Final Fantasy 6 Tips & Tricks: The Ultimate List

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Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games in the entire FF series.

Whether you’re playing on the SNES Mini or the updated version on your phone, everyone can benefit from a few handy tips to get your playthrough off on the right foot!

Note: please be prepared for a few light spoilers here, but nothing that will spoil the whole story of the game, or your enjoyment.

Let’s dive in!


10. Utilize the Back Row

Battling on the Phantom Train in FF6 Advanced

When it comes to commanding the battle field, position is key.

By double selecting/tapping on a character in the menu options, you can choose to place a character in the back or front row.

The front row is ideal for physical, close range attackers; allowing them to deal full damage with their attacks and abilities.

The back row will halve the damage dealt by weapons such as swords and spears. But the team members residing back there will be able to attack with long range and magic with no penalties; while taking only half damage from physical attacks!


9. Use Sleeping Bags and Healing Spells

FF6 Advanced Gameplay in Serpent Trench

Keeping your party healthy is going to seem expensive.

And while FF6 is plentiful in GP rewards, you may find that you blow through both money and items too quickly.

The best (and cheapest) option that’s available right from the start, is to just buy sleeping bags, which restore one character to max HP and MP.

You can then use a caster such as Terra to heal the HP of the whole party, and use a sleeping bag to restore her MP.

That’s just one item you’d need to store, and it’s a full party heal!


8. Have Locke Steal Constantly

Cactuar Boss Battle Stealing in FF6 Advance

Stealing may be wrong. But Locke makes it so right!

Using Locke’s steal will usually grab you healing items, which you can save for an emergency; but even in the early game he can net you some great equipment.

Early enemies such as brawlers will give you the bandana that you won’t be able to buy until later on, granting your team a significant defense boost.

And getting into the habit of stealing now will pay off later on, when you start stealing powerful equipment and relics from enemies on a regular basis.


7. Special Abilities Should be Your Point of Call

Battle Screen in FF6 Advanced

In FF6, each character has a special ability. Such as Locke’s steal or Edgar’s tools.

The vast majority of characters you’ll recruit in the game won’t require any sort of cost for their abilities usage – and often they’re far more powerful than the standard attack.

Even if there is a cost, don’t hold back.

These special abilities are designed to be used, and will make battles much more manageable.


6. Use Espers To Your Advantage

Defending The Esper Battle in FF6 Advance

After a few hours into the game you’ll start to obtain espers.

Equipping them will allow your party members to learn magic; but it goes deeper than that.

On a level up, each Esper confers a bonus upon that character, such as boosting max HP by 10% or strength by 2. Very handy!

Pairing the right esper with the right character is crucial, and it’s something you should be practicing right away so you don’t miss out on faster gains.


5. Encounter Enemies Often

In The Veldt in FF6 Advance

Fairly early in the game you’ll come to an area known as the Veldt.

This area is unique in that you can encounter nearly every enemy you’ve ever gone into combat with.

Once you reach this area, you’ll also recruit a new party member than can learn the abilities of the monsters they face, but can only do this while on the Veldt.

Use this to your advantage as soon as you arrive.

This area is also a fantastic grinding spot, as you’ll have learned many of the enemy weaknesses and can fight them effectively.

Even if you simply enter combat and then flee, it still provides access to them in the Veldt.

So it’s worth taking a leaf out of Pokémon’s book to hunt around for those rare enemy encounters!


4. Relics

FF6 Advance Getting Relics

No RPG is complete without weapons, armor, and accessories.

Weapons and armor tend to be pretty standard in FF6: heavy armor offering more defense, lighter armor more evasion, etc.

Relics, however… these are where it’s at! These take the place of the accessory slots in this FF installment, and tend to confer special abilities over stat changes.

Some are situational, others are must haves.

Sprint-Shoes, for instance, will allow you to run around towns and dungeons at double speed. Whereas a Black-Belt will allow your characters to randomly counter attack in battle.

There are some tasty combos to be had here as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


3. Check Every Nook & Cranny

FF6 Advance in Town Screenshot

Search every single area thoroughly. And talk to every NPC.

There are hidden staircases and walkways everywhere in FF6.

NPCs will give you all sorts of clues as to where to find them, so don’t ignore that dialogue.

In south Figaro, the third town you come to, if you ask around in certain houses you’ll be alerted to a hidden staircase in a wealthy man’s home.

However, once you’re down there, there’s another hidden staircase! Search right down at the bottom wall left-to-right and you’ll find it.

This gives two very powerful early game relics that I guarantee you’re going to love!


2. Don’t Collect Certain Chests

South Figaro Area - FF6 Advanced

Backtracking is a very common trope in JRPGs, and FF6 is no exception.

It’s tempting to grab every chest you see. But in the starting town of Narshe, and the south Figaro Cave, you should avoid collecting them.

I know it’s hard to say no, but it’s worth it in the end.

The Chests in the South Figaro Cave, on the first trip through, will yield healing items. On the second trip through you’ll get a Thunder Rod. And on the third trip, you’ll get a powerful relic.

Narshe is similar, and it’s recommended that those chests be left alone until your third trip through to collect.

You won’t be missing out on anything missable on the first two trips, so don’t worry there.

Healing items can be obtained easily in the world, so think of leaving these chests unopened more like an investment!


1. The Genji Glove

Genji Glove Cavern in Final Fantasy VI

This item is missed by nearly everyone when they first take up the game.

And when it’s discovered that you missed out, it can be just plain frustrating.

This relic allows for a character to equip two weapons, at the expense of not being able to equip a shield.

Several characters will benefit immensely from this.

An instant classic combo is the Black Belt and Genji Glove pairing – each counter attack hits twice!

Obtaining the Genji Glove very easy, but not obvious in the slightest.

You’ll be taken by Edgar and Locke to meet a man named Bannon. This gentleman will ask you to join their cause. Selecting “no” a few times will allow you to go back into the previous area and talk to NPCs, one of which will give you this relic!

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