The Best Sailor Moon Minecraft Skins (All Free)

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There’s something about ‘90s anime that people can’t let go of.

Case in point: Sailor Moon was released a lifetime ago, but its impact and influence can still be felt decades later.

And it’s not just because of its memorable aesthetic – audiences loved what the Sailor Senshi stood for and how this group of friends empowered each other 24/7.

Hop back on the nostalgia train and revisit one of the most popular anime and manga series ever to be released!


1. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Skin For Minecraft

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We’re kicking off this list with the series’ titular protagonist and Guardian of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon!

Once Usagi Tsukino shouts “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” she becomes one of the strongest guardians to fight against evil.

But she’s no Wonder Woman – she doesn’t always save everyone, dealt with bad grades, and was a chronic crybaby.

Yet her growth throughout the series inspired young people to find their inner strength and cherish the friends they make along the way.


2. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury Minecraft Skin

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Sailor Mercury is the second guardian to be introduced and one of the four members of the Inner Senshi.

She may not be as strong as Sailor Moon, but Ami Mizuno’s got the brain (and a supercomputer) to outsmart her opponents.


3. Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus Skin For Minecraft

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Back when kids still watched anime on television, Sailor Moon was one of the things that motivated me to complete homework early.

Whenever I watch it, though, I often mistook Sailor Venus for Sailor Moon.

Both have the same build, hair color, and blue eyes, which according to Naoko Takeuchi – Sailor Moon’s creator – was intentional in case Minako had to act as a decoy for Usagi.

This only proves that Minako would do anything to protect the princess, and her being the leader of Inner Senshi proves this fact.


4. Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars Minecraft Skin

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As a big fan of Inuyasha, I gravitated towards Sailor Mars due to her resemblance with Kagome.

Both characters were also priestesses in their respective franchises, further supporting my hypothesis that Kagome was also a Sailor Senshi in her past life.

Other than that, Sailor Mars probably has the most badass transformation filled with swirling fire and red hot heels.

Summon the Sailor Senshi’s flame wielder with this skin from Starkova.


5. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter Skin For Minecraft

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Completing the Inner Senshi is Sailor Jupiter, the Guardian of Protection, also known as Makoto Kino.

Much like how the planet Jupiter is riddled with mighty storms, Sailor Jupiter has command over lightning or electric-based attacks.

And despite her slender appearance, she’s regarded as the “muscle” of the group for her superhuman strength.


6. Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn Minecraft Skin

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For someone who can destroy entire civilizations and galaxies, Sailor Saturn doesn’t look as grotesque as I expected her to be.

Hotaru Tomoe, better known as Sailor Saturn, is the Guardian of Destruction who wields the Silence Glaive – a weapon that can annihilate a planet with a single slash.

While her powers are pretty scary, she only uses her apocalyptic abilities as a last resort to end conflicts.

Having a teenage world-destroyer in real life would probably trigger mass hysteria, so let’s keep her in Minecraft for now.


7. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus Skin For Minecraft

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There’s so much to love about Sailor Uranus, the stubborn and ever-so-charming member of the Outer Senshi.

First, she has one of the strongest abilities called “World Shaking,” where she gathers energy from the skies to deliver a devastating blow towards her enemies.

Second, she’s gorgeous AF – no wonder Sailor Neptune is madly in love with her.

And third, she isn’t afraid to be who she is, inspiring kids, teens, and even adults to do the same.


8. Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune Minecraft Skin

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The ‘90s English dub of Sailor Moon really ruined the dynamic between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

Rather than present the two guardians as lovers, the producers changed their relationship to “cousins” – a gross understatement.

But aside from being Sailor Uranus’ other half, Sailor Neptune or Michiru Kaiou is also described by Usagi as the “ideal princess” for her elegance, sophistication, and intellect.

She also draws power from the depths of the sea, making her stronger and deadlier than Sailor Mercury who only draws power from the water around her.


9. Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto Skin For Minecraft

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While Pluto’s not considered a planet anymore, this doesn’t dwarf Sailor Pluto’s importance to protecting the solar system.

She’s the leader of the Outer Senshi and has one of the most badass abilities out of all the guardians: the power to stop time.

Sadly, using this ability will result in her death, as if that would scare the Guardian of the Underworld.

Setsuna Meiou still has a lot of titles and accomplishments under her bejeweled belt, but one thing’s for sure – she’s someone you’d want on your team.


10. Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask Minecraft Skin

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If you’ve watched the original run of Sailor Moon in the ‘90s, then you’ve probably had a crush on Tuxedo Mask a.k.a Mamoru Chiba.

This dashing lad was the object of affection of real-world audiences and two Sailor Senshi, but his heart would eventually be owned by none other than Sailor Moon.

On top of that, his role as Earth’s guardian helped win many battles for the Sailor Senshi – and a chance to have his own transformation sequence.

No Sailor Moon-inspired world in Minecraft would be complete without Tuxedo Masks’ circus magician getup – so get yours now!

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