The Best Nocturne Skins in League of Legends (Ranked)

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Darkness is upon us – and it looks cool as hell.

Although Nocturne might not have the largest set of skins, what he does have is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

But what’s the optimal look when you’re wanting to give people nightmares and ADC mains severe separation anxiety?

That’s what we’ll try to figure out here as we rank Nocturne’s skins from worst to best, taking into account both the visual appeal as well as the price. Let’s go.


8. Void Nocturne

Void Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: May 15th, 2011
Price: 520 RP

This is a very simple skin that doesn’t change anything about Nocturne’s overall theme, but enhances certain elements.

His edgy darkness thematic has been cranked up a few pegs. And the new purple hue present on his blades makes him look a bit more mystical.

It’s one of the cheapest skins around, at only 520 RP, so we can’t expect too much.

But it’s a solid choice for someone who already likes the base skin, but wants to look slightly different.

The only real diminishing factor is the splash art. It makes it very obvious that the skin is a decade old.


7. Ravager Nocturne

Ravager Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 13th, 2011
Price: 520 RP

Although it’s in the same price range as the previous pick, this skin has quite more to offer.

The splash art has been improved, besides being released in the same year, and the overall theme is overhauled to a certain point.

He still is a scary looking dude – but now he screams “Halloween” more so than he does nightmare monster.

The in-game model matches up to the splash art pretty nicely, sporting a predominantly yellow-ish color along with his signature blue blades.

The animations are the same as the original, which kind of breaks the theme a bit… but for only 520 RP it is still a good deal.


6. Frozen Terror Nocturne

Frozen Terror Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 15th, 2011
Price: 975 RP

I swear I’m not picking on the 2011 skins on purpose.

Frozen Terror Nocturne has a very simple and very effective idea: make everything ice themed.

And that’s precisely what it does.

The character model is now predominantly light blue, and all of the abilities have been given a fresh coat of paint to look colder and more ice themed.

The Q animation is a stand out to me personally, as it just looks hauntingly beautiful.

But aside from the Q, it does feel like a small color revamp. So I can’t put it up too high – especially considering the detail that went into some upper tier skins.


5. Hextech Nocturne

Hextech Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: June 11th, 2020
Price: 10 Gemstones

Ah, Hextech skins.

The really cool, rare, and in my opinion overhyped skin line that really wants us to open some loot boxes.

In regards to Hextech Nocturne, I think that it actually is really cool.

The in-game model is very futuristic, and the animations all complement that theme nicely.

I especially like the new visual cues for his ulti, as they’re far more visible and distinct than the base animation.

The backing animation is also pretty nutty.

With all of that being said, I don’t think it’s the best looking Nocturne skin – nor even the best Hextech skin, which is why I have to place it here.

If you really like the skin line, have a bunch of gems, and main Nocturne, knock yourself out. But it’s a pass from me.


4. Haunting Nocturne

Haunting Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 19th, 2011
Price: 975 RP

This skin is proof that simplicity can be brilliant.

It also has a very Halloween-y feel, but does it much more justice than Ravanger Nocturne ever could.

You now look like a spooky ghost who’s fed up of getting candy corn, and has chosen violence instead.

The in-game model is very simple and yet effective. The animations have all been re-cultured in order to fit the theme too, and the splash art is decent considering its age.

This skin has a pretty legendary status in my mind as being the OG go-to for this champion, and will stay relevant to some capacity right along with Spooky Gangplank.

We’re all suckers for Halloween and I’m not ashamed.


3. Elderwood Nocturne

Elderwood Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 29th, 2019
Price: 1350 RP

If you want to look like a cursed spirit that was released by mother nature to punish humanity, this is the skin for you.

It feels like a complete reimagining of the skin – and yet it gives you the same satisfaction as the original.

The purple-pink color palette has honestly never looked more majestic, and yet frightening, and the animations have all been redone.

The Q and E are personal stand-outs as your Q trail now leaves a train of flowers alongside the misty purple smoke, and your E has thorns coming out of your hands and into your enemy.

It’s just really cool all around – and even the splash art makes you feel like a true deity.

The only reason it’s not at number one is because our number two spot is a lot more affordable, and our number one spot is downright legendary.


2. Cursed Revenant Nocturne

Cursed Revenant Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: May 4th, 2016
Price: 750 RP

I might be alone on this one, but I prefer this simple skin over nearly all others.

It originally seemed kind of whacky to make Nocturne an apocalypse survivor character. And yet it worked so perfectly.

His in-game model is one of my favorites in the game, giving him a nice hood and sharp looking bone saws on his arms.

He looks like a final boss you would meet in a Fallout game, and is so distinctly unique compared to all his other skins.

Being that it’s only 750 RP, it’s no surprise that the animations are the same as in the base skin. But the in-game model is simply so cool that I can overlook the visual inconsistencies.


1. Eternum Nocturne

Eternum Nocturne LoL skin
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 5th, 2012
Price: 1820 RP

Although I usually try to make a nice balance of price and visual appeal, this skin is just far too legendary not to put at number one – despite being the most expensive, aside from Hextech technically.

It’s the wet dream of Nocturne mains, and the new red and silver art style just looks sick.

The skin also features new attack animations alongside the expected ability overhauls. You just feel like such a badass when you’re walking around in this skin, spinning around and plotting your next victim.

It’s not perfect, though, as the backing animation is a true showcase of its age.

But I think there can be little debate on the fact that it’s the most recognizable and beloved Nocturne skin that Riot ever hatched.

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