My Time at Portia: Petra Gifts Guide (Friendship + Marriage)

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Petra is one of Portia’s two researchers. She’s focused on her work and wants to become one of the world’s top Anthropologists.

She loves technology and wants to see the new world flourish with the help of old technology. You can almost always find her working diligently in The Research Center.

Petra is also a possible romantic candidate that you can marry.

Facts about Petra:

  • His birthday is Month 3/Autumn, Day 11
  • Originally wanted to work for the Atara Post
  • She was born in Atara
  • She was posted in Portia for her career

Weekly Schedule

Petra is always working tirelessly at The Research Center to make the Free Cities better.

TIP: If you want to give her Data Disks for Research then she needs to be in the Research Center for you to have that dialogue option.

Petra working in the Research Centre / My Time at Portia
Petra working in the Research Centre

Petra has the same schedule every day of the week. Occasionally she can also be seen walking around the entrance to the Cemetery.

Here’s her full schedule:

Time Location
8:00 Working in The Research Center
18:00 Finishes work and walks across Central Plaza with Merlin
19:00 Arrives at Martha’s Bakery and browses the goods
20:00 Leaves Martha’s Bakery and sits on a bench in Central Plaza
20:10 Reads her book in Central Plaza
22:00 Finishes Reading and begins to walk home for the night

Gift Guide

It’s no surprise that when it comes to gifting Petra, your best bet is assembled Relics.

You can find pieces of these relics in the Abandoned Ruins, and then Assemble them with a Recovery Machine.

TIP: You can get a Recovery Machine for your yard as a reward for donating to the Museum. It will not use Data Disks to make the relics.

TIP #2: Unlick most of the other characters in MTaP, Petra does not like gems such as Ruby, Sapphire, or Topaz.

Petra’s response to a Loved gift on a holiday / My Time at Portia
Petra’s response to a Loved gift on a holiday
Preference Item + Friendship Points earned
  • Toy Robot (+20)
  • AI Chipset (+18)
  • Starry Collar (+18)
  • Journey to the East (+15)
  • Fish Sub (+12)
  • Ancient Computer (+10)
  • Condensed Power Stone (+10)
  • Monster Toy (+10)
  • Power Lamp (+10)
  • Creamy Salmon Stew (+10)
  • Roses (+10)
  • Blood Stone (+8)
  • Cassette (+6)
  • Leather Sofa (+6)
  • Crystal (+6)
  • Painting: The Lonely Windmill (+6)
  • Data Disk (+4)
  • Rainbow Lemonade (+4)
  • Asteria (Bouquet) (+3)
  • Power Stone (+3)
  • Everything else (+1)
  • Wasted Food (-1)
  • Caterpillar (-2)
  • Hardwood (-2)
  • Sand (-2)
  • Soil (-2)
  • Stone (-2)
  • Wood (-2)
  • Wildflowers (-2)
  • Fruit Salad (-2)
  • Salty Stew Mix (-2)
  • Vegetable Salad (-2)
  • Animal Faeces (-5)
  • Aluminum Ore (-5)
  • ⁠Copper Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Iron Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Lead Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Magnesium Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Manganese Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Tin Ore (-5)
  • ⁠⁠Titanium Ore (-5)

Friendship Perks

Petra’s friendship points aren’t the most exciting.

But they will help you save some extra time early in the game when mining for Data Disks in the Abandoned Ruins.

TIP: The different colors (or types) of ground in the Abandoned Ruins will have different drop percentages.

Petra’s Relationship Perks / My Time at Portia
Petra’s Relationship Perks

Petra’s Friendship Perks are:

Friend: You will receive 10% Discount when buying at the Research Center Exchange

Good Friend: You will receive 20% Discount when buying at the Research Center Exchange

Lover: You will receive 25% Discount when buying at the Research Center Exchange

Wife: A chance of receiving gifts first thing in the morning

Petra wins at rock-paper-scissors / My Time at Portia
Petra wins at rock-paper-scissors


Petra is fully dedicated to her research and is determined to make the world a better place through her work. This means that all her quests have something to do with helping her in her research.

As head of the Research Center, you will have to talk to Petra about a lot of your missions. Most of those missions will not give you Friendship Points with Petra.

But you can gain Friendship Points and Rewards from Petra by completing the following missions:


An Interview with the Research Center

Mei is interested in talking with the Research Center. You should snap some photos for her.


Construction Crane

You must assist Albert in building a construction crane so that he can build the Portia Museum.


Chip Upgrades

Regarding his tasks, Ack appears to have something to say.


Emily’s Well

You are to build a well and a water pump at Emily’s request. A water storage would also be nice for her. Discuss the well and water pump ideas with Petra.


Finding Happiness

Ack looks depressed. Speak with the Mayor to see what you may do to help him.


Flowers for Mother

Join Gust in gathering some Hibiscus Flowers.


Made Whole Again

Ack is no longer supported by his makeshift leg. Help him in creating a new leg.


All About It!

Find a technique to help Mei in boosting the Portia Times output.


Stories of the Old World

If you discover anything in the ruins that is not technological, show it to Petra because she is equally interested in things from the Old World.


Stories of Petra

Petra dropped something, but she’s too ashamed to admit what it is. Visit her regular areas to see if you can help her in locating it.

*This mission triggers after Stories of the Old World.


Stories of Togetherness

Petra left some hints for a message to you with other people. In order to determine what the message is, you must speak with a few of them.

*This mission triggers after Stories of Petra


What Went Down

The issue with the robots is not exactly right. Go seek the opinions of those linked to the Research Center.

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