a restaurant you’ll have three options: Talk, Eat, and Hunt.

Talking will reveal many helpful points on the map, like camping spots, treasures, and quest locations.

Eating will give you buffs like I mentioned before (but Ignis will also learn the recipe for the future).

And finally, hunts in the game will be your main source of gil.

Hunts are quests that will send you out to slay specific enemies in the world for rewards.

You’re meant to be the future king of Lucis. So it wouldn’t hurt to go out and mingle with the people.

You’ll find that they can be huge allies to your cause.


5. Choose Where You Sleep

FFXV Checking into a hotel

EXP in this game works differently from previous Final Fantasy games in the series.

In FFXV, you bank all your EXP until you sleep – and then it’s all applied and goes towards your level ups.

Each type of lodging will apply a different multiplier to your EXP gain, and that’s where it gets strategic.

Now, there are 3 types of places the group can rest up at:

Camps, caravans, or hotels.

Camping will not yield any EXP bonus, but it is free, and you’ll get a meal from Ignis along with the ability to train and spend quality time with your party.

Caravans can be found in various locations. They cost 30 gil, and provide a 1.2x multiplier to EXP.

Hotels cost 300 gil and provide a 1.5x multiplier, except for the hotel in Galdin Quay which costs a whopping 10,000 gil – but will provide a 2.0x multiplier.

So choose wisely wherever you to rest up, and plan your trips accordingly.


4. Wait Mode

Wait Mode preview screenshot from FFXV

If you’re used to older Final Fantasy game battle systems, or if this new combat is just too busy for you, then Wait Mode is something you should look into.

If you go into settings and down to “combat” you’ll find the options of either Active or Wait – and you can toggle Wait Mode on.

When you’re in combat with Wait Mode active and you stand still, time will freeze. And you’ll have a bunch of different options.

You can switch between enemies, find warp points, or just take a break to think about what your next move will be.

There is a limit to this, though. So don’t take too long.

Wait Mode is great for players who may not be able to keep up with the fast-paced combat of the game.


3. Use the Dodge Button

Noctis dodging in battle in FFXV

A good way to navigate the fast-paced battlefield in FFXV is by using that dodge button.

When an enemy uses a charged attack or a type of lunge, you’ll be prompted to block – and if successful, you’ll get the opportunity to parry.

These parries are super powerful attacks that can help even out the fight when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Also, merely holding down the block button will make Noctis automatically avoid almost everything that comes at him.

Now I know this may seem cheap, but think of it this way:

You won’t be complaining about his automatic avoiding while you’re avoiding the Game Over screen.


2. Fight Smart

Midgardsormr battle in Final Fantasy XV

When in battle, it’s important to think about where you are and what you’re doing.

Use everything you can, including the terrain.

Warping to higher areas will give you a good view of the battle – and can give you a quick breather.

Moving behind enemies and attacking from there will give you a blindside strike, which will deal extra damage.

Or backing away and recovering will keep you safe from big hard-hitting enemies.

Plan out your battles when possible, and don’t be afraid to retreat.

Just think of it as tactical maneuvering.


1. Invest Smart in Ascension

Noctis Ascension FFXV Screenshot

The most important thing you can do here is wisely spend AP.

You gain AP from leveling up, and you spend it on permanent effects within the Ascension menu.

Some really important ones are under the Exploration tab, and specifically they’re Roadrunning and Chocobump.

These will give you 1 AP for every minute you spend driving or riding a chocobo.

They cost 32 AP each, but are worth it in the end given how much extra AP you’ll get.

Also, make sure Ignis learns the Regroup ability.

This ability is easily the most important one your party members can learn.

With it, Ignis will call everyone together will fully heal everybody.

Actually, now that I think about it, Ignis is probably the only reason I was able to beat this game. He should have been all the tips in this list.

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