Are Constellations Worth Pulling? (Genshin Impact)

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Constellations are unlocked by pulling duplicates of a character you already have. These are often damage boosts, quality-of-life upgrades, utility buffs, or talent levels. Each constellation varies from being insignificant to completely changing a character’s playstyle.

As for their value & whether they’re worth pulling, it really depends on the character.

More specifically: it depends on the character, how you play them, their rate-up banners, and even the current Spiral Abyss content.

But as a rule of thumb: look up the constellations before pulling them – especially for 5-star units.

To help you decide which constellations are worth pulling, all of our character pull guides on FandomSpot have a short analysis of their constellations.


When To Pull for 4-Star Constellations

4-star gacha pull / Genshin Impact
4-star gacha pull

Don’t pull on a banner if you don’t want the rate-up 5-star. Unlike 5-stars, there’s no way of guaranteeing your preferred 4-stars in any of your pulls. It’s completely possible to get a 5-star unit before the 4-star unit you want.

Pulling on a banner and getting a 5-star you don’t want is simply a waste of Primogems — it’s not worth the risk.

But if you don’t mind getting the featured 5-star, then you can freely pull on a banner for 4-star constellations.

Still, you’ll naturally get constellations while playing the game, so there’s no rush in pulling for them immediately.

Aside from gacha banners, there are also other ways of obtaining their constellations — namely, through events and the Starglitter Exchange Shop.


When To Pull for 5-Star Constellations

5-star gacha pull / Genshin Impact
5-star gacha pull

No content will ever require 5-star constellations.

5-stars are already complete and functional at C0 – constellations just make them better. So it’s best to pull for cons if you actually like playing the character.

Generally, 5-star constellations most worth pulling are between C1 and C3.

These are often more useful than their later constellations. Still, it’s highly recommended for you to look up each one before pulling.

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