Rikku’s Best Mixes in Final Fantasy X (Ranked)

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Rikku is your group’s cute, bubbly, and positive ray of sunshine. As a part of the Al Bhed, she has a thing for machina, which leads her to have one of the most useful overdrives in the game: mix.

With the mix overdrive, Rikku can take items in your inventory and mix them together to make a better, more unique item.

You can make anything from grenades to potions to Phoenix Downs (and even better stuff!)

In this list, I’ll be going over some of the best mixes you can make with Rikku’s overdrive. I’ll also include the ingredients needed for each mix, just to make things a bit easier for you!


15. Ultra Potion

Ultra Potion FFX Mix

Starting with some of Rikku’s support and healing mixes, we’ve got the Ultra Potion.

This can be a real savior early game when all you’d probably have on you are regular potions.

An Ultra Potion will fully restore all three party members back to full life!

How To Mix: All you need is 2 potions. But this can mean any kinds of potions, so all the options for making this include using a Potion + Potion, Potion + Hi-Potion, Potion + Mega Potion, or Potion + X-Potion.


14. Panacea

Panacea FFX Mix

Certain enemies, like Malboro, love to lay on as many status ailments as they can.

If you ever end up with a party full of poison, silence, darkness, confusion, zombie, petrification, sleep, slow, or berserk… well, a panacea will get rid of all those status ailments for every member of your party on the field.

Big time save.

How To Mix: Potion + Antidote, Potion + Soft, Potion + Eye Drops, or Potion + Echo Screen.


13. Megalixir

Megalixir Rikku Mix Screenshot

With a Megalixir, you can fully restore all three party members on the field, including both HP and MP!

This is an actual item you can get in-game, but also not easy to find. So making one with mix can be a bit simpler.

How To Mix: This one can be achieved in quite a few ways, depending on what you have. You can choose to mix an Antidote, Soft, or EchoScreen with a Map. Or you could mix a Potion and an Elixir, a Blessed/Shining Gem, or a Farplane Shadow.

You can also use a Mana Spring/Al Bhed Potion and a Power Sphere.

There are some other ways to make this mix, but these are some of the most common items worth using.


12. Mega Phoenix

Mega Phoenix Mix in FFX

This is both useful and somewhat easy to mix if you’ve been holding onto some Phoenix Downs.

Like a regular Phoenix Down, this will bring characters back from KO and restore half their HP.

But this will bring back all of your party members from KO.

How To Mix: The best method for this is to simply mix two phoenix downs together. However, if you only happen to have one Phoenix Down on you, then any of these mixtures should yield the same result: Phoenix Down + Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion.


11. Mighty G/Super Mighty G/Hyper Mighty G

Hyper Mighty G FFX Mix

These are all great, and they all give different buffs to your party.

Mighty G will cast Shell, Protect, and Haste on your party on the field.

Super Mighty G will add Regen tooo, and Hyper Mighty G will cast both Regen and Auto-Life, along with everything else mentioned!

These spells will generally be ones you’ll end up using often. So it makes sense to keep a list handy for these mixes!

How To Mix:
For Mighty G you’ll need to mix a Power Distiller + Power Distiller, Mana Distiller, Ability Distiller, or Speed Distiller, or with a Remedy.

Super Mighty G requires a mixture of a Bomb Core + Lunar Curtain, Light Curtain, or Star Curtain. Or you can also mix a Fire Gem + Lunar Curtain. Another less common mixture includes a Chocobo Feather + Winning Formula.

Hyper Mighty G takes a mixture of a Light Curtain + Underdog’s Secret, Gambler’s Spirit, Pendulum + Chocobo Wing, or Lunar Curtain + Door To Tomorrow. You can also get the same thing with a Lunar Curtain + Winning Formula.


10. Hyper Vitality

Hyper Vitality Mix in FFX

With Hyper Vitality you’ll get all three party members on the field to double their max HP, and you’ll get cheer cast on all of them 5 times each.

Remember that Cheer is a special ability that targets all active party members, and raises strength and resistance to physical damage.

Truly a life saver during some super boss fights.

How To Mix: The most common way to mix for this is to use a Stamina Tonic and a Potion, Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion, X-Potion, or Stamina Spring.


9. Potato Masher

Potato Masher Mix in FFX

So we know that Rikku has a ton of very helpful support mixes.

But she also has plenty of great offensive options as well!

The Potato Masher is an easy-to-mix grenade that’ll do a good amount of damage. Basically 2500 points of damage, or 5000 if critical, to all enemies on the field.

It looks like a basic grenade. But with how cheap and easy it is to make, it’s a good staple.

How To Mix: Mixing two maps together is enough for this grenade. But if you want a different way you can also mix a Power/Mana Distiller + Map, or Rename Card.


8. Calamity Bomb

Calamity Bomb FFX Mix

Calamity Bomb is a grenade mix that inflicts Sleep, Darkness, Silence (for 5 turns), Poison, and Full Break.

While also doing 3600 damage to all enemies, or 7200 if it happens to be critical.


How To Mix: Calamity Bomb takes a mix of either a Grenade or a Frag Grenade + Master/Attribute Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock.


7. Chaos Grenade

Chaos Grenade FFX Mix

Here’s another large damage grenade, and it’s a doozy.

Chaos Grenade deals 7250 damage to all enemies, or 14500 when critical.

It’ll also inflict Sleep, Darkness, Silence (for 8 turns), Poison, Full Break, and Slow!

Basically just a step up from the Calamity Bomb. But those status ailments are nothing to mess with.

How To Mix: Grenade + HP Sphere, MP Sphere, Defense Sphere, or Strength Sphere


6. Tallboy

Tallboy FFX Mix

Although this grenade doesn’t inflict any status ailments, it does do an incredible 9250 damage to all enemies.

This becomes 18500 if it happens to do critical damage.

Maybe not the most helpful all the time, but absolutely a powerhouse for an offensive mix.

How To Mix: A mixture of a Supreme Gem + Bomb Core, Bomb Fragment, Fire Gem, or Electro Marble.


5. Level 3 Elemental Mixes

Level 3 Elemental Mixes in FFX

Depending on what elemental gem you use here, you can unleash a flurry of 9 elemental hits for 900 damage each.

The only catch here is that you have to make sure to use the right element.

Remember that every monster will have different weaknesses, and using an element they resist could cause this mix to go to waste.

How To Mix:
Lightningbolt will take an Electro Marble + HP Sphere, Master Sphere, or a Lvl 3/4 Key Lock

Burning Soul needs a Bomb Fragment + HP Sphere, Master Sphere, or Lvl 3/4 Key Lock

Tidal Wave needs a Fish Scale + HP Sphere, Master Sphere, or Lvl 3/4 Key Lock

And for Winter Storm you’ll want Antarctic Wind + HP Sphere, Master Sphere, or Lvl 3/4 Key Lock


4. Sunburst

Sunburst FFX Rikku Mix Screenshot

Sunburst is the most powerful bomb that Rikku can mix.

It’ll deal 19,998 damage to all enemies, even if you don’t have the Break Damage Limit ability which normally allows you to go past the 9999 damage cap.

So this is by far a crucial mix to learn if you’re still capped on damage limits.

How To Mix: This one can be harder to obtain, since it takes some more obscure items. You’ll need to mix an Underdog’s Secret + another Underdog’s Secret, Winning Formula, or Gambler’s Spirit. Or you could also use Winning Formula + Gambler’s Spirit.


3. Hero Drink/Miracle Drink

Hero Drink FFX Rikku Mix

To make the most of our grenades you might consider using these drinks.

They’ll allow your party deal critical hits every time.

The Hero Drink will allow one ally to always make critical hits, while the Miracle Drink will grant that ability to all party members currently on the field.

How To Mix:
The Hero Drink needs a mix of a Potion + Luck Sphere, Fortune Sphere, or Designer Wallet. Or you can mix a Hi-Potion + Fortune Sphere.

Miracle Drink will see you mixing an Ether + Luck Sphere, or Designer Wallet. You can also mix a Turbo Ether + Luck Sphere or Fortune Sphere.


2. Quartet of 9

FFX Quartet of 9 Screenshot

These final top mixes on this list are what make Rikku one of the handiest party members you could have.

Quartet of 9 will make one ally deal a minimum of 9999 damage every hit, no matter what you’re fighting with, be it physical, magical, or with an item.

It’ill also make all healing do a minimum of 9999 as well. Very nice!

How To Mix: Bomb Core + Amulet, Pendulum, or a Door To Tomorrow. You can also mix a Bomb Fragment + Dark Matter.


1. Trio of 9999

Rikku Trio of 9999 Mix

The best (and my personal favorite) mix that Rikku can do.

The Trio of 9999 will make every party dish out 9999 damage for every attack. Talk about broken.

Basically a step up from the Quarter of 9, and this works with damage attacks and healing. It also requires some hard to find items to make it a reality.

How To Mix: Mix together a Door To Tomorrow + Wings To Discovery, Underdog’s Secret, or Gambler’s Spirit. Or you can mix a Gambler’s Spirit with another Gambler’s Spirit!

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